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George Leach
United Kingdom
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The rules are short so I figured I'd post them in the forum rather than create a file.

Sweet16: Matchmaker

PLAY TIME: 20 minutes.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-5 players aged 4 and up.

COMPONENTS REQUIRED: One 54 card standard card deck (incl. 2 Jokers).

SETUP: Shuffle the card deck and lay all the cards out face down in a 9x6 grid.

CARD VALUES: Cards are valued as the number on the card where there is one. Aces are 1s, Jacks are 11, Queens 12 and Kings 13. When a Joker is revealed to all players as part of a normal turn, the active player must declare the value of the Joker before continuing. Jokers cannot be ACTIVATED.

RULES: Choose a player to have the first turn and continue turns in clockwise order. The turn order is as follows
1: If your CLIQUE is still on the table, SCORE it.
2: Turn over cards until you; LOSE FACE, form a TRYST or form a CLIQUE.
LOSE FACE: if the total value of cards revealed this turn is more than 16, turn them back down and end your turn.
TRYST: if the total value of cards revealed this turn is exactly 16 SCORE all revealed cards immediately. Cards from a previous CLIQUE are returned to their normal position.
CLIQUE: you may form a CLIQUE if you have:
a: turned over at least two cards, and
b: have beaten any other CLIQUE on the table.
c: have revealed cards with a total value less than 16.
If so, rotate these cards by 90 degrees and return the cards from the previous CLIQUE to their normal position (rotate by 90 degrees and turn face-down).

A: put one card back in the grid, face-down
B: You may choose to ACTIVATE one card by revealing it
C: add remaining cards to your score pile, face-down.

ACTIVATE: When a card is activated this affords the player a special bonus depending on the suit of the card.
DIAMOND: Turn the card face up next to your scoring pile keeping all your other face-up diamonds visible.
CLUB: Steal a face-up diamond from an opposing player if it has an equal or lower value to the activated card. Add it, and your activated card, to your face-down score pile.
HEART: Look at a card in the grid without letting other players see it. If it is a heart reveal it and look at another card in the same way. If it is not a heart replace it face-down where you picked it up. Collect all the revealed Hearts including the one you activated and add them to your score pile face-down.
SPADE: Look at three cards in turn without letting other players see them, add the spade card face-down to your score pile.

GAME END: The game ends at the end of a turn in which a CLIQUE or TRYST is scored leaving fewer than 13 cards on the table.

DETERMINING A WINNER: Players count up the number of cards in their face-down score pile and get one victory point for each card. Then they count up the number of face-up cards in their diamonds score pile and get three victory points for each card. The player with the most victory points wins the game. Ties are broken by starting play order, the player closest to the original start player wins any ties.

Another variant removes the memory element of the game and restricts it to one for partnerships or two players (as yet untested - needs development).
Remove the Jokers and deal out a 7x7 tableau of cards. CLIQUE rules are removed and the ACTIVATE rules are amended to:
Diamond: 3pt at game end.
Club: Steal a diamond card from your opponent if less than or equal to the club value. Score this card and the stolen card face-down.
Heart: score an additional heart from the matrix face down. score this card face down.
Spade: bury (discard from the matrix) two cards.

Trysts can only be formed along a column or row. One player plays rows, the other, columns.

I hope you enjoy the game. Feedback is welcome (on the variant in particular).

[EDIT: To improve clarity of the rules.]
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