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Hornet Leader: IRAN 2014
Short USMC Campaign (Day 3 of 5)

"We have two companies of Marines running rampant all over the northern half of this island, and three Army regiments pinned down in the southwestern corner, doing nothing. What the *&#@$ is going on?"
Gen. John W. Vessey Jr., USA, Chairman of the the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the assault on Grenada, 1983

*for a complete description about this campaign and starting pilots selection and the previous days session reports, please refer to :

Day 1 Mission (primary & secondary) :

Day 2 Mission (primary & secondary) :

Day 3 Mission (primary only) :

Day 4 Mission (primary only) :

Day 5 Mission (primary only) :



PRIMARY TARGET : (55 UNDERGROUND (Small , Hardened , Fixed)
STAT : HIT=11 , VP=3 , INTEL=1 , INFRA=2

* Target Area Range Band , -2 WP, +2 Stress

Now that we destroyed over 50%+ Range Band 1 targets, we can proceed to Range Band 2 targets (USMC Campaign Rules) . The targets i got for day 3 are considered High Value Target and if i succeed in destroying them, i get +1 VP for each target.

*Primary Target

Looking at the primary target's description, i can see why this is a high value target. it is not that heavily defended but it is a SMALL (-1 AtG dice Roll penalty) and HARDENED (-1 AtG HIT Penalty) target, thats a bad combination for any strike group everywhere..

However with their infrastructure damage, we dont have inflict 11 HITS but we only need 10 HITS total for this target and all following targets.

*Tactical Display showing Enemies (Bandit enemies spawned at the Target-Bound Phase)


Looking at my roster of pilots i see most of harrier pilot is shaken after 2 days of continuous missions and 1 of my F35 pilot also shaken after a run in with SAM site yesterday. So for this mission i assign 3xF35 with JDAM special weapons option (need 12 SO). Since this target's location force me to use Drop Tanks. i got less weapon carrying ability (-2 WP) unless i use the Aerial Refueling Tanker option. So after considering the importance of this mission, i opt for aerial refueling for my planes to maximize my weapon load (need 1 SO for each plane for a total of 3 SO).

My Strike group for this target consists of :
- THOR (Skilled F35 , +1 AtA +1 AtG) , Flight Leader , 2xGBU31, 1xAIM9
- PYRO (Average F35, +1 AtA +1 AtG) , 2xGBU31, 1xAIM9
- MEATBALL (Average F35, +1 AtA +1 AtG) , 2xGBU31, 1xGBU38

So in total i spend 3 SO (Aerial Refueling) + 12 SO (JDAM option) - 8 SO (Daily Free SO) for TOTAL = 7 SO spent.. that left me with 25 SO for the rest of the campaign.. (2 more days of campaign left and i already got 12 VP, i wont take any chance and lost an aircraft at this point)

This is a 6 Plane mission and im only brings 3xF35, im taking a small chance here but im sure the Stealth/LO characteristic of F35 will save the day again.

*Pilot Selection and Ordnance Loadout


I got a 'ELUSIVE FLIGHTPATH ' and i got to keep this card as an insurance against a bad EVENT card draw later on.

Every F35 attack from the western stand-off area with the plan to go straight to the center area and drop their GBU's together.

Bandits showed up on radar and this time its only 2 obsolete fighter 1xMIG23 and 1xMIG25 guarding the center area and western approach. With my 2xAIM9 these clowns wont be a problem..

* Tactical Display showing only few bandits near the target area

Overtarget i draw another event card and i got "SIERRA HOTEL: Destroy 1 random site on each approach area". Ahhh if i have known this i will bring my harrier along for bomber backup.. but im not complaining =D

* Tactical Display showing events before TURN#1


Since im still out of range and the enemy cannot detect me yet , i use this turn to fly closer to center area.

* Tactical Display showing events before TURN#2


Im in range to shoot at the 1xMIG23 at the West Approach Area. THOR (F35/Skilled) took the shot and even with his +1 AtA skill, he missed a (roll of 1). Then Pyro (F35/Average) shot 1xAIM9 to the same target and he destroyed the MIG23 easy (roll 5 , +1 AtA , +1 MIG23 Modifier, Total 7, AIM9 need 6+ to hit)

That removes the only opposition that can harm the flight and thats a good thing since i ran out of AtA ordnance. Now my strike group fly into the West Approach Area and prepares bomb delivery..

*Tactical Display showing the state of board before TURN#3


This is it , everyone dropped their load of JDAMs to the target. SMALL and HARDENED target means i got -1 HIT Penalty and -1 AtG dice roll. i need to achieve 10 HIT (11 HIT - 1 INFRA bonus).

- THOR (Skilled , +1 AtG) drop 2xGBU-31 and score 3 HIT + 2 HIT
- PYRO (Average , +1 AtG) drop 2xGBU-31 and score 1 HIT + 1 HIT
- MEATBALL (Average , +1 AtG) drop 2xGBU-31 and 1xGBU-38 and scored 2 HIT + 2 HIT + 0 HIT

Thats a total of 11 HITs on target.. more than enough to destroy it.. The 'HARDENED' target really reduce my JDAM's capability.. i HATE hardened targets...

*Tactical Display showing Target Hits and Weapon Expended

Mission accomplished !! back to carrier to celebrate this successful mission and +4 VP score.. this means my current campaign score is now 16 VP and rating is GOOD. There is still 2 more days of campaign and bad things can happen then..


*Campaign VP Rating


I drew a 'AAA:Roll 1 random Attack or spend AtG counter to cancel"

* from LEFT to RIGHT : Target-Bound Event, Over Target Event, Home-Bound Event


- Everyone got 2 XP and +2 Stress
- I got 4 VP for this mission and 1 Intel , 2 Infra

On this Day 3 , i learned nearly all pilots are shaken / on the verge of shaken. so i cancel the SECONDARY mission for DAY 3 and instead i use 9 SO point for R&R. The R&R let my pilots rest and their stress all reduced by 2 (and reduced further by their COOL).

Im spending a lot of SO on DAY 3, i go from 32 SO from the start of DAY 3 and left with 16 SO at the end of DAY 3. but i only got 2 more days to complete this campaign and 16 SO is plenty because im not planning to promote anyone in this short campaign.

Lesson Learned today : A small force of stealthy F35s can easily out-damage a bigger strike group composed of non-stealth airplanes..


*Mission Log using the expanded Runefang log from BGG files section


Im playing Hornet Leader Campaign and simultaniously entering the events in my computer and photographing the gameboard.. also browsing aviation websites to have better narrative for the campaign =D

Off Course Playing while Documenting and Photographing caused a slow down on my gameplay because lot of stuff to do after 1 mission. I also retouch the pictures after i download it to my Mac.. Doing Cropping , Enhancing, Straightening and various color processing and at the last uploading them to ImageShack.


"Being ready is not what matters. What matters is winning after you get there. "
LtGen Victor H. Krulak, USMC
April 1965

* An AV-8B Harrier aircraft prepares to land on the flight deck of USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) Sept. 19, 2006.

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Re: Hornet Leader (Short) Campaign , IRAN 2014 (Day 3 of 5) : 4xF35 and 4xAV8B
UPDATE : DAY 4 session is available ->
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