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Miquel Izquierdo Cazorla
08030 Barcelona
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SEARCH: Ships are organized in Task Forces (TF)in each sea zone. A TF is a stack of ships. The TF have the speed of the slowest ship in the stack.
At the beginning of each round, each TF can make a search attempt against an enemy TF. Only TF located can be attacked, and only TF makes the search can attack at his target. TF locatd can always return fire.TF with convoys don't make search.
TF not located can retreat and can't be pursued.
Search resolution: Each player rolls a D + speed of TF. DRM +1 if there is a CV in TF. If searcher result is equal or more than defender, there is search and combat.

LBA: Is always located. CV can only attack at LBA if LBA attack TF with CV. LBA makes detection if D is equal or less than number of ships in TF (DRM -2 against TF with Convoy).

LBA deploy at sea zones adjacent to port and can can control sea zone. If eliminated, return two turns after. At the end of the turn LBA can change his base.
Limits of deploy: LBA can be deployed in off map sea zones. Only 1 A.F. can deploy in N. Atlantic or Atlantic (this are the VLR Liberators, Fortress of maritime patrol).
Allied LBA can only move from England to Germany, North sea and France.
German LBA can only move to Germany/Norway, North Sea, Baltic Sea and Barents sea.
Only LBA in Italy, Oran, Toulon and Malta can move to Mediterranean an Italy.

U-BOATS: Only move to Atlantic, N. Atlantic, S. Atlantic, Indian Ocean if France is Axis port. To Barents sea only move if Norway is german port. If they move to Mediterranean and Allied control Gibraltar, roll D for each submarine: 1-2= Passes. 3-5= Disabled. 6= Sunk.

RAIDERS: Combat against raiders: roll a D for each CV, LBA and each two ships with speed 6 or more. D= 5 Corsair Disabled. 6= Sunk.
SURFACE RAIDERS: Any TF with 1 or 2 ships with speed 5 or more and no making search and not located at any round of cambat can stay in the sea zone at the end of the turn. See Refuel table and roll a D:
Turn 1 = 1-2
Turn 2= 1-4
Turn 3= 1-3.
If succesfully refuel, surface raider can avoid control of sea zone by the allied, and if alone in sea zone, Axis +1 POC.

TURN 1 RESTRICTIONS: German ships can move across sea zones with allied ships.
Italy is neutral, but allied must maintain in the mediterranean a number of ships equal to the number of italian ships.
Ships at sea in turn one can move (see new OB)

MINE WARFARE: Axis ships moving from/to France/Atlantic to North sea are hit by mines if D=4-6. see damage table.
Allied ships moving to/from North sea-Baltic are hit by mines if D= 4-6. See damage table.

CV:Only can be attacke by artillery if all shpis in TF are attacked. LBA and CV Must attack first at CV/ LBA. CV against LBA= Half airstrike factor.

OPTIONAL SHIPS: German "Graf Zeppelin" and italian "Impero" are only available if no German or italian ship is repaired in previous turn and no repair point is expended in the trun of arrival (both ships never were next to completion).
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