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Subject: The First Big Weekend Of The Summer 3 rss

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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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This report spans the end of the first four day play session last September and the beginning of the next session in December - notably for the heavy snow which meant those of us travelling only just got there. As teh Communist player, I actually started to do stuff so some of the write up is by Greg and Laurence ...

January / February 1938

The Soviets ensure they are top dog politically and gear up. The CW bid for two options but only get to play their first (gear up) as they end it immediately after that. Oops.

Fascists on the march again – Canton falls. Greg ponders. Laurence waits for some decent weather in the North Temperate which doesn’t come so he has a pop against some boys in the mountains which misses. Rolling a 3 will do that. Weather continues to be shite and despite Mr Spurious being welcomed on a regular basis at Chez Lax, no further attacks are attempted.

March / April 1938

France wins the bidding and gears up. Germany follows and offers a treaty to the Soviets which they accept as their first option. As their second option, they tear up their treaty with Japan. Laurence not very pleased. Italy allies with Turkey and joins the London Naval Treaty. Japan also signs the Naval Treaty without noticing that they have the highest ratio and are therefore will not be able to build any ships.

There appears to have been almost no military action this turn and then we went to the pub.

May / June 1938

France romps the bidding and has an election. The USSR successfully coups Turkey and then the Italians buy some bid points and ends political affairs. Or as we also say, Bolton 1 Wigan 1.

The military bit kicks off with reasonable weather but Laurence seems reticent to get stuck in, eventually he has a pop at Cheng Tu at +9 and rolls 12 which ends the Communists participation in the Chinese war (or so it seems). However, it must be remembered that you can’t liberate a country in the name of the workers unless it has already been conquered by impero-capitalist bloodsuckers. Power To The People!!

From this moment on, there’s nothing happening in the democrat / communist world. Fascists also seem quiet. The weather defeats Laurence and no further gains are made in China.

July / August 1938

France and the USSR sign a level 2 pact and Germany demands the Sudetenland. The Chinese Nationalists and Communists agree to share power – Mao’s back and this time he means business (but not in a way that would exploit the peasant class).

Japan assaults Chungking following a reasonably successful ground strike but even +9 odds can’t cover up a roll of 6.

Russia declares war on Persia and captures Tehran with a daring paradrop necessitated by a bit of a cock up on the supply front. Anyway, no harm done – Persians 0 Workers 1. The Persian cavalry corps suicide attack the Russians in fit of pique and die for their trouble.

Chinese Cavalry irritate the crap out of the Japs by oozing through the gap in the lines and retaking a city behind the Jap lines. Lots of handbags about supply are resolved by Rules Führer Nicholls and leads to a furious counterattack by the Japs in Storm. Or not. Much gnashing of teeth but no attack. Yet.

Massively successful groundstrikes by Jap artillery flip all 3 boys in some city in the south. +4 odds gets a roll of 12 to give yet another dead marine and the city survives. Whichever city that was - history does not record its name.

September / October 1938

The CW offers a level 1 pact to the French. The Italians offer a level 2 pact to Germany. France accepts. Japan aligns Siam. Germany accepts. Russia plays its owed war against Persia (who they?) and the US passes the Neutrality Act. Everyone is well pacted.

Weather somewhat poor but Laurence still manages to convince the Italians to declare war on Greece in a brief lull. His boys ashore, the turn ends. The US sets up east coast escorts – playing the option against the USSR (yes – exactly).

And then we stop – battle to be rejoined at the beginning of December.

November / December 1938

How time flies. Here we are again hunkered down in Greg’s with the snow falling outside and little chance of a quick getaway. A new session awaits.

Bidding ensues with the Italians coming out on top. They play an owed DoW against Greece and try a coup against Poland which results in no effect. And then Laurence ends Political Affairs.

Greg goes first with the military stuff and sends the Greek fleet out try and sink the Italian convoys. However given the appalling weather, they unsurprisingly don’t succeed.

Laurence rearranges some boys around Greece and Simon moves boys about in the Baltics. Greg has another go at the Italian convoys but the weather hasn’t improved so no joy there. Laurence jiggles his boys and ends the turn.

Partisans in India and some dull US entry stuff and before you know it, the turn is over.

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