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Subject: Springtime for Hitler. rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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Fall 1939

Poland. Molotov-Ribbentrop pact guarantees Russo-German peace for 1 year, Stalin asked for Masovia in Poland so Germany got Lithuania. Polish set up left Warsaw open from the east.
A single Luftwaffe TAC blocked SR through the Baltic. 5 panzers moved from Breslau to line attack Warsaw and the hex to the north.
15 stuka factors aided the attack and it fell straight away.
This is the fastest I have seen Poland beaten.In all previous games Warsaw has survived at least till exploitation. The TAC rebased to the west. Both panzers and an unused para started moving west in exploitation. Predictably the Poles failed to retake the city and surrendered. Germany looted 9BRP.

British TAC controlled the North Sea.
Germany declared war on the Dutch who set up on the border.
A British armour strategically redeployed to the Hague and infantry went to France. 4 panzers destroyed the Dutch army on the frontier and advanced on the capital. 15 TAC joined in destroying the British armour. These were all commanded from Leipzig so Poland and Holland only cost Germany 1 offensive. The French could do little as Belgium was still neutral. They didn’t even attack across the upper Rhine which was strongly held by German infantry. Holland surrendered, 1 sub escaped to Harwich and Germany scooped another 11BRP.

Yugoslavia invaded by Italy, their set up left Belgrade unprotected from the east. My 3x2-5 armours from Trieste could only attack across the Danube but cavalry coming up from Zara turned the river.
With 6 TAC flying close air support the Yugoslav capital was captured in regular combat though the cavalry were lost.
The TAC rebased to Rome and Genoa. A counterattack on Belgrade was repulsed and the offer to swap sides declined. Italy pillaged 8BRP. Vae Victis.

Mediterranean. Italian influence with Franco went up and down. 5 French TAC and 27 Italian surf vied for control of the western med.
Thankfully no shots were fired as only the Italians would have suffered any damage and the British would have realised that they could land in Italy if they brought some escorts. 4 Italian TAC ruled in the central med, I was going to build an airfield in 3229 where they could land and then control the eastern med next season but the British put 5 extra TAC in Cyprus. Britain had 8 TAC patrolling in the eastern med.
Italy reinforced Tobruk and Tripoli with 2x2-3 infantry.

German influence wouldn’t go down despite 3 counter-bribes. Russia declared war and got Bessarabia. Romania allied with Germany.

Russia declared war on Finland and Sweden. British and French subs evaded weak air patrols and raided German shipping in the Baltic. Finland manned the coast between Helsinki and Karelia so the Russian armoured marines landed at Karlskrona.
5 more Russian tank armies with 10 TAC took Karelia and pushed on almost to the Finnish capital.
The Swedes wiped out the Karlskrona beach-head.

The USSR declared on the UK. France backed up the UK. The Russians advanced into Iraq led by 2 cavalry corps.


Belgium. Germany declared war on her and Luxembourg. The Belgians set up in Brussels. The British controlled the North Sea and reinforced France with 3 armour corps.
Allied subs raided the iron ore route through the Norwegian Sea. British infantry moved to Antwerp and the Ardennes. Germany passed either side of the Ardennes. Troops from Poland arrived in time to exploit into France. Paratroops escorted by TAC made it through interception to drop next to Paris.
2 British infantry landed in Calais. The French hoped to isolate a panzer in Sedan by attacking into Luxembourg but they made no progress.
Belgium surrendered giving Germany enough BRP to repair her damaged panzer. Britain repaired the infantry expelled from Antwerp and disbanded the one almost surrounded in the Ardennes.

Greece. Mussolini is always right and decides to invade though the Italian army is out of place and the whole of the Regia-Aeronautica is off to Tobruk. My armour entered the Balkan Mountains. Infantry from Albania marched on Salonika.

Scandinavia. Cold weather slowed both sides and froze ½ the Baltic. Finland rebuilt a 1-3 infantry in Mikkelli. Sweden built 2x2-3 infantry and railed the other 2 from Karlskrona to Finland. Russia approached Helsinki from the west.
The Finnish capital fell to his tanks in exploitation, 1 swedish corps died there.
The Finns counterattacked hopelessly and she had to surrender. Russia disbanded a tank corps to rebuild it in Yerevan.

Mediterranean. Italy bought Franco to client and sent 10TAC, a 2-3 infantry (from Turin), 2 landing craft and 18 surf to Tobruk making an ominous stack 7 high. Despite the obvious build up in Libya the Brits sent 3 TAC from Alexandria to Paris.

Iraq. Russian cavalry reach northern Syria.

Spring 1940 France 82 BRP, Italy96, UK 123, USSR 137, Germany 216.

Portugal. 18 Italian surf and 3 subs patrolled the western med. The French TAC stayed in Marseilles and Force H went to the Western Atlantic. Italy declared war bringing Spain to ally. I also had to declare on Britain as she is allied to Portugal. France chose to declare on me. The Spainish fleet started in Tangiers. Her infantry took Lisbon with close air support and Portugal surrendered. The TAC rebased to Ferrol.

Eastern med saw 4 British TAC clash with 10 Italian TAC and 9 surf. The Italians lost 2 TAC, 2 surf and 2 subs for 1 enemy TAC. Bad dice build character. The RAF shipped 3 TAC back to Suez via the Cape. Greece and Britain controlled the central med cutting off Italian reinforcements. British 8th army killed the 1-3 infantry in front of Tobruk but Western Desert Force chose not to attack the fortress in exploitation. My invasion fleet from Tobruk was crippled and had to turn back before reaching Gaza beach.
A landing at El Alamien would have cut supply to the British 8th Army.

Greece. My armour moved up to the front line.
German landing craft built in Salonika and not daring the eastern med outflanked Athens instead.
Greece destroyed a weak Italian infantry left in the open south of Salonika. I wish I'd just left Greece alone.

France rebuilt her losses in Vichy. Spain set up 2x2-3 infantry in the Pyrenees which drew a British armour corps down there. Britain attacked south west from Antwerp and Calais but failed to take any ground.
France attacked Italy and reduced my alpine corps. Then she repeated the attack into Luxembourg but still made no gain.
Germany cleared the upper Seine in regular combat.
Paris fell in exploitation to 7 panzers and 10 TAC.
France accepted peace with honour surrender terms netting Germany 19 BRP.
As it happens France rolled a 5,if she hadn't declared war on Italy she wouldn't have surrenedered.

Sweden. Mud followed the spring thaw stopping tank exploitation. Russian and German TAC broke up allied subs raiding in the Baltic. Sweden rebuilt her infantry and pulled the corps back from Finland.
5 Russian tank corps followed fast on their heels running them to ground in the far north.
Russian tank marines returned to Karlskrona
and were crushed once again by a counterattack.

Syria. An armour rebuilt in Yerevan started the long trek south. The cavalry came up on Damascus but were destroyed one after the other trying to take it from a lone French 1-3 infantry. When Vichy France formed peace returned to Syria.

Hungary was invaded by Russia. She set up both 1-3 infantry corps in Budapest. Russia had only infantry and cavalry so advanced cautiously through the 60 mile gap between Romania and Slovakia. The Hungarians moved south to guard the Danube crossings and make space for better quality units.

The allies surrendered as Germany was a season ahead of schedule, Suez is in peril and Russia was at war with Britain.

Thanks for a good game to James-Russia, Craig-UK+France and especially my ally Jon-Germany.
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