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Subject: Another idea for a boardless solo variant rss

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David Lawhun
United States
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Basic Changes-

Max stats:
Do not use the sliders, all stats are at max value

Item limits:
You may carry as many common or unique items as your Fight skill
You may have as many spells as your Lore skill
You may have as many skills as your Focus
You may only have one Ally


Draw a random GOO
Remove one of each gate token
Draw one character and set him/her up as usual

Upkeep phase-

Perform any upkeep actions except for Blessings or Curses

Preparation phase-

You may do 2 of the following in any order you choose:
Draw an encounter for any stable location or the Science Building
-Unless you are kicked to the street, you can then also perform the special encounter
Research a Tome(as well as activate the Ancient Tablet or Alien Statue)

Items that give you extra movement each give you one more action in this phase

Investigation Phase-

In this specific order:
Roll to keep Blessings or Curses
Draw a Mythos card, look at the location in the lower left corner
Resolve an encounter for that location
If you are kicked to the street, skip to the doom token
Gain one clue token
Make a Speed check(-1) to gain one additional clue token
You may draw one monster and evade or fight it
GOO gets one doom token

At any time, if you have 5 clue tokens or an Elder Sign, you may immediately go to the gate phase
Otherwise, after GOO gets its doom token, do another investigation phase
Or you may go back to the preparation phase at the cost of one clue token

If your Stamina or Sanity are reduced to 0, perform all normal penalties and return to the preparation phase

If you are ever delayed or lose a turn, lose one clue token if you have any

Gate phase-

Draw a gate token
Resolve an other world encounter
This is when you could cast Find Gate, or...
Resolve a second other world encounter
If you have an Elder Sign, use it as normal to seal the gate, then skip to next phase
Make Fight or Lore check to close gate
-if you fail, lose one Stamina or Sanity(depending on if you chose Fight or Lore) and try
Once you close the gate, spend five clue tokens to seal the gate

If you are ever Lost in Time and Space, lose one clue token, if you have any(in addition to any GOO specific consequences), and go back to the preparation phase

Resolution phase-

Place an elder sign token on the other world you just left, and if you sealed it with an Elder Sign card, then remove one doom token from the GOO as well

At this point, you may keep playing with the current investigator, or you may suspend him/her, keeping everything they have earned perhaps in preparation for the final battle, and set up a new one

Go back to the preparation phase

Victory and defeat-

If an investigator is devoured before the final battle, discard it, setup a new one, and go to preparation phase

You win if you seal 6 gates or the GOO wakes up and you defeat it

You lose if the GOO wakes up and manages to devour all the investigators

Golden Rule-

If any card is rendered mostly useless, harmless or senseless due to the removal of the board or any other rule changes, discard it and draw another one


I tried to make this as concise as I could. And I'm still not sure how possible it is to seal six gates without a fair amount of luck, but I have played a few games and it went fairly well. As luck had it, I drew Yog-Sothoth twice in a row. So I tried to play each investigator until they had at least two gate tokens, then move on to the next one, ending up with three at the end of each game. In the first game, I sealed four gates and was close to sealing a fifth when the GOO awoke. I got it down to three doom tokens but alas all three were devoured on the same turn. The second game I got lucky with a few encounters that provided several additional clue tokens and managed to seal all six gates with three doom tokens to spare.

I had initially tried to make this a GOO-less variant and have the goal just be to seal six gates or you lose, but I found that the game loses much of its flavor(not to mention balance) without the GOOs present to menace the investigators.
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sonny sonny
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i like the idea of restricting the maximum number of items that you can have.

i think in your variant the possibility to switch to new characters means you have to do so, because that's the best chance to get a couple clue tokens. that's a bit sad, because i prefer to keep one character and develop it (a bit RPG like).
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