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Subject: Noobs in flames 17 rss

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Marco semori
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Hi guys here is our report about our global war playing by Vassal.
We are playing with all expansions (except Lif and Fif), all optional rules (except tankers and intelligence) and the 2d10 system.
It's our first global ever so don't be shy to give us advices or comments :)

Hope you enjoy it, sorry for the mistakes, my english is pretty bad.

Me - Germany and Italy
Federico - Japan

Alle - Allies

We are looking for another italian guy for the allies, if someone of you know any italian players please write me on bgg.

I stole the ideas of open description from nailsworthnobby and his postcard from the edge, hope he doesn't mind, but I will delete it if he prefers :)

L/A 1942

We all thought that Ivan would attack us but definitly not with all that effort...
We were pulled back of hundreds miles even if we were able to keep safe the main part of the north army.

General V. Leeb, interview, 1948

German are well fortified but the high command still order us to attack and attack again... we recive a lot of supplies and ammunition directly from Moskow.
The sun bright and I've to go.

Letter dated 23 july 1942, War Memories Museum, Moskow

We definitly stop the German assult stop
High losses stop
German still controll the suburbs end transmission

Minsk defense command 17 August 1942

What the hell is the German trying?!?!

Gen. Montgomery, 3 August 1942

First bombs over Tokyo!

L.A. Times 22 August 1942

On July the weather is warm all over the Europe and the East front is the theater of the beginning of the summer offensive in the north by the Red Army.
Seeing the preparation for a large operation the German take the initiative and launch a preemtive strike.
The Stuka flies their objects across the river south of Vitbesk, the Russian send their ftr and bmb but the support is vanified by the German escort that shoot down 2 enemy ftr.
Then a large concentration of Arm and Mech units cross the river helped by the Eng destroing all the defenders but prefer to not conquer the east side.

An Ochit is craked on Koniev, the offensive start in the northest point, 2 German Inf are trampled and the rest of the defenders form a new line north of the city.
The Russian try other 2 different assault loosing 2 ftr for a German ftr, the battle push the German back (German manage to retreat without losses) but exhaust the Russian boost about 30 kilometers from Vitbesk.

German assault near Minsk killing a Garr and taking 4 esa around the city, in another attack a mech div is killed but the city holds.

On the end of August in a lucky search the Russian fleet find and sink 2 German Cp and abort the rest cutting the supplies from the Swe and Nor (4 res lost, grrrrrrr).

In France a Ochit is craked over Kesselring in order to prosecute the offensive against the CW Hq, Allies fly all their airplanes (loosing a ftr), the assault put Montgomery in the spiral but German suffer too much losses due to air force to conquer the esa and cut the enemy supply as they program so the offensive fail...

In Africa CW launch the final assault on Tripoli, the Alto Comando has provided to fly away all the bmb and ftr to avoid to loss them, so the defenders are alone, despite that they fight bravely, the battle lasts 4 days with high losses on each part until the CW mech units reach the port facilities and smash the defense of the Lagunari conquering the city (was a 2/2 bloodbath!)

RN try to port attack La Spezia too but she find the port empty.

Italian reply with their subs, sufferinf the damaging of 2 of them they are able to sink 7 enemy Cp.

In Asia the US decide for a massive naval action, an Ochit is craked and allow the US Navy to engage a gunnery battle agains the IJN, 3 Japanese ships are sunk and 3 heavy damaged, the US suffer the loss of 2 ships and the damage of other 2.
Another action performed by Russian and US subs destroy 3 Japanese Cp but the escorting Nav find the subs few minute later and damage 5 of them.

Then the US Command then order a port attack over Tokyo, the action is just a demonstration to soft the Japanese moral and don't inflict any damage (Japanese avoid).

Japanese subs sink 2 CW cp in the arabian sea.

On land the IJA start to retreat from Manchuria to Korean border.
The Mar are sent to Merado.

Chinese try to do their part bombing their ex capital with the Art but only hit the airfield inflicting minor damage (1 ftr flip).

Germ 27 (+15 ochit) Rus 32 (+15 ochit) CW 16 US 15 (+15 ochit) Jap 14 It 11

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Rober Khan
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Haha, those lovely introductory "documents"!

One of my fantasies with this game was to produce game reports with fake photos (not this kind of fake photos, you sickminds!). But never got to do it.
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Marco semori
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Not my idea, this kind of report come from nailsworthnobby, i just stole the idea ;)
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