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Richard Hutnik
United States
New York
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Stack Flip Crush Evict rules

By Rich Hutnik (Copyright 2011)

This game started as an attempt to come up with a game playable on a single space. It evolved into the advanced set of rules listed below, off the original beginner's game rules listed in the variant section.

Number of players for game: 2

Game objective: To be the first player to make all 12 of their checkers go out of play, or force their opponent to not have a legal move.

Equipment used in game:

* 12 checkers for one player, and 12 checkers for the other player: All 24 of these checkers need to stack on one another. In these rules, the sides are X and O (they would be colored if using normal checkers).

Board Layout/Setup:
Each player sets their checkers into separate piles. Checkers are moved from their own pile to the play area, and then off to the side with other checkers that are part of a 3 piece set of the same color.

Rules of play:
During a turn, a player can perform up to 3 moves. The first move a player performs is a stack move, which is mandatory. After performing the stack move, the player has the option to perform either a flip or crush move. If a player performed a flip or crush move, then the player has the option of either performing another stack move or an evict move.

Types of moves:
* Stack: Player takes one of their checkers and places it either on top of a stack consisting of one or more checkers of either player, or onto a new space on the board.

* Flip: Player takes one of the current stacks containing at least one piece of each player and flips it over so that the piece that was on the bottom of the stack is now on top, and the piece that was on top of the stack is now on the bottom. This move can only be performed if there are at least two piece on a stack

* Crush: A player looks to see if one or more of their opponent's pieces are between two of their own pieces in one of the stacks of pieces on the board. The player removes only one of these series of pieces of their opponent and places them in the reserve of their opponent. The order of the stack the pieces were removed from stays the same, excluding the pieces the stack was removed from. Two examples where X player has their pieces crushed by the O player:
O ---> O O ---> O

* Evict: A player takes one of their own pieces that is either a single piece of theirs on the play area, or a piece on top of a stack of pieces that is one of their own. A piece that is evicted can not of been placed (stack) at the start of the player's three moves during their turn.

If after performing one of the moves, either player has 3 pieces of theirs together in a stack, these piece are removed these from the stack and the stack is reassembled in the order it was in prior, excluding the pieces that were removed. If there were more than 3 pieces together, a player removes 3 of the pieces of the same color that were together. These pieces which were removed are removed from play.

How the game ends:
Once a player has had 4 sets of 3 of their pieces removed from play, they win the game. A player also can win the game if their opponent is not able to perform a legal move.

Variant rules:
Beginner's game: In this game, players play with only one stack at a time, and play on it. In this variant, there is no Evict move available to players.

Thanks for Paul Beykirch for helping to playtest this game.
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