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Subject: Crushing the Hugenots, and Puting the hurt on the Dutch rss

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Rob Fores
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I just got trhough playing this at Gamex 2011, it took about 8 hours to play
We had good playing aids. the administration is not that bad, Just keep track
of what starts alive and keep a running total instead of counting pieces on the

Spanish: Rob

English: Ken Tee:

I am just going to give general Highlights.

Early in the year.

Spanish: I started doing coastal movement with spanish, Left some of the oared units inactive. This movement was a set-up for creating Large Armada's in later turns. For self defense, really, I created smallish armada's with ammo on the north coast of spain. Treasure fleet to arrive in June.

English did a similar re-org. Setting up for fleet creation. Sent a few units into Netherlands. (2) I think.

BIG TIME BUILD OF ALL SPANISH-German-Walloon LAND FORCES. All are built. and I build 2 reseve Spanish Squadrons. Some activate (3) in the spanish road, the rest in corruna and santader, Gee what angressive anti england move? We start attacking heavily in the netherlands, some progress, but it's slow work.

Middle turns:

Created large armardas on north coast, English are nervously looking at 3 Armada's on the north coast two of them with as single ammo pt, another western most with 3 ammo pts. the shallow and Oared units as inferior Armada's with one ammo, as garrisons really. English set his fleets (2) up in interception mode further north west of brittany and within 5 hexes of western map edge and he does risks some against the wind movement, and takes a few loses. He sets up more fleets in coastal england along the channel in portsmouth and and one in near but not on plymouth.

SPANISH GAMBIT here below.

So Here is a big hinge of the game. On the north coast 2 of those Armadas Move along the coast toward France, We violate French neutrality, and pay 100. Our 2 fleet wind up 1 hex north of bordeaux The other FLeet heads out to attack the english fleet at the far west partroling station.

Land segment, all is prepared we disembark near boredeaux, with 8 units and 14 spanish factors. We move those and other spanish land units and put myself in position to make spoiling 1-2 attacks on all Hugenot forces except the big 20 factor hugenot in Larochelle, (we do attack a 1-1 on bordeaux. No Effect.) the rest of the spoiling attacks go pretty well, 3 units detroyed, 2 accept siege, 1 stands and there is no effect. There is a glorious victory in nethelands as the Spanish allies there capture Dunkeque. and we are able to kill a dutch and english unit.

Then bad things happen: During the ensuing turns due to wind effects

at total of 10 steps of great spanish ships Plus 10 english Steps are lost. Really quite frightening that Against the wind movement.

Okay Long story short, I devastate the Hugenots, leaving only 2 cities and 26 factors total on board for them. Oh yes the storm wrecks any hope of a major Spanish landing on england, the best transport capacity Warships Were destroyed by the Big Gales, It would have cost me 550 Ducats to get most of that capacity back, Aint Gonna Happen, gonna try for a mild raid on ireland in the next year.

Speaking of next year. The spanish Rolls only get 2400 Ducats for the new year. Not so good. The English tell me post game that they got arround 1500 ducats.

The New year Is spent basically Hacking away at the Hugenots, but this time England is willing to risk units and fleets to help them. A total 10 English factors are comitted to France in total for the year.

I set up a defense for the Treasury fleet, but it's really cheap defense, as most of my money I have use to rebuild land loses. I have demobilized a large protion of my fleet cause I am in a death match with land forces in the netherlands.

Embarasingly, my Fleets are not able to intercept the English and he has Enough Forces to CAPTURE THE TREASURY FLEET!! this is the one great victory for the english, but it is muted because they lose BRILL,

I nearly lose controll of my progress in France, as the English come Too close to Foiling my attemps to stamp out the Hughenot's forces.

I am able to sneak a small fleet to ireland but no Rebels show up. and that small fleet is stuck there a while.

I am forced to demobilize almost all my naval units for fear of losing 20 VP due to no money. I modestly garison North and West spain witch cheap land units and the rest of time I build and attack and maintain Spanish-wallon-german Units. I never go bellow 75 inf combat strenth points on MAP. The english lose 9 steps trying to reinforce Ireland, but the get some forces there.

I take a few chances and attemp to attack Breda which is besiged, Tried it 4 times, Kept losing 1 to 1 ration in general. seeing that there could be a danger of next to last turn english dash do an end around to take bruxelles or liege, I give up on Breda, and defend what I have taken.

Adding up the score, Spain winds up with NET 3VP for Naval Loses Diff. Wining the French Civil descisively (no Hugenots) taking Brill 10 and Dunkeque. Netting 29 VP's A marginal Spanish Victory.

Apologies for not making a more expansive Recap, but once the big fleets were destroyed, It was mostly a cotinental SHOW. Ken was a good oponent, interestingly he thought my attack on The Hughenots was part of plan to capture LeHarge to enable an easier Invasion of england

But once my big fleet was dead, there was no way I was going to risk builing and risking another fleet.

Here are some links to photos, Starting with a view of the full map.
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Robert Wesley
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This is GREAT and all, while you should upload those imagery within your personal "Gallery" here on BGG, to then PLACE them within this as well. Check out how I've done that too:

It will make a WHOLE plenty 'difference'! cool
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Magister Ludi
Western Australia
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Roll low!
You are a paradox to me, a contradiction You're a predicament for me, and a prediction
After playing Here I Stand, this one is on the Agenda as well. Thanks for the AAR
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