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Subject: Version 2 Rules (WIP) rss

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Eli Alampay
United States
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Game Description

a light basketball themed card game with some rummy style hand management mechanics and dice rolling for combat resolution.

Game Components

2 decks of Team Cards (a deck consists of 25 player cards and 8 coach cards)
1 red die
1 white die
pen and paper or poker chips to keep track of score
Game rules

Each player take their deck of team cards and place face up on the table the five starting players in one row. This row of cars is called the 'active players space'. The space right below it is designated as the 'bench players space'. A space between the two active player spaces is designated as the court or playing area. The team cards are then shuffled and placed face down on one side of the table. This will be the draw pile while the empty space below it will be the discard pile. (image below to be updated.)

The Player Card

The Coach Card Iimage below to be updated)


Summary of Player's Turn
1) Draw a card
2) Do an action (optional)
3) Refresh hand

Draw a card
On the start of your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and place it in your hand.

Do one action (optional)
Choose one of the following actions:
- play a card
- substitution
- shoot or block

Refresh hand
At the end of your turn, you must refresh your hand back to 5 cards. If you have more than 5 cards, you must discard excess cards to your discard pile. If you have less than 5 cards, you increase it by taking cards from the draw pile.

Play a card
There are several ways to play a card:
1) place a card from your hand to the active active players space or bench space.
2) place a card from the active players space to the court
3) place a coach card on top of a card on the court

You can switch any number of player cards between the active players and bench spaces. You can not put played cards back to your hand.

Shoot/Block Action
You must activate the shoot action once the offense has 5 cards on the court. To activate the shoot action, you must inform your opponent about it. You then roll the red die. On his turn, the opponent gets to do one more action to block and then rolls the white die. Go to the Combat Resolution section to determine the result.

Combat Resolution

The total Offense Value (OV) is the shooting player card's OV plus any additional values provided by the coach card and special move activated in the play

The total Defense Value (DV) is shown at the bottom of the blocking player card plus any additional value provided by the coach card or special move activated in the play. The player card DV would depend on the position type it is defending against.

1st Roll
- if OP wins: score 2 pts then change ball possession
- if DP wins: change possession
- if tied then 2nd roll
2nd Roll
- if OP wins - score 2 pts plus 1 free thrown; DP gets a blocking foul (see Fouls section); change ball possession
- if DP wins - OP gets a charging foul; change ball possession
- if tied then 3rd roll
3rd Roll
- if OP wins; DP gets a blocking foul; 2 free throws; change ball possession
- if tied or DP wins: change possession

After combat resolution, coach cards and any player cards which used special moves in the play are then placed in the discard pile.

Free Throw
roll 3/4/5/6: score 1 pt
roll 1/2: miss

Note: some player cards can modify these odds.

A player card which gets a charging or blocking foul is permanently taken out of the game. This card is not placed on the discard pile.

Ending the Game

When one of the draw piles runs out, the first half of the game ends. The discard pile are then shuffled and placed back on the table as the new draw pile to start the 2nd half. When one of draw piles runs out the second time, the game ends. The player with the higher score wins the game!

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