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Subject: Emergence 1st Play rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Emergence-Team 1-Damon Baird & Agustus Cole

CoG Military Hospital -Jacinto City

Doctor can we see him now?

Yes Captain he can be debriefed but
he has lost a lot of blood so try not to
over exert him.

Damon,Capt.Rogers to see you.

Damon you know the drill so tell us
what went wrong.If you need to stop
just let us know,we don't have to do this
all in one setting.

No,Capt. I'll be OK but before I start how's
Augustus,they don't tell you anything here.

Cole will be fine but you two really were
worked over,it's lucky a MedEvac Team
found you both.If you two had been any
deeper in that complex it might have been too
late,you were both bleeding out.So just
tell how it went.

Well Capt. We got to the jump off point &
entered the complex at 0600 & by 0630
it was all over.

Cole was on point & he foxed out a Drone
from cover & Ambushed him.Emptied a full
clip into him & we had us a dead Drone.

That gave our position away,but it couldn't be
helped,and we had a Boomer moving in on us.
The Boomer put a grenade into our laps.
Cole took some damage & I was hit by the

I recovered quickly & went after the Boomer,
slipped by a Drone & then Assaulted the
big ugly.I gambled on a full clip as I knew
this area of the complex was used as a barracks,
so ammo crates were around to replenish.
Unfortunately the Boomer was blocking the ammo
storage room so I had to take him out.

I hit the Boomer but he didn't go down so I was
separated from Cole & had a Drone at my back
& a pissed off Boomer to my front.

Fortunately the Drone hung back & the Boomer
was a little stunned from my attack so we
bought a little time.

Cole recovered some & just Set Tight,causing
the Drone to move toward him.

This gave me another chance at the Boomer
& I gave him a Pummel .I emptied my Stub Pistol
into him with no effect & then I put a Bolo Grenade
on him & he finally went down. My way was now
clear to the ammo room & the Boom Shot the
dead Boomer was carrying.

However the the attack drew the Drone back toward
me & before he could attack,I was on guard & attacked
him.My assault rifle was out of Ammo,so I let loose
with a full clip from my Stub Pistol.I wounded it
but it shrugged it off & returned fire but his shots went

Cole is now fully recovered & moves up & attacks
the Drone & Slaughters it.I'm feeling pumped now,
I can see the Ammo & that sweet Boom Shot just
there for the taking.

Then this Drone comes out of nowhere,I'm blindsided
by his attack & suddenly I'm on my belly & bleeding out.

I manage to craw into the ammo room & hope Cole
can get to me in time.

Cole comes running up but I motion him to go Explore
the room,we need that gun & some clips.
He goes & grabs the Boom Shot.

We get more trouble fast,another Boomer moves
up & fires on Cole,he dodges but is still hit.

Cole recovers some & does his Ambush trick to
draw the Drone that got me in gives him a full clip
of death.Giving us another weapon.

This gives a little respite but we can hear Locust moving
toward us.Cole finds he lost a pistol ammo clip
& the Drone's weapon is too damaged to use.

Things went very bad after that.Another Boomer
moves in for an attack.Cole goes on Guard &
uses the Boom Shot but he's not that familiar
with the weapon & it's ineffective but the
concussion wounds the boomer.

The last thing I remember is Cole saying Oh
S***T & then a loud noise & blackness.

That's all of it Captain,I'm sorry not being of
much help, I know.It just seemed we made it to
the ammo room but were so cut up we couldn't
put it to use.

Not to worry Damon,just concentrate on recovering,
you'll get your chance for revenge.Those damn Locust
are emerging everywhere.

Take care now son,we can't win them all but we'll
keep trying,Sera fate depends on us.


Our first play through, the usual beginner type
type mistakes (confusing the Locust Defense # &
it's Health #)(Playing a Guard Card wrong) so we had
to back track some.

I don't think any mistake would have changed the outcome,
The Locus dice were just hotter & we need to keep
a better focus on our Cards/Health thing but when
a Locust gets 5 hits to 0 Shields your basically
in big trouble.

Great Game,it was constant action & it didn't
seem like we were losing ,till we did!.

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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I just realized that I had written an intro to set up
this Game Session a few weeks before I even had the

It's ironic that another reason we got taken out
was that we didn't follow the Briefing.

We got tied up in engaging the Locust which was
a lot of fun & drama but it would have been better
to move toward the Objective & keep in cover & out of LoS.

So hopefully Team 2 -Marcus & Dom will keep to
the program better.

"Mission Type-Emergence-Multi-Play-2

Squad Delta-Team 1 & Team 2

Briefing: We have Locust inside the outer perimeter,
they have obviously found a fault for emergence and
we need to seal it ASAP.

Delta Squad has been given the task of sweeping
Sectors 3 & 4 to deal with any infiltrators & to find &
seal the breeches.

Obviously time is important ,enough of those bastards
get through we could loose Sectors close to Jacinto City.
Therefore Delta Team 1 you are assigned Sector 3 & Delta
Team 2 you take Sector 4.

Questions?-Yes Sgt.?...........Your main Mission is to find
& seal the Emergence Holes,deal with any Locust as
needed but search your Sector as quickly as possible.
If you don't find any Holes return to base for reassignment.

OK,collect your equipment jump off time is 0600,Good

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