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Subject: nautical miles - spears rss

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Tony Cooke
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Hi there - just going through my games - I have Nautical miles. It is a great game but some years ago I lost the set of rules. Does anybody have any or could post up a photograph of them ? Thanks
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Moshe Callen
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ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, πολύτροπον, ὃς μάλα πολλὰ/ πλάγχθη, ἐπεὶ Τροίης ἱερὸν πτολίεθρον ἔπερσεν./...
μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆος/ οὐλομένην, ἣ μυρί᾽ Ἀχαιοῖς ἄλγε᾽ ἔθηκε,/...
I can't find the game in the database. Do you have more info?
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Den haag
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I found this game in the database:Nautic Miles But there are no rules in the files there.
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United States
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"that's a smith and wesson, and you've had your six"
Best I can offer.


From 2 to 6 players, playing individually or by teams of two, partners facing.

110 charts which are divided into:
Charts convoys: Planes:
3 .......... 2.500 barrels 4 .......... planes
3 .......... 5.000 barrels 4 .......... touched planes
4 .......... 10.000 barrels
2 .......... 20.000 barrels Alarms:
1 .......... trawler 10 .......... alarms
4 .......... ends of alarm
Charts *miles*:
7 .......... 200 miles Mines:
7 .......... 400 miles 2 .......... mines
7 .......... 600 miles 4 .......... minesweepers
8 .......... 1.000 miles
3 .......... 2.000 miles Radars:
6 .......... radars
4 .......... submarines State of the sea:
4 .......... frigates 2 .......... storms
4 .......... destroyers 4 .......... beautiful seas
4 .......... cruisers
4 .......... aircraft carrier And finally:
1 .......... neutral house

Each player must seek to make traverse a minimum of 4.000 marine miles to the convoys which it will have in the course of part. At the same time, it must endeavour to slow down the convoys of the other players or, better, to destroy them. The winner of the part will be that which will reach the first a total of 200 points in as many handles as it will be necessary.

Charts “convoys”:

These charts are posed hidden side in front of oneself. The points given by the convoys are function of tonnage and the distance covered. but are not acquired, at the end of a sleeve. that when a convoy at least traversed 4000 miles.
The trawler represents a “false convoy”. It is used to mislay the adversaries, which can to no purpose use, against him, some their good charts.

Charts traversed “miles”:

Posed, visible face, on one of your convoys, they represent the distance covered by this one. The distances are added, one needs a total of 4.000 miles so that a convoy arrived and that the player marks the corresponding points.

Charts “warships”:

They are offensive or defensive charts. Their respective force is indicated by the number of silhouettes of ships which are in edge of each chart.
Thus the aircraft carrier (5 ships) is stronger than the cruiser (4 ships), which is stronger than the destroyer (3 ships), which is stronger than the frigate (2 ships), which is stronger than the submarine (only one ship).
But attention with the submarine: two associated submarines are stronger than an aircraft carrier. it is the only case where 2 charts can be used simultaneously by the same player, even in team. The player will immediately supplement his hand after having played them.

Charts “planes”:

The planes are used to attack an enemy convoy. But one needs two of them, posed one after the other, to destroy a convoy. The “touched planes” make it possible to cancel the first plane in order to prevent that the second is placed. Contrary to the submarines, the charts “plane” must be put at one and by the same player, even within a team.

Charts “alert”:

A convoy can be attacked only if one “alert” chart is posed at its sides; this chart does not prevent from advancing, but it can now be attacked by any warship of any player. If you are thus threatened by a “alarm”, you can draw aside this danger with a “end of alarm” which cancels the “alarm” posed on your convoy. The cancelled charts are put on the pile trues (visible face).

Charts “mines”:

A mine can destroy a convoy without preliminary alarm. even in full storm and even a neutral convoy. To defend oneself there are 4 minesweepers. The cancelled charts are put on the pile trues.

Charts “radar”:

A convoy located by a radar must be discovered, the chart is turned over and all the players know the value of it. This value is then doubled, even in the event of capture. The radars can uncover only the convoy on the right (starboard) or on the left (port side). One can thus detect only the convoys posed at the ends of the play of each player and not those located at the center.
One cannot detect his own convoys.

Charts “storm”:

It slows down the convoy at side of which it is posed: this one can then advance only by 200,400 or 600 miles. To put an end to the storm, use the chart “sea beautiful”. But the storm can be used for oneself and especially if you do not have charts of defense. Indeed, during the storm, a convoy cannot be attacked, except by a mine.

“Neutral” chart:

There exists finally an exceptional chart: the “neutral” house. This chart protects a convoy against any attack, except mine and storm, until its arrival with the port. This chart can be used only for the convoys which are not in state of alert.

Article 1: gives.

The donor distributes six charts, one by one, while starting with the player placed at his left.

Article 2: the part.

Each player takes, in his turn, a chart in the heel. He puts back a chart or trues himself of one in order to have always six charts in hand. The thrown chart (visible face) could not be used any more.

Article 3: end of handle.

A sleeve is completed when a player adds up 40 points. To mark points. one or more convoys must have traversed 4.000 miles at least. A sleeve is also finished when there are no more charts with the heel nor in the hands of the players. Only the players having one or more convoys arrived at good port mark points.

Article 4: convoys.

Attention, this chart is posed the face against the table, your adversaries thus do not know the value of it, except if it is detected by a radar. You can insert a new convoy between two others or place it at an end but without being able to modify the position of old.

Article 5: progression of the convoys.

It is enough to pose in front of the selected convoy a chart “miles” (visible face) to advance it. As long as a convoy is not attacked, it can progress freely, even afflicted with an alarm or a plane.
There are exceptions:

The first, it is the storm: the convoy cannot advance any more but of 600 miles to the maximum by blow;
The second: the convoy is stopped by a battle.

Article 6: the naval battle.

A convoy (except neutral) can be attacked by the warships of any player provided that it is in state of alert and no matter who can join the battle. But it is necessary to leave with attacked time to counteract (a full rotation). It will do it by posing a ship of higher or equal force. The attacker can overbid with a ship of equal or higher force.
If there is equality (e.g.: cruiser/cruiser) the convoy is stopped until attacked its convoy with a “end of alarm saves” or which attacked or the attacker takes again the combat with any ship, even smaller.
That whose ship will have held a full rotation. without counter-attack, the battle will have gained. If the owner of the convoy is the winner, the convoy will be able to carry on its road. If it is the adversary, the convoy will be regarded as destroyed. All the charts of the battle, alert included/understood, are thrown in the pile trues.
Do not forget: two submarines are stronger than an aircraft carrier, but there can be equalization between submarines.

Article 7: the air battle.

A plane can be posed beside a convoy without alarm, only that which posed the first plane will be able to put the second. Attacked the first plane one can counteract playing “touched plane”, the charts “planes” and “touched planes” are then thrown to trues. The convoy can carry on its road if a second plane is not posed, but attention, when it arrives it is too late: the convoy will be destroyed.

Article 8: mines.

A mine posed beside a convoy (even if it is neutral) explodes at the end of a turn, except if it is defused by a minesweeper.

Article 9: summary of the precedents.

There are thus three ways of destroying a convoy one course of road: either the naval battle, or the air battle, or the mine or three in the same turn.
With you to choose the good weapon to run a convoy. Calculate your response well: later used too early can you miss a warship, to defend your own convoys. When the same convoy is simultaneously attacked in several ways and has suddenly been destroyed one of them, the other charts of attack, become useless, are cancelled.

Article 10: and other charts?

You recall: the radar will enable you to know this convoy which one dissimulates so carefully. But curiosity is paid, especially when it is satisfied: a double convoy located its points; the storm will enable you to slow down a too fast convoy or to be used to protect you from possible attacks (except mines). But it with the beautiful sea to leave you there a storm, that you want it or not (pose it on the storm) (your adversary will do it for you).
And finally, do not forget the neutral house which protects one from your convoys from an air or naval attack. Caution: one can pose this chart only on one convoy which is not attacked. If not, you must release yourselves completely from very alarm before protecting your convoy.

Article 11: made your accounts.

The following table is capital: it makes it possible to make the calculation of your points, one needs 200 points to gain the part.
There are three kinds of points:

1. Points of convoys.

At the end of the sleeve, you calculate using this table the value of your convoys.
Traversed miles 2.500
barrels 5.000
barrels 10.000
barrels 20.000
0 0 0 1 2
200/1.000 + 0,5 + 1 + 2 + 4
1.200/2.000 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 8
2.200/3.000 + 1,5 + 3 + 6 + 12
3.200/3.800 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16
4.000 or more + 2,5 + 5 + 10 + 20

Caution: a located convoy sees its value multiplied by two (e.g.: one 5.000 barrels counts for 10.000).

2. Points of catch.

At the end of each handle you made the account of the convoys which you destroyed. They are worth:
Tonnage… 2.500 5.000 10.000 20.000
Points ....... + 2,5 + 5 + 10 + 20

Detected convoys: double the number of points indicated.

The sleeve finishes:

Maybe when the heel is exhausted and that each player used all his charts;
Maybe when a player adds up 40 points.

The sleeve only the player or the team can gain having brought to good port at least a convoy. When the heel is exhausted and if none the players led a convoy to good port, the part is cancelled.

3. Points of no-claims bonus.

A premium of handle is allotted to the player who gained it: + 10 points.
A premium of slowness is intended to the player who forever deposited charts higher than 600 miles on a convoy led to good port: + 7 points.

Article 12: play by teams.

When one plays one equips, the rules remain absolutely the same ones. Simply. one poses only one series of convoys per team. Each member of the team can take part in a naval or air battle. It should simply await its turn to counteract. But only one player of the same team must pose two planes successively. Each player of the team discreetly takes note of the value of the convoys posed by his partner.
Provision of the charts to the course
of a sleeve between two players
1 Convoy starboard detected by a radar
2 Convoy in state of alert which can sail
3 Convoy slowed down by the storm
4 Case of equalization during a naval battle
5 Neutral convoy attacked by a mine
6 Convoy threatened by a plane 12 True: visible charts
7 Naval battle in progress
8 Gained points
9 A convoy arrived at good port
10 Gained points double cash
11 Heel
12 True: visible charts

Or if you are french:
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Tony Cooke
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That looks like a heck of a lot for the "best you can do". Many thanks, I will give it a go. Sounds fun with the "end of the handle" and "a chart in the heel" - but will all add to the experience.
Many thanks
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United Kingdom
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Suspect you have Nautic Miles. It is in the database.
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Steve B
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FlamBoy wrote:
Suspect you have Nautic Miles. It is in the database.

Yeah somebody told him that on September 12th 2011
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