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Subject: Marketplace variant (randomness, use all cards, limited buying options) rss

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Amanda Z
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Okay, so I'm yet another player who would like to merge in some of the mechanics of Ascension into Dominion.

This variant calls for just the base game. Assume 4 players.

1. Place the victory, curse and treasure cards out like a normal game of Dominion. For the purposes of these rules, special victory cards that do not appear in every game (e.g. Gardens) are treated like and referred to as action cards.

2. Additionally, place the seven blank cards that come with the game out as well.

3. Take the FULL deck of randomizers and deal 5 cards out on the on the floor. These are the cards available for purchase. Leave all supply cards in the box.

4. The game is played much like Puerto Rico or Stone Age, where there is a "first" player. Play passes around for one round, such that each person plays once, and then the privilege of being first passes to the left.

5. At the end of every round, the five floor cards are discarded and five new ones are drawn. When the deck of randomizers has been played through, it is shuffled. (The old first player gets to shuffle since they've probably already drawn for next round.)

6. Purchased action cards are pulled from the supply box. When an action card is purchased from the floor, that randomizer card is flipped over and no one else may purchase it for the rest of that round. If a player has multiple buys, she may purchase two copies of a card or two different cards (as usual).

7. Treasure, victory and curse cards are always available and can be purchased by multiple players in a round, UNLESS that card is on the floor. If a victory, curse or treasure card is on the floor, then that card is NOT available for purchase for the round. (see #8) In the case of curse cards, a player who plays the witch does not get to curse anybody that round.

8. A player may enter the buy phase before completing their action phase (perhaps to purchase the curse randomizer card before playing a witch), however a buy is used, and that player may not buy additional items unless she has another buy.

9. However, one can purchase the randomizer card of the victory, curse and treasure for cost+3. The player must put the randomizer in her discard pile AND takes a blank card and puts it aside for the end of the game. The restriction on purchasing that card is now gone for both the rest of the round and the rest of the game. You can not double buy a randomizer card, but if a player has an extra buy, they can now purchase another copy of the card from the supply.

10. Game end conditions- TWO piles are depleted, all provinces are sold or all 7 blank cards (representing the estate, duchy, province, copper, silver, gold, and curse randomizers) have been put aside.

11. Scoring is as per usual. Each blank card is worth 1 point. Randomizer victory and curse cards are treated like normal victory and curse cards.
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