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David Libby
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I just bought 39 packs of Nanoblanks (Looney Labs is making them free, as Nanofictionary's out of print), and I took the original game's card list, as well as card ideas from the internet, and a bunch of my own. I've found that it's a fun game solo, especially late at night. Just grab a character, setting, problem, and resolution, and making up a story at random.
So I started a blog where I do just that.

On another note, here's a good chunk of the card list that I'm using. Much of it is from Looney Labs, or other sites from around the internet. My apologies for not citing sources. I just found them at random...
I've got a bunch more that I made on my own, but after I compiled this list. So some of mine are on here, and a lot more aren't. Maybe I'll put more on here later...

The staircase broke
A swarm of bees
UFO’s attack
Ineffective PowerPoint Presentation
Someone had bought the last one
The dead are returning to life
No key for the handcuffs
The e-mail wouldn’t open
The pen leaked in his pocket
The computer got a virus
The pie spontaneously combusted
Incriminating evidence
A pencil that needs sharpening
Lost keys
Lost passport
Broke a guitar string
The panda was stolen from the zoo
Nothing to wear
The street turned to pie filling
Food poisoning
Trouble pronouncing certain words
• The reactor is about to melt down
• Something just wasn't right
• Alarm clock didn't go off, the (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
Deflated bike tires
• Eyes in the picture follow you around the room, the
• Severe allergies
• Shrunk!
• Sink is backed up, the
• Speakers blew out, the
• The waiter confused their order.
• Where'd I put my glasses?
• disagreement about something unimportant
• a terrible accident involving food
• a bungled robbery attempt
• caught red-handed
• an escaped animal is still at large
• he's got a gun
• "Who ate my brownies?"
• their vehicle was in a collision
• something is on fire
• strange noises
• a dead body
• suddenly, a fight broke out!
• they were out of food
• the directions were misinterpreted
• a terrible storm
• the interdimensional doorway is closing
• trapped!

A pirate ship
A court of law
Inside a volcano
The underground hideout
Inside a videogame
An airplane cockpit
The roof of a house
• 50's-styled diner, a
• At the dawn of time
• Battlefield, a (Submitted by Yair Oelbaum)
• Casino, a (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Center of the Earth, the (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Circus, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Deserted island, a (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Archaeological dig site, a
• Roller skating rink, a (Submitted by Anthony Brutcher)
• Grocery store, a
• Haunted House, a (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Igloo, an
• In line at an amusement park
• In the belly of a whale (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Inside the ventilation ducts (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Old west, the
• On safari (Submitted by Anthony Brutcher)
• Playground, a (Submitted by Anthony Brutcher)
• Public access TV station, a (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Saloon, a
• Sidewalk sale, a
A kitchen supply store
• Toxic waste disposal site, a
• Underwater
• Villa in the south of France, a
• Village made out of legos, a
• Volleyball game at the beach, a
• Wedding, a
Concert, a
• Zoo, by the monkey enclosure, the
• the ice cream parlour
• the shopping mall, just before closing
• the beatnik coffeehouse
• the World's Fair
• a polynesian tiki lounge
• the lunar colony
• the dangerous objects factory
• up in the sky
• the diner, shortly after 4:00 am
• a distant city
• the underground secret hideout
• the subway station
• on the grounds of the insane asylum
• the bus depot, near locker #17
• a submarine, below the surface
• a remote tropical island
• a clearing in the forest
• The Pyramids
• The Observatory
• • A convention

The flower pot with a hidden secret
The law-breaking preacher
The unspeakable horror
The guy who mispronounces every word
The goat with morning breath
The zombified member of a church choir
The guy who reads while walking
Eleven angry gorillas
The psychologically unstable ballerina
• Deranged ex-girlfriend, the (Submitted by Chris Kuhlow)
• Elvis impersonator, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Evil clowns, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
Teenage pop star, the
• Funeral director, the
• Gambling addict, the
• Game show host, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Gas station attendant, the
• Ghost of a movie star, the (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Guy who always cheats at poker, the
• Guy with greasy hair, the
• Hot dog vendor, the (Submitted by Anthony Brutcher)
• International spy, the
• Man who can communicate with beasts, the
• Mortician, the
• Olympic athlete, the
• Overprotective mother, the (Submitted by Chris Kuhlow)
• Professional wrestler, the
• Rabbit with amazing Kung-Fu skills, the (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Radioactive gardener, the
• Recording artist, the
• Reality TV contestant, the
• Religious leader, the
• Science-fiction writer, the
• Sheriff, the
• Siamese twins, the
• Soda-drinking polar bear, the
• Talk show host, the
• Telemarketer, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Trash collector, the
• TV repairman, the
• Unfrozen caveman, the (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• Used car dealer, the (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• Village idiot, the
• World-class chef, the
• World famous plastic surgeon, the
• the dude who always says "dude"
• the little black cat
• the hippie with really long hair
• the snake with a great personality
• the super-evolved sentient broccoli
• the men in suits
• the president
• the household of three
• the evil twin
• the assistant manager
• the relentlessly inquisitive reporter
• the inner city schoolgirl
• the millionaire
• the team of expert scientists
• the time traveler visiting from 1888
• the alien disguised as a human
• the guy in the apartment upstairs
• the bleary-eyed waitress
• the deranged inventor
• the eccentric professor
• the homeless person with a compelling sign
• the incognito starship captain
• the mischievous children
• the pizza delivery guy
• the slightly defective robot
• the superhero with unhelpful powers
• the late night talk show host
• the vegetarian songwriter
• the troubled loner that no one really pays much attention to
• • The Smallest Mouse
• • The Easy-Going Bear That Everyone Likes
• • The SPAZ!!!
• • The Returning Champion

Everyone had a dance party
It’s been haunted ever since
They adopted 25 children
They lost all of their money in a hand of poker
They rode off into the sunset
They learned the true meaning of Christmas
There was a lot of blood, but none of it was hers
It was then they realized it was true love
He forgot all of his passwords
The package was lost in the mail
Their friend was gone, but would never be forgotten
Their home was totally destroyed
They realized they were on a reality TV show
• And they formed their own religion.
• Everyone suddenly suffered from full, permanent amnesia.
• He got the job.
• He was actually a she. (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• She bought an island.
• The issue was removed from the ballot.
• The security guard saved the day. (Submitted by Anthony Brutcher)
• The trap malfunctioned.
• Their story made the front page. (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• They fell into a bottomless pit.
• They finally got the band back together. (Submitted by Todd Dawson)
• They got lost.
• They started their own country.
• They were eaten. (Submitted by Yair Oelbaum)
• They were rescued by squirrels. (Submitted by Kyle Lewis)
• duct tape saved the day again.
• they went back to their hum-drum lives.
• they spent two years in jail.
• they realized they were in love.
• they were never seen again.
• she decided to stay.
• the place burned to the ground.
• he spent 6 weeks in the hospital.
• they never saw each other again.
• they were finally rescued!
• they totally got away with it.
• a war was narrowly averted.
• it was all just a dream.
• the Earth was totally destroyed.
• they were given a handsome reward.
• they snuck out and went home.
• a statue was built in their honor.
• They got it fixed just in time!
• Earth was welcomed into the Galactic Federation
• Everything was cool.
• She said, "Yes!"
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