Cezary Domalski
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Here we go again Carl
1. Shock units questions
a) Shock Armies modifiers are cumulative?
b) what is the cost of replacement of surrendered Shock Army? two cards? more?
c) mandatory step loss is in force only when EX result is achieved? What about loses from card played (f.e. No Mercy, Hedgehogs, NKVD)?
2. Counterblow marker - three Soviet units attacks one German unit, Soviet Player play card No Mercy (#11). Result of battle - CB. Soviet Player place CB marker on unit and then destroy it to fulfill card event leaving CB marker on empty hex. Is that correct?
3. Maskirovka card (#4)
a) did unit with disorganized marker can attack after playing that card or we must follow the rules (no attacks allowed by disorganized units)?
b) can I use this card to bring unit to a hex between two German units? I need a clarification where I can place Soviet units.
4. Hedgehogs card (#38) - roll is tie, both sides takes a step loss and roll is repeat. What about situation when one side (or both) has no unit on hex?

Have fun Carl!
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Carl Paradis
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1- a) No they are not cumulative (BTW the Armour bonus aren't either).
1- b) 2 Cards
1- c) As specified in the rules: ONLY in EX results.

2- Since the Soviet attacked, thus is the Phasing player, the CB marker goes on a SOVIET unit. Read the CB explanation on the CRT again, section (10.7) page 12:

CB = Counterblow: The Phasing Player places a Counterblow marker on one of his own units hex currently attackingThese markers are not removed during thatside’s Marker/Unit Removal Phase, but are instead
resolved as usual during other side’s Combat Phase inthe next Player Turn (10.7.3).

Now, if you decided to take the step loss from the Soviet unit with the CB marker, that marker goes away too, it does not stay on an empty hex!

3- a) Never thought of this one... But... I guess you can indeed attack with it! As per this rule:

[5.3.2] Event Precedence: When there is a conflict between
Event text and the Rules, the Event text takes precedence.

3- b) This has already been discussed in the VPG "NR!" forum: Card question: Maskirovka

4- I would say you stop rolling since one side was eliminated: nobody left to fight it out!
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