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Space, the final frontier.

Activate sub-vocal recorder. Recon officer, Lunara Song of the U.S.F. Huxman.

I have arrived in transporter room. All is silent. The place is remarkably clean. Scrubbers must still be functioning. Does that mean there's still life in here? The design seems rather old. Early last century, perhaps.

There are a set of tracks that go through a couple of doors. Some of them don't look entirely human. Transmitting photos. There's an itchy sensation in the back of my neck that just won't go away. I enter the security station and power down all of the ship's drones. Better safe than sorry.

I find myself in a section of the ship that seems rather... alien. As I pass through each door I can't help but look over my shoulder and wonder if I really did see something out of the corner of my eye. That itchy feeling won't go away. It's driving me mad. I've found what appears to be an egg chamber. I can't identify the species but I see bones appearing human in nature.

Backtrack the way I came. Maneaters are not allowed to exist. Transmit. Transmit dammit! Not working. Great. There must be something I can do. There! What's that symbol. Uhura Mining. Mining? They should have explosives stocked.

There's a rather large beast in the corner, sniffing at the floor. This thing is ugly with a capital ugly. It doesn't seem to have noticed me yet. If I can get close enough...


Well, now I know that they die at least. Another door, another alien, another snap of the neck. I hope I can keep this up. My suit's indicators detect a breathable atmosphere. I'm not sure I wanna see what they do to my face if they catch me off guard, though.

Dead end. The longer I stay in here, the longer I run the risk of- Dammit! I'm spotted! Through here, here and, is this the way I came? Yes. Yes. Don't panic, Lunara, don't panic.

I managed to dodge the offending creature but just barely. I think I'm using up my luck at an accelerated rate just breathing on this bucket.

Another dead alien. I guess that means no hive mind. Their attacks would be more concentrated otherwise... I think. Mayve I should've paid more attenition in xenobiology.


It's a compatible module? I can't bel- no, that can't be. There's something going on here. No matter. Integrate armor module on my mark. 3... 2... 1... mark.

Augh! I got cocky. Damned, fool, rookie mistake. I shouldn't have made it. I did. Barely escaped. Damned thing left some serious dents in my suit. I can't take many more hits like that. Caution. Gotta be more cautious.

Danger. No open flights? No. That can't be it. My English is rusty. Uh, flares? Flames? Flames! Ex-explo..sion? No, ex...plosive ordinance!
No wonder we all speak Standard. Such a backwards language.

I found it! We're saved.

Damn this stuff is heavy.

I can't waste time now that I've found this. I also can't snap necks with just one hand. Activate mono-blade, left hand.

I didn't have to wait long. I could feel it slide through the creature with ease. It was rather satisfying to be honest. Computer, strike that last sentence from the record. I don't feel like going up for a psych eval again.

As much as I want to swing this spinning doom through the thing's face, I'd rather not risk it. Slipping by seems best.

The explosives were planted successfully. I should have just enough ti- whoops. That went off before I expected it to. Well, now I just have to- what's that?!

They're chasing me. I don't know what sort of intelligence level these creatures have but they didn't seem to be following me in droves. Of course, having these massive monstrosities charge at me every time I enter a room isn't exactly a picnic, either.

I managed to dodge them and escape back into the upper level of the ship. They don't seem to be following me. I guess they're territorial or- ack! The security drones have been reactivated!

I managed to dodge the little buggers. They look remarkably like the Class VIs. Which should be impossible on a ship this old. I don't- what? I can transmit? Good! Recon reporting. Beam me up!


Lady Luck was lovin' me this game. Must've been my cologne.
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