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Subject: Spell Card Observations rss

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Kiren Maelwulf
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I have been enjoying Quarriors! a great deal and figured it was about time for a card by card strategic discussion thread. I decided to focus on spells for now but I will see about getting to creatures later. I started with a quick overview of each spell line and the spells that belong to those groups. I put down some of my observations after a number of games and would be interested in hearing some views from other people that have put in some play time. As with many games, and in my experience especially games with cards, many times what I initially believed would be great and other cards I was less excited with changed place after a series of actual plays. Keep in mind while reading my notes that I am a long time MTG player and occasionally use MTG terminology when discussing cards in this game.

LIFE: A defensive assortment of spells. The dice are an average set up of 3 sides spell, 2 sides double quiddity and a single 1 quiddity side.

LIFE SPELL: A great reaction spell. +4 defense to all of your creatures for a single turn. Solid even with a single creature in play, this really shines with 2 or more creatures and can leave you virtually untouched from a large attack force.
LIFE CANTRIP: +4 defense to a single creature but it’s an attachment. Can’t really complain about anything that keeps your units up and this does a solid job of it. Simple to use really, you will more often than not save this for a creature roll that otherwise has a low chance of survival.
LIFE CHARM: Well it does put ALL your creatures that die into your active pool. Still a fairly ‘meh’ spell. Something you may consider purchasing on a 3 quiddity roll with nothing else available but not a solid game changer. As you still have to roll anything you place in your active pool it isn’t nearly as reliable as the other LIFE cards.
LIFE INCANTATION: A reverse defense card, this reduces a single opponent creatures attack to 0 for one turn. It is good but you need to remember that this could save other opponents creatures from the discard pile along with your own. That makes it a less universally cast spell than ones than only affect you.

SHAPING: One of the best spell dice from an alternative sides view. Aside from the 3 spell faces you have the standard 2 double quiddity sides and then a fantastic draw two dice and roll immediately side.

SHAPING SPELL: Essentially a disenchant. I really want to like this spell but with only 3 spells in a single game its use is highly contingent on the other two spells available. Even then if the spells you want to get rid of are good enough you will more likely wish to buy a copy for yourself over this removal.
SHAPING CANTRIP: Wow. Probably one of, if not THE best spell in the game. Great dice plus a great effect, really no side will be a bad roll with this one. And being able to keep a creature alive from anything that kills it is not too shabby.
SHAPING CHARM: In theory leveling up some of the uber powerful creatures available to you seems great. In reality this spell has too many conditions. You need a creature with more than a single level and you need to not roll its max level. You will also want the creature to be worth while using a seperate die to level up. I’d say this is a spell with limited uses.
SHAPING INCANTATION: I really do not like attachments that don’t directly help the creature being attached to. If someone kills the creature they have essentially removed two dice. This effect is just not powerful enough to warrant the purchase and the dice spot it will take in your rolls when it doesn’t even improve the survivability of the creature it will be on.

VICTORY: The only spell dice with only 2 spell face sides. This die offers a draw one and roll + reroll itself side which while being a decent feature rarely makes up for the lackluster abilities this spell line offers.

VICTORY SPELL: Most other spell lines sport spells in the 3-4 cost range with perhaps a few 5’s. Here though we see a 7, is it worth it? Not really. This is a spell that does not scale well with lesser amount of players. At best in a 4 player game IF everyone has a creature out and IF you destroy one creature from each of those players while you have this spell out you can at best gain 3 glory. Now 3 glory is good, the spell is simply too unreliable at gaining that amount or even a lesser amount. More commonly you will be gaining 1 glory and less commonly 2. Not particularly worth the high cost especially when it is very likely that there are more reliable things to purchase around that price point.
VICTORY CANTRIP: For a cost of 3 this is not horrible. If you attach it to a highly survivable creature you will gain a solid 2 extra glory when you score. The problem is how often you can get a highly survivable creature out with this attached. The spell itself does not increase your creatures survivability and should they get killed you just lost two dice rather than one for the same level of effort on your opponents side.
VICTORY CHARM: A much better spell than CANTRIP. As long as you score with at least two creatures you can use this for a minimum of 2 extra glory with no risk of losing it beforehand. Still you are going to want to be regularly rolling at least 2 creatures which means you probably won’t be investing in many other non-creature dice. Not a great spell but one that could warrant a purchase from time to time.
VICTORY INCANTATION: A hulking 9 cost spell this is the crowning jewel of the VICTORY line. A single cast of this spell nets you an automatic 3 glory without possible response from your opponent. The high cost of this spell and the fact it does nothing else means it will either be a really rare early purchase or a very late purchase when you only need a few more glory points to put you over the top. This is a true gambling mans spell. It has a high risk spending that much on it but there is a possibility for a high reward as well.

DEATH: A basic sided die with some very powerful effects. 3 spells sides, 2 double quiddity, and a single quiddity.

DEATH SPELL: Destroys one creature with defense of 6 or less from all opponents’ ready areas. You won’t be taking out any level 3s but still a wide enough range of things you can take down to make this a very usable choice in most situations.
DEATH CANTRIP: So worst case scenario you give a single creature on your side +2 attack for your turn. Heck though, even bringing an apprentice up from 1 attack to 3 is note worthy. The fact that it gives +2 or even +3 on its best side to ALL your creatures makes every creature you summon add more and more to its effect. Easy to quickly see this spell turn a force of small creatures into a sizable threat.
DEATH CHARM: One of the few attachments I would never shy away from. This increases your creatures attack AND survivability, a double threat. With either +3 or +5 it is just hard to see this go to waste. Great to save and turn an otherwise weak roll into a powerhouse.
DEATH INCANTATION: Straight up creature removal. Straight up good. Nothing really complex about this spells uses. Very satisfying with the double burst side when your opponent gets his level 3 dragon out only to see it go up in smoke soon afterwards.

GROWTH: Another set of basic sided dice. These however are the quintessential purchase boosting effect spells.

GROWTH SPELL: Sort of the polar opposite of the basic quiddity dice. You get 5 chances for 2 quiddity with only a single chance for 1. An additional effect of being able to draw and roll 1 additional die makes it a solid purchase to keep your average roll quality up.
GROWTH CANTRIP: Currently, and unfortunately the only spell and really only low cost card that offers additional purchases. Its appearance in the wilds creates an opportunity for a bit of varying strategy with your purchases and sees some lower costing creatures and spells suddenly become a little more appealing. Even if you choose not to make an additional purchase when the time comes having a decent chance at double quiddity doesn’t hurt your buying or summoning power any.
GROWTH CHARM: So we get a chance at a 3 quiddity side, otherwise seen only on a single side of a dragon die AND it is not an immediate effect? Yup, this is pretty much THE early purchase when you want a solid opportunity at adding some powerhouses to your dice bag early on. I have very rarely passed on this particular spell.
GROWTH INCANTATION: In a game were a particular roll can make a huge swing in your position, re-rolls are highly desirable. This spell offers 2 quiddty and 2 re-rolls, essentially giving you a second chance on any roll it comes into play during. Probably the best late game GROWTH spell.
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