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Subject: Rage on! October online tournament, all month long rss

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Who is the mightiest player? The most badass, the most wise, and the most honorable? who is the most revered elder? you have all October to figure it out!

You're out to get points in three categories:


Corpses! any dead critter
Combat cards that yield VP (telling blow & Head or Gut)
Stuff that adds VP to a corpse (like Questor)


Juntas- however many VP it was (you're clever!)
Doing the write up of the game- Number of players X number or rounds written up (a two player game over on turn 1 obviously being easier to write up than a 4 player melee that goes 12 rounds)- all players can write up the game it they want -(you're effectively contributing to strategy in some way, even if its duplicating a write up)
Copying the game report over to BoardgameGeek. only games you played! but you do not have to do the write up yourself: +1 (it does show off the game to former players and to people just flipping through threads)
anything that gives you VP that's not mentioned elsewhere (actions, totems, special abilities, whatever)


Quests (you're basically fulfilling some type of duty)
Anytime you play a game, you get 1 per player in the game ( 2 for a 2 player game, 3 for 3 player, etc)- YOU MUST FINISH THE GAME TO GET BONUS. no points for rage quit if you're getting spanked (mutually agreed upon concession is fine)
+5 for playing against someone who this is their first time playing on Lackey (since you'll be doing a lot of handholding)
+10 for playing against someone who this is their first time playing Rage period (the lackey bonus and rage bonus will stack! but you can teach someone offline if you wish)
Moderating a play by post: +10

The spoils of victory! You get 1 piece of candy for each person you defeat. you don't have to assign them until the end.

Keep your candy: +3 to glory, Honor, or Wisdom, your choice, but all 3 points must go in the same category.

Share your candy! Post to any thread with a game report and say you want to share your candy and WHY. You get +1 Wisdom and +1 Honor. The recipient of the candy gets +5 to the named category. why should you share your candy? stylish plays, killer combos, or with a graceful loser that took it with good humor. Or maybe you're just so far ahead you can afford to!

Final score is based on multiplying all the categories together. So you can play a bunch of games and rack up nothing but kills, but the player that racks up fewer kills but teaches new players and take alternate paths to victory will prevail!

Yes, this heavily rewards teaching new players and just plain playing! But the ideal goal would be anytime someone logs on to Lackey, there's a play partner! Or if they're on the forum, there's always something new to read or a play by post to jump into.

I have a lot of original artwork I did for various sets, plus a whole stack of prints from Lissanne Lake who kindly contributed art for the New England sets. I have some other goodies as well, but need to look in my prize box to determine exactly what I have. (I think I still have giant shogecka window clings, but need to check) Winner gets their pick!

I may add more prizes for highest glory, Honor, and Wisdom if we have lots of players.

also you get bragging rights! who doesn't love bragging rights?

can I count playtest games?

Can I count play by post games?
Yes, but if they're not completed, they'll only be a partial tally as of what happened by end of the day, forum time November 1st (that's so the west coasters can actually play on Halloween night if they want)

Who counts as doing the "write up" for play by post?

How long after the write up of a game do I have to post a secondary write up?
within 12 hours, to indicate it is an actual write up, not regurgitating what the other guy posted. Please post it on the same thread. Ones that are clearly just exact duplicates of the original write up will be shamelessly mocked! (To avoid mockery, I suggest taking a screenshot of the game to add some extra content to your report. Just hit Print screen on most keyboards and then paste into an image editor. You can use a free one like GIMP. Or post your deck as an attachment or text file.)

Can I include offline games?
yes, you just need to do the write up. any Rage is good Rage!

More information on the Rage forums:
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