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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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We continue ...

January / February 1940

Another day and more very average dice rolling, German air combats suffer the 12,11 syndrome and the one attack in the North Monsoon manages a roll of 9, 2 more Jap losses for 1 Chinese and no progress.

Germans refuse to cooperate with newsmen but reports from the French front indicate a botched attack on Vichy losing 3 units. Yet more poor weather halts everything except for the usual RN port attack removing the captured Dutch TRS and a risky British attack in Belgium that fails on a 4 +4 but leaves the line intact. Adolf wimps the counterattack. The French have now more or less contained the southern breakout with only one small gap open.

Otherwise quiet.

March / April 1940

It’s a flurry of political activity for Italy as they gear up, Anshluss Austria and offer a pact to Japan (sadly not responded to). The CW allied Spain and the Russian got some more bid points.

First impulse weather is Fines all the way but Italy does not risk a DoW. The Germans advance in France having shot down more of the RAF. An attack is successful and a breakthrough is achieved but Greg counterattacks and seals the gap. The Soviets declare war on the Baltic States and arrive in Tallin, Riga and Kaunas. Zhukov rails to Persia.

The Germans counter-counterattack and Laurence rolls higher than 10 for the first time for a while. Vichy captured.

The Italians declare war on France and attempt a surprise impulse invasion of Marseilles. For a change the dice favour Laxyboy and the French fleet are caught with their trousers down. The Jean Bart, Dougay Trouin, Colbert, Primaguet, Foch, Emile Bertin are scuttled. However, Greg rolls 18 times and avoids rolling a one to actually give Laurence a boat – the chance of this is only 15%.

Next stop, the CW declares war on Italy. Port strikes and naval combat ensue but surprisingly only Taranto and a transport are damaged with an amphib being sunk.

Stuff trundles on as the weather gets worse. The Italians and CW tangle in the Western Med. Lax gets the better of the search rolls and goes surface. First round Ceres, Caledon, Diomede sunk, Vesuvio, Bande Nere damaged. Second round, Laurence surprises again and calls for more gunnery – Barham and Regolo sunk, Ramillies, Montecucolio and Guisano damaged.

More naval combat around and about the Med. Devonshire damaged. The Italian frogmen arrive in Gibraltar and sink some convoy points.

A final German attack in France fails. CW start more combat in the Eastern Med and sink the Trento with Coventry damaged. Greg puts the Italian North Africa command out of supply, flips Graziani courtesy of a recently arrived LND and goes for the attack – but only gets a retreat result. Lucky lucky Lax. Eventually the turn ends.

The US passes war appropriations. Hmm. Usual production, intelligence bollocks, much reflipping and the turn ends.

May / June 1940

Russia plays its owed option, and incorporates the Baltic Soviet Republics into the Union. Japan gears up. The US offers a pact to the French (unanswered), Germany plays its owed option but then Lax ends the politicals before he can gear up the Nazis.

Laurence goes naval with the Italians and sips some boys to Tobruk and then starts a combat in the Eastern Med. Leander and Magno damaged and the sea area cleared.

Not sure what Greg does. Russia declares war on Iraq and captures Baghdad. Shortly afterwards, it’s Laurence’s turn again but the weather turns shite. Laurence and Greg fanny about with their navies in the med. Dullster.

Somehow Laurence manages to get caught in the Med and the Bari sinks and the Vittorio Veneto is damaged.

The Fr 14th Mechanised Corps, after totally pissing off the Germans by resisting three attacks, finally dies in a glorious rearguard action. Crosses de Guerre all round chaps. The Brits meanwhile react to a Gerry incursion down the coast near Calais by counterattacking the supporting troop, cutting off the lead two corps out of supply in Calais.

And then the turn ends early again.

July / August 1940

US wins the bidding stuff and offers a pact to the French. Who accept. Japan goes for bid points, Russia plays its owed option and Germany gears up.

At which point we call the session and retire upstairs to eat curry and watch Match of the Day. As you do.

Current situation is, as ever, nicely poised with France on the edge of collapse, China reduced to a single factory and pinned back in the mountains, the Soviet “buffer zone” of Poland, Baltics, Persia, Rumania and Iraq established and the Commonwealth’s problems at sea not yet started. The next session, and first in the 2011 series, will feature the return of ‘Battling Andy Wilson’, master of the high seas and strong bitter.

Some months later ...

We’re back m**********s! Rock and cockin’ roll. It’s 2011 and we are in the zone.

Campbell is attendance but we’re not going to let that put us off our stride. The fascists win initiative and Lax goes combined with the Eyties and finds the Brits in the Eastern Med. No surprise on either side. Germanica, Canberra sunk and Laurence is (temporary) master of the seas.

Paris is ground struck in full effect (3 flipped) and Laxyboy will surely go in for the attack next time meanwhile a combined attack on Georges kills the HQ and div and now surrounds Paris. Laurence observes that it's all been a bit too good but very early yet

Next up the CW go looking for the Italians in the Eastern Med and find in a big way – four times. Caio Dulio, Gorizia, Cadorna damaged, Duca D’Aosta, Zara, Colleioni, Antendolo Pola and Triest sunk, over the course of three rounds of “combat”. Once the area is cleared, Greg turn his attention to the Italian coast and finds again – Andrea Doria sunk, E. De Savoie damaged.

In summary, for those of you distracted by that wierd TV programme upstairs, Greg rolls and finds seven times and destroys the Italian fleet. Causa finita as I imagine they say in Rome.

Greg eliminates the isolated German troops on the Channel coast. The Russians do nothing of note and it is back to the fascists. Andy tries a ground strike in China which doesn’t work. Andy tries a ground strike in China which doesn’t work. Andy tries a ground strike in China which doesn’t work. Reported in triplicate as requested. Laurence goes for an attack somewhere in France and totally kills some boys so they were like dead and that. And exploits – like a typical man.

Greg moves some boys. Having killed all the Italian ships, he has to resort to running away towards Spain.

The turn continues after the curry. Laurence and Greg kill some of each other’s boys. Andy finally flips a boy in a ground strike in China and declares a 3:2 attack. A roll of 15 +6 means happy days for the new man on the Axis team.

More grief in the Med for Lax and he turns his attention to France. A successful annihilation of some hapless French boys in the middle of nowhere is followed by the long awaited assault on Paris. Lax goes all in and gets to a +17 attack. Just as well when he rolls 6. Paris falls.
Greg responds by port striking the Italian fleet in Bardia. The Vittorio is damaged. Then the French run away. The CW destroys Graziani and the balance of power in North Africa moves even further towards the democrats. The communists do nothing but the turn does not end. Lax is back at the table again...

Here he comes – Toulouse at +4: 12 rolled and it falls. Next up some boys in the mountains at +12: 8 rolled and they are all gone. Then Lyon at +5: 5 rolled and no joy. Two French corps adjacent to Lille die in a +18 attack (15 rolled). A further corps adjacent to Lille dies in a +20 attack despite the 3 rolled.

And then military affairs finish and we retire for the evening.

Morning comes and the partisans arrive in the NEI. Some boats are shuffled about and then production ensues.
Andy realises that he’s got no oil coming in.

September / October 1940

Political affairs are brief – some pacts are offered but not responded to as the turn ends too quickly.

The democrats go first and launch a spurious attack in northern France against a panzer stack. Result – two dead French. A more successful attack in North Africa wipes out some more hapless Italians.

Weather rubbish but the Germans clear Lille after losing a Ftr to the Fr airforce and then rolling an 18 (so could have saved all that air combat muppetry). Anyhow weather still lousy but the North African Italians are in supply albeit briefly.
Laurence : Final French Factory now surrounded in the mountains but it’s going to be costly – bet I can’t roll the 18 again

Bad weather sets in again. Adolf uses it as an opportunity to bring the subs out. Wolfpacks not so useful at the moment apparently – rolling 10 will do that. 2 subs damaged, none left in the sea area and no convoys spotted. Lax reverts to land combat which seems more productive at the moment. Or maybe not – the Lyon garrison continue to shout insults from the barricades as the +6 attack peters out on a DR of 7 for no result all round.

Laurence : Prescient as always rolled the 7 so all stuffed and still no joy in Africa. A review of strategy now required.

And then Simon ends the turn.

November / December 1940

Political affairs bidding is brisk and the US and CW on top and agree a self serving, imperialist agenda pact. Right thinking nations around the world condemn this move. And then it is pointed out they should have played the election instead. Greg agrees to split the bid points and move the CW down below the US. Meanwhile Italy moves to the same hex on teh political status display as Germany – resulting in a dogpile of fascists and their lackeys. Japan and the USSR sign a level 1 pact and agree to a “oil for killing machines” trade. The US plays its election and then offers the pact – and then ends the turn before the CW can respond. Oops.

Military affairs are protracted but dull due to the appalling weather. Many sorties are sailed by the Kreigsmarine and nothing achieved. The CW fleets come out and immediately find the Germans – instantly sending most of them to the bottom. The joy of search rolls. Scharnhorst and Deutschland sunk, Tirpitz damaged.

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