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South Korea
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Hi, this is Don Eskridge. I work for Happy Baobab, a Korean family games company, and we're looking for someone to translate our short rulebook into German. There aren't many lines, and they're all quite simple. If you would like to help, please shoot me an email, and I'll send you the document, which has pictures and examples, so the context should be easy to understand. Below I'll post the lines that need to be translated. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon. Happy to donate 20 to any helper.

-Don E

Sticky Stickz Picture Rules

Welcome to Sticky Stickz!


54 Basic Tiles
18 Advanced Tiles
8 Wild Tiles
5 Sticky Stickz
1 Color Die
1 Number Die
1 Basic Face Die
1 Advanced Face Die

Here are all the tiles.

Mad Faces, Happy Faces, Shy Faces, Crazy Faces (advanced version), Wild!

Here are all the dice

Basic Face Die, Advanced Face Die, Color Die, Number Die, Wild!

Basic Rules

Remove the Advanced tiles and Die.

Randomly insert the other tiles.

Everyone takes a Sticky Stick. Hold it gently, like a pencil.

Everybody counts to three, then roll the dice in the tray.

Look at all three symbols. Do you see a tile that matches all three symbols?

Start sticking the matching tiles!

If you see two numbers, you can stick both.

If you see the wild symbol, you can stick any expression.

If you see two colors, you can stick both.

Here’s an example of a tile you can stick with these three dice.

Everyone plays at the same time.

Be careful not to get hurt.

Carefully snap the tile off the stick.

Make a stack of all your tiles.

The tiles with four faces are Wild Tiles. You can always stick them.

Keep sticking as fast as you can! Stop when the last matching tile is gone.

Uh oh! You might stick the wrong tile…

Quickly put it back and give up one more tile. Put the two tiles in any slot.

Roll again for the next turn. If there is no matching tile, roll again.

If there are five empty slots at the end of a turn, the game is over.

Stack up all your tiles…

The tallest stack wins!

Advanced Rules

Add the Crazy Face tiles and Advanced die.

Remove the Basic Face die.

Put the Wild tiles in the middle slot.

Now put all the tiles in the other slots.

Get ready, holding your sticks carefully.

Roll the dice in the center tray.

If there are matching tiles, start sticking! But if there are no matching tiles…

The fastest player can stick a Wild tile. Only one Wild tile can be stuck per turn!

Put the Wild tiles in a separate stack.

If you made a mistake, return the wrong tile and one more, Wild tile first if you have one.

At the end, combine your stacks.

The tallest stack wins!


If a player is very skilled, add a handicap. Choose any tile at the start of the game. Put it back, but remember the color of the tile.

At the end of the game, that player takes all of those color tiles out of his or her stack. Below the player scores no points for the red tiles!

Remember, safety first!

Please stick the tiles carefully.

Please snap the tiles off carefully.

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