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Subject: Comments on v4 rules rss

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beresford dickens
United Kingdom
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Jim has posted the v4 rules (though it hasn't been announced that the file has changed). I therefore have some more comments. Once again I don't expect replies, just for the comments to be considered:

1. There is a small problem with terminology in that a 'Critical Hit' is not a 'Hit'. For example in 4.3.1 it talks about applying Critical Hits but 'do not apply any Hits'. It would be clearer to have another name for overall Hits (Hull Hits?) and would also obviate the need to keep saying 'do not apply any Hits'.

2. Mixed terminology : 'Critical Hit counter', 'CH marker'.

3. 4.4 How can one mobile ship be fouled together?

4. 5.0 Replace comma after 'to off the play area' with semicolon.

5. 5.1.7 Can Maneuver 2 be used to escape from a Bow-On or Stern-On position?

6. 5.2 Can it be better to Drift than Maneuver because you can't be Challenged?

7. 5.4.2 What happens if a group of Fouled ships drift into a Hulk/Obstruction?

8. 5.4.3 What happens if a group of Fouled ships drift into Torpedos, or a towed pair Maneuver into Torpedos.

9. 5.6.3 fourth bullet: Ambiguous phrase 'the ship(s) hit'. If the result is negative, the target ship can still be considered to be the one that was 'hit'.

10. 5.6.4 Should probably say 'If contact is made (whether....) and neither ship sinks, check to see if the ships become fouled'. Target's response is a 'die', not a 'dice'. If you foul with a ship that is butted across your bow, does the butting change, and if so is this another means of 'escape' to add to 5.5.3?

11. 5.6.5 Does the attacker use Bows-On Point Blank Fire, or does this only occur if the ships Foul?

12. 6.2 A bit obvious, but what is the point of rolling the yellow die versus a fort?

13. 6.2.3 C: Am I reading this right, you can't suffer Smoke if you have an Armament CH?

14. 6.2.4 Is there any provision for removing Gunfire markers?

15. 6.3.2 Shouldn't there be an element of scale here, bigger ships have bigger boilers? Otherwise a little ship will always sink and a big ship will probably not.

16. 6.3.4 Last bullet: Should probably say 'place on any location of the targeted player's choice other than original location'.

17. 6.3.8 Fort crew casualties: Should just say 'Roll a D4 and apply the resulting number of casualties'.

18. 6.3.11 By 'combat attack', do you mean that hit location and defense dice apply? If so, is this as if the exploding ship fired upon the recipient?

19. 6.3.13 bullet: Should say 'target of a Ram or Spar Torpedo attack'.

20. 7.2 1) and 2) 'subject' is not the right word. For example, 1) should probably say 'If the crew special symbol is on the target ship card or the non-WL location hit has a 'Shield-4' marker.....'.

21. 7.2 'Do not change the 'Shield' status of the position hit for doubling'. I'm not sure what this means. If it refers to the CR roll, then the following statement 'Grapeshot cannot cause Critical Hits other than the Smokestack' is confusing. If the CR roll is a TRIPLE then, do you roll to see if the Smokestack is hit and if it is then Shield loss occurs? Or are you saying that double and triple results are ignored altogether?

22. 7.3 Shouldn't the sentence 'Apply a "-1" die roll modifier to the combat' occur earlier in the paragraph? Or does the -1 just apply to the fire determination?

23. 7.11 Is the card placed on the map or on the ship's card?

24. 8.7.2: Should say 'unpowered ships'.

25. 8.7.4 What if the previous battle was tied and neither side had won a prior battle?

26. 8.9.1 Typo 'causalities'.

Scenario 9a: Do Union A-D have to keep moving through rather than staying to engage the Fort? Which one is the 'lead Union ship'? Can a Union ship/pair violate the stacking rules by drifting into an occupied Grid Box? What if a Union ship suffers a Steering, Vertical Band CH?

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Jim Day
United States
Ellicott City
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Thanks for the input. When the next rulebook update is posted here, you'll see a number of your suggestions included.
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