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Simon Nicholls
United Kingdom
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It's 1941. Will the USSR get into the war? Spoiler - no, not yet.

January / February 1941

Political stuff as short – the US and the USSR geared up. The weather was very, very bad. Very little happened and we went to the pub at the end of the military affairs. Although somewhere in here the Japanese declared war against the Dutch – bastards.

We came back and ate our curry. Campbell remained upstairs to fail at Gran Turismo and the gentlemen returned to the marvellous sweep of the Second World War.

March / April 1941

Political affairs start with a CW gear up followed by Germany forming an alliance with Finland. I think they may regret that.

The Japanese put together a perfectly serviceable attack on Batavia but roll the 3 – aaargh. Andy is understandably miffed. Meanwhile, the Germans finally take Lyon by dint of throwing in the entire Wehrmacht. Goodie. Now he can start moving East. Or maybe South West – let’s see.

Eisenhower arrives in Africa and immediately sinks some French Transports – friendly fire again. The Fascists then roll perfect weather and loins are girded all over the place. With Britney acting as cheer leader, the glorious leader goes for it again. Greg fears for his ceiling and furniture if this one goes pear shaped.

Glorious victory in NEI for Andy and another oil well secured for the Asian co-prosperity sphere. Phew, there’s a window saved.

Laurence suffers as the CW sink Gneisnau and Prinz Eugen in port and neutralise the Eyetie subs. And then bomb the newly repaired Lille factory out of existence.

Tojo dances as his plans come to fruition in the NEI. And kills the partisans in Korea on a nice DR18.

Germans and Italians head off towards Yugoslavia. And Spain. Wonder why?

CW strat bombing of Essen a go-go. 2 factories destroyed and a FTR downed for no CW loss. And then the turn ends on a 1. Night night campers.

France is conquered and much stuff then happens which basically means Germany torches most of the Fr Hulls in the slips gets a couple and the French re-locate to Senegal. Finally!

May/June 41

Campbell breaks out of the Disley Gulag and heads North. In his absence, bidding goes mad and the US signs a L2 with CW. The Germans offer a pact to Italy but the political end before they can accept.
The US declares war against Italy. Much additions and divisions later, Laurencini works out that the roll required is 5. The roll comes as a 1. Laurence faints, but is brought round by the reminder that the US needs to pay up front and have blown their budget deficit. Off the hook, but the clock is now ticking.

In response, Germany and Italy declare war on Yugoslavia. A bit of a miscalculation by the French leaves the cities open and all the boys who were supposed to go in flipped. Oh well. Stalin ponders a declaration in light of this "mistake" by the Democrats but decides to save his cash – for the moment. In response, the CW kick the Turks out of Syria, soon to be followed by the eradication of all their brethren in the South. The road to Ankara lies open.

The Japanese consolidate their hold on NEI by taking Batavia. Various corps position near CW territories but are momentarily put off by the arrival of (limited) reinforcements. Clock is ticking here as well.

Piling through Yugoslavia, the Germans continue to offend US public opinion by declaring war against Bulgaria.

The turn ends with Yugoslavia and Bulgaria conquered. Laurence happy but Greg not unhappy. Hmmm.

July / August 41

The US starts to pump build points at the French as the Russians have torn up their aid treaty. Everyone gets to play an option who wanted to – whoopee.

The Turks ponce around and get a fluky Ground strike in – two DRs needing 2, both get them. Kebab shop owners are given rifles and marched out towards the (apparently stationary) Brits. Oops, in comes Gort and the CW armour arrives outside Ankara, blitzing into the town. Much angst but the CW eventually decides to go in even though they will be out of supply.

Another declaration of war from the US – the first fails against the Germans, more to come we think as entry levels are maxed out and tension is middling.

Germans ooze towards Ankara but Laxy is restricted by the lack of cooperation from border guards. Meanwhile, Stalin finally gets to do something by declaring that the Finnish question needs to be resolved. Impressive ground striking (10, 10, 9, 10) bodes ill for the campaign. Could Finland be Simon’s Turkey? That's country rather than Christmas dinner.

Italians sortie aircraft for the first time since the last time they got their clocks cleaned and sink the Kent in the West Med - victory parades in Rome. The Finns, in a fit of pique, counter attack the oncoming Russians, but fail the ground strikes.

Weather remains grim in the Southern hemisphere, much to Andy’s annoyance. The US however, finally gets a declaration in against the Italians. Pizza express anyone?

The weather suddenly is good everywhere. Andy goes to the toilet in anticipation, girds the proverbial loins and .....

Declares against the CW. Taking a combined, Jap troops land in Chittagong on an auto – so far so good, but without an O chit that blows the 1 land attack available. So much for the attack on Kuala Lumpur. And then Lax ends the turn. Bugger.

Sep / Oct 41

Politics gone mad. Several declarations get caught up on and the US and CW sign a cooperation pact at level 3. Here we go.

Russians continue to advance on all fronts with successful ground strikes. The newly arrived German expeditionary force arrives next to Eisenhower in Turkey to say hello. USN transports fill the seas as the US positions troops to start throwing their weight around, and the RN decides to challenge the IJN in the Bay of Bengal. Hey, these guys are good (well, better than the Italians anyway). No ships sunk but three carrier planes downed and the RN withdraws (for the moment).

The glorious Russian navy clean the Finnish clocks in the Baltic – Simon very happy to be back in his natural element I think. He then girds his loins Andy-style for the 3:1 attack to clear the road to Helsinki, flying in Para’s and using the newly arrived MAR unit following its march across the Gulf of Finland. DR 7 +11 clears the hex but the boys are flipped.

Another spurious set of attacks in Turkey goes wonderfully well for the Italians – is this another Laxy China moment? The best CW units are removed and Gort sent back to the UK. Attempts by the US to declare war on the Germans are repulsed by the simple expedient of reading a newer version of the rules. Gnashing of teeth and cunning plans hatched. A German attack (who they?) retreats another CW corps at the cost of a MECH. Germans are flipped but are rightly aloof from the hordes of American troops camped all around them.

In the Bay of Bengal, Andy, after reconsidering an earlier attempt, masses his forces and takes Kuala Lumpur.

The Americans mass to attack the Turks, only for the German peacekeepers to deny access to the supply columns. As a result the attack goes in (as insisted on by the Italian high command) at lower odds and fails to clear the hex. The Italians then sneak a TRS through the picket fleet to break contact with Eisenhower and the port. A bad morning for the good guys gets worse.

In the Bay of Bengal, Andy knows a rule!

Irked, Eisenhower organises a daring reinforcement dash through the Eastern Med and re-establishes supply – using which, Wavell cuts supply to the German expeditionary force, leaving them trapped, flipped and ready for internment.

Nov / Dec 41

Politics takes a funny turn when the US demobilises – public opinion is eased in favour of an expansion of the war. It is also eased by the Germans and Italians finally signing their long overdue treaty of cooperation.

Bad weather sets in. The Axis boys react by doing mostly navals.

Germans convoy raiders clear all convoys from round Africa, suddenly search rolls are hit consistently. In Bay of Biscay condors do the damage and in North Atlantic and Central Atlantic much convoy slaughter and removal of ASWs. No losses, quite bizarre.

Whilst in Asia the Japanese are surprised to find jungle attacks are a bit dodgier than they thought - undaunted they press on and smash through into Singapore.

To balance things out slightly, German aircraft die in droves over Turkey as the RAF finally gets it together. And Rommel, an ENG and a big MECH die in the pocket. The ATR sent in to rescue the trapped 6 ARM dies as a CV plane intercepts.

Hello all, I have been playing the Russians and nothing much has happened for the last two days. I understand that other players have an alternative game experience. Greg does the dirty and succeeds in getting the US to declare war on the Germans. To celebrate he goes for combined moves and does some stuff.

Generally poor weather ensues and nothing much happens.

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