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Subject: Preorder for Essen Spiel 2011 pick-up available rss

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Simon Lundström
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Now who are these five?
Come, come, all children who love fairy tales.
The Japon Brand booth games for Essen 2011, and some of our games from previous years, can now be pre-ordered for pick-up at Essen.

How to pre-order for pick up
Send me a GeekMail with your name, what games you want, and which day you plan to pick up your order.
For orders to be shipped, we handle this by collecting the addresses and then letting Banesto do the shipping and PayPal payment. If you want to order a game for shipping, just send me a mail with your address and what game you want. You'll be contacted by Banesto later.

For the best of all of us, please pick up your order before Saturday noon. We always end the fair with a handful of preorders not having been picked up. It happens, and it's no big deal. However, sometimes these left-over preorders have contained games that other customers have been dying for. We really want to avoid that. We will do our best to hold your preorder for the whole fair, but if the demand for a sold-out game gets too intense (read: a LOT of people ask for it), we might be forced to start letting go of the preorders for that game, as soon as Saturday noon. Please understand.

Preorder ends monday 17th of October, 2011.

Japon Brand 2011 games on Essen

Master Merchant (Jap/Eng hand-building card game) - €10

CryptidsTV (Jap/Eng reporter-type party game) - €24

String Railway: Transport (shoestring type train game) - €24

Tanto Cuore (English) (deck-building card game) – €40

Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House (Japanese, stand alone exp to Tanto Cuore) – €40

Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacation (Japanese, stand alone exp to Tanto Cuore) – €40

Kings plate – (fantasy chess card game, with varying piece powers) – Deluxe set €160, Card set I €14, Card set 2 €14, Card set 3 €14.

Shakespeare CARDUTA (memory, reaction-type party game) – Tragedy set €10, Comedy set €10, Full set €19

EndBreaker! SCG: Build & Break (Japanese, deck-building card game) – €40

EndBreaker! SCG: Build & Break – AmatsuKagura (same) – €40

Kemomimi Panic (who's-the-traitor party game) – €30

Idol Project (Japanese, idol production simulation card game) – €40

Kunitori! Is the World on Fire? (Japanese, deck-building card game) – €40

Kunitori! Kessen: The Battle of Moegahara (Japanese, team-play card game with deck building aspects) – €30

Dynamite Nurse (Japanese, nurse-based deck building card game) – €40

Blanc Noir (UNO-type fantasy card game) – €30

Games from previous years:
If you have requests for games from previous years, we have some in the warehouse in Germany (see below), and we'll bring what you order of the others, but it will naturally be a bit limited. Please send me a GM if there's a specific game you're after. We can not, repeat not, bring copies of neither Barbarossa nor El Alamein. Sorry. Also, there are no copies left of String Railway anywhere. It's being released by Asmodee, so you'll have to make do with that.

Kanai Seiji, designer of Master Merchant can bring a limited number of copies of his Mai-Star (geisha-themed card game, €15) and Cheaty Mages! (monster betting card game, €18). His game Chronicle (trick-taking card game with special powers) can be bought (english verison) from Z-man, as can Hayato Kisaragi's Grimoire (simultaneous action selection card game).

For those who want the Japanese version of Grimoire (€18), we have a few copies we can bring, as well as a few copies of Kisaragi's previous game Greedy Kingdoms (simultanous action selection 2-player resource handling card game, €15). GM me if you want any of these games, as we simply won't bring them if they're not ordered. Sorry that the prices have risen since last year, but so has the yen…

So, for the stock in the warehouse we're borrowing in Germany, these are the games that are left. These will be brought to the fair, and you can preorder these too if you want to:

The following games are available in decent quantities (20 or more):
Go-nin-Kan (€6) (Japanese classic card game)
Catch Out (€6) (bluffing-style quick card game)
Aisopos (€3) (abstract fable-themed memory chess)
Witchcraft (€10) (set-collecting who-did-it card game)
Mine out (€18) (resource handling/building tactical board game)
Hau La (€20) (3D building game with foam pieces)

and these games in very limited quantity (10 or less):
Il Cucco (€6) (Italian classic card game)
Nice Middle (€6) (card game where the middle card wins)
Grimpeur Tarot (€6) (Tarot deck)
Hachi-hachi Companion (€45) (classic)
R-eco Recycle (€6) (bluffing hand management card game)
Aisopos: Deluxe (€12) (abstract fable-themed memory chess)
RRR (€16) (abstract 2-player board game)
Busstop (€24) (passenger handling board game)
Truckers 1.5 (€24) (pick-up set collecting board game)
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