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Subject: Fiese Freunde, Fette Feten (4 Player) rss

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Dan Rosewater
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This is my first BGG review. I hope it's not too tedious. It is based on my experience with the German edition.

The game looks funny and its styling is throughout made as comic for adults. (For adults means there is content that may be offensive to some of you)
The goal of this game is to fulfill five goals (= 5 goal cards are given
to you at the beginning of this game). One "übergoal" may be fulfilled by any player.
Fulfill means that you just have to meet the requirements on each card.
These requirements are qualifications of your personality which develops
during play. Keeping track of this development is the key mechanic in this game.

Each player receives a piece of nicely printed cardboard (tracking help).
There are 8 characteristics you are going to track:
- tobacco addiction
- alcohol addiction
- drugs addiction
- wealth,
- health (fatness),
- sadness (depression)
- spirituality
- wisdom

With counters you keep track of them on four possible levels.

Also you will keep track of the status of your friends which may be:
- friendship
- engaged
- married (divorceable)
- happily married
- long term married (non-divorceable)
- apart
- divorced

The game is being played in rounds.
In a game with four players there are 8 cards to put into the middle of the table to choose from.
The first round has special event cards for being in puberty -> there are no prerequisites, so players start using this events. Each event has an outcome, i.e. "Birthday Party" makes you win one new friend but also addicted to alcohol. This means putting the alcohol counter from zero to level one. From the "friends" stack you pick a neutral person counter and put into the corresponding field of your character tracker.

In the second round some new rules come along.
New event cards are put into the middle of the table. Most of them will have requirements like "you must have a friend and money on level 1", this is always shown as language independent icons (only few cards contain text in addition to its title).

When it's your turn you have 3 options to choose from:

1. you choose an event card and bid for it. The player who bids most is
allowed to play this card immediately. The first player picks another
card and bids for it.

-> each player starts with 6 timecounters which are used as money to pay
for cards during an auction.

2. or you play a goal card because you fulfill the prerequisites

3. or you don't like buy and play anymore an event card and you "pass"
The remaining players play as long as they don't pass too.
-> The first one who quits receives 6 timecounters for his next round.
The second one receives 4, the third 2 and the last one nothing.

You will go on like this until somebody has reached his five goals.

I left out some special rules to keep it understandable until now.
- Goals are exchangeable if pay 4 timecounters for it
- Symmetric effects: if you marry a friend because of an event card, it
is possible to choose not only a neutral person counter but a player
one! He/She can't avoid that. Both of you will keep track of this
marriage onto your boards. This is an effectful way of player interaction.


Duration: around 90min when 4 players (newbies take longer)
Downtimes: no problem, pace was fairly quick. But still danger of analysis/paralysis player.
Strategy: you cannot make long term plans it's more a party game
Tactics: yes, during auctions and player interaction
Luck: yes there is great amount of luck, but you feel like you always make your own decisions.
Complexity: medium
Tension: medium
Interaction: great
Talk: it's not so heavy that you don't talk anymore... it's a fun game you will be talking and laughing a lot.
Replayability: once you've seen all the funny cards, no more than medium.
Visuals: appealing and of good quality. Box has only one compartment.
Theme: it's your life (going more or less ruined) cool.
Fun: Yes, probably for everyone (adults) if not too conservative because you may have (virtual) sex with different partners...

My personal rating after one play: 6.5
(not more due to the reason that I prefer more tactical/strategic games and I am under the impression that the replayabiltiy is not so great but still it's more important with who you play this game with)
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