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Jack Darwid
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Long ago I saw this game here in BGG, and I really-really want to try this game (the appeal of adventure is so strong in this one !), but the game is so old and it's almost impossible to find, unless in a very expensive e-Bay auction (usually this game ends up so high !).

God answers my pray that one day, this game is free to download !! Thanks to the maker/publisher/anyone who made this happens !!
As quick as lightning, I download and print the game then play the game twice (one of the session is in the Session Report section).

You start your game as Calarath the Barbarian Prince, having almost zero gold, and you must travel in the map to collect 500 gold to win the game (or find a special item/events to win the game, but this is so-so rare).

There's a lot of option to choose to do in a day (the game played in days, if you can't win the game in 80 days, everything is lose), but mainly you will move or hunt.

Every move you take involve alot of die rolling & tables (to move you need to roll at least twice or three times, then check the tables).
You need to supply your character with food, so a lot of times wasted in move-hunt thing.
In your adventure you will meet a lot of things (this explains in the Events booklet).

I feel a great adventure here in this game. But there's two things that makes me annoyed most from this game :
One is the bookkeeping. We use pen and paper to keep track of everything, and it's hard to keep track when you combat 4 or more enemies at once (you will face a lot enemies, usually more than one). And combat is so hard. It is so rare to find an ally, and it's hader to keep them with you (they usually want your gold and food !). And it's really hard to keep track of everything (even with pen and paper).
Two is the random aspects, just like Dungeonquest. As all adventures are, there's always a lot of things happens in your way. That's ok for me. But you can move and then suddenly face something and it's a sudden death. I don't know, I think it should be balanced more (no kind of sudden death).

As a normal way to win the game (collect 500 gold), you should try those castles, and hope you roll the best result to win the game. Each battle is so hard, so don't mind running away a lot of times.

Good Side
I'm sure a lot of people think the same way as I do, that this game is very inspiring (to me, I made the Island Of D game). A good adventure here. If some of the problems above are changed, maybe this game is much better.

At first play, I give this game a 7.
After 2-3 games more, I dropped it to 6, too much bookkeeping really turn me down.
But then, this game is free, and there's a great adventure here.

Try it !

My free games :
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Rod Aguirre
United States
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Definitively a nice idea for a very open adventure. My main gripe was not so much the bookkeeping, which I solved largely by creating tracks and moving markers up and down, but the turning of pages and reading, reading, reading... Also, the difficulty level is ludicrous.
I downloaded and printed all the D games. These are real gems which I have played many times. My least favorite of the series is the Adventure of D, though still a good game. Thanks Jack!
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Steam Arath
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Yes there are some areas where Barbarian Prince could use improvement.

As fair as keeping track of things, this is probably one of the lightest games out there for that save for the pick a path books where you do not normally have followers.

The areas I identified are:
1. Gold in and out
2. Followers gold ie what you pay them and how much they have if killed
3. Setting up Keeping track of enemies in combat


1. I bought a counting tool and it made it easer to add and deduct the gold for wages etc. These days there are counting apps for your smartphone or ipod touch devices

2. I have been thinking about this and I ultimately think its unfair take back all your gold once the hireling or looter character has died. Presumably their wages are squirreled away somewhere in surreptitious caches which are unavailable to you (most likely done while resting or banked in a temple, town castle hex). This definitely makes it easier where you no longer have to keep track of their gold but only get their wealth code, horse and magic sword if they die.

3. Eleven wolves AGAIN?!?. Yes, I think they game could benefit by some kind of mass combat system where if you have 4 persons in your party and shedloads of wolves or some other horde of enemies you can just “mass combat” that one out without pairing up and otherwise exactly arranging whose fighting who. ..
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