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Subject: 2nd Annual Halloween WW Bash (role sets detailed) rss

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Carl Krossi
United States
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Just hosted my second Halloween Werewolves party and again it was a roaring success… I didn’t take very good notes the first year, so all I can remember of that outing is playing a few big games and then when the night dwindled away we played 5 Player for the rest of the night. I think that was my first immersion into 5Plyr and it was a blast.
This year I was slightly more organized, and a tad more experienced with roles. Consequently, the games felt very substantial and well balanced.

We played from 7:30pm – 3:00 am with some short breaks in-between; and we got a total of 5 games in with the smallest game having 7 players. Each game was gradually, more complex, and no game was toooo long, but there was a neat stalemate that I’ll elaborate on that occurred in game 3…

My group follows the WBC format where people need to be Nominated and Seconded before an official vote… After the Second occurs, the nominator gives their accusation, and then the accused gives their defense. Voting occurs immediately afterwards.

This gives the games a formal logical approach which is a phenomenal experience. The games run perhaps a little long, but this gives the players a chance to really interrogate each other before randomly voting. This adds to the moderating enjoyment as well as the spectator enjoyment since the games have so much substance to them.

[Game1, 9ply – “Suspicious pack VS ordinary village”]

To kick things off, we had 9 players and I wanted to keep things relatively simple. This was a straight Wolf/Villager game, but to add a slight twist I took 3 wolf cards and a lone wolf card and randomly discarded 1…

this gave the village a bit of a boost, since the wolves couldn’t trust each other for sure, also it avoided having to get into seer talk early in the night, so decisions were mostly based on body language/tells. To add to the wolf mystery, all wolves upon death must hand their card to the moderator, and the moderator simply says if a wolf has died (so the remaining wolves wouldn’t know if they killed a lone wolf or not). I was a little bit annoyed when I realized that the lone wolf had been discarded, but the “threat” of the lone wolf was still powerful.

Perhaps the funniest thing about this game was that Brandon had dressed as a wolf for Halloween, and It was a full mask costume… it looked legit… well it kind of sucked that he drew a wolf card… and he did a great job miming answers (since he wasn’t talking in costume)… but it wasn’t enough to convince the village… Village voted to kill and their first kill was a wolf.

This game came down to the wire and Jason pulled away with the win for the wolf team… This was the first game, and my since I was mod’ing I don’t quite remember the rest of the deets… I’ll ask to see if anyone can remember, but overall I think this was a good choice of roles for the 1st game.

Either way Jason did a great job winning this one for the wolves!

[Game2, 11ply – “Suspicious pack VS Investigative Village”]
So the group was begging for a Seer to help out the village, but I wasn’t quite feeling like adding one yet… The village was already gaining 2 new people, so I made one of them a Private investigator, and the other one regular villager. So now the wolves were outnumbered 8:3 instead of 6:3 and the wolves could still have a random lone wolf.

Allison kindly moderated, and I had a lot of fun with this one. I was dealt the Lone wolf, and I was very happy to be wearing a mask), this game was also fuzzy, being so early… and weirdly enough it came down to 4 players at the end… I think Allison skipped a day since no one would agree either day 1 or 2. I actually pulled out a win as the LW, and I tribute that to picking up on who the PI was early on (and some luck).

My favorite part of the game was that I kept werewolf Veterans around for the last round… 2 of the villagers were convinced the other was the wolf… so I was able to tie break, and then eat the winner !

I obviously had a lot of fun with this game, if I were to change anything it would be either Remove the P.I., or Change the P.I. to a Seer, or just keep the P.I…. all in all I thought this was a great role set.

[Game3, 13ply – “Suspicious pack VS Prepared Village -1”]
Okay, okay, fine, we can have a Seer this round… a full 13, so the Sees will be slightly more diluted… for this round (LW,4xW) -1 random and (Seer, Hunter, Witch, 7xV)-1 random.
The 2 randomly discarded cards were the Seer and the Lone wolf
(this was the biggest possible break for the wolves… of course, the wolves didn’t know this).
I moderated this game and it was very entertaining. I let the 1st round go on for a long time since we had everyone there, and no one was dead. Even so, no one could get more than 6 votes, and it seemed that we were at a stalemate.

I was about to put the village to sleep when Cap’n Dan suggested “Last Man Standing”;

In this format the last person accused starts off:
That person points out an innocent person and that person is “safe”,
The newly sitting person picks a standing person to join them,
And eventually only one person is standing...
That person dies.

Quote: “Last man standing has a 95% success rate for the village”

The village killed off a wolf on using last man standing (as predicted) and then the wolves elected to kill the witch during the night. The witch saved herself, and then smartly killed the wolf sitting next to her. The village was a little confused to find that a wolf had died in the night. But they figured it out… With 2 wolves down, by day 2 the wolves were toast… they put up a decent struggle, but they were quickly capped off by the village. (Hurray Village!!!) The village didn’t even use their hunter

I liked the role set, but the wolves got toasted with the combo of last man standing and a good witch kill... you might be able to tell that I like a bit of uncertainty in the games… it adds a nice little twist.

Good job Melissa; she was the witch that took out the 2nd wolf!!! Villager of the game!!!

[Game4, 9ply – “Suspicious pack gains 1 VS Village with Seer”]
This role set is one of my favorites,
I designed it over the summer, but it had some bugs… I think the bugs are all worked out now, and this could be a "goto" with 9 players.

(LW, W) (Cursed) (Seer, 5xV)… so the cursed is slightly different than the ultimate WW text.
Here is how it works:
The cursed is a villager on the very first night (when the seer gets a See and the wolves don’t get a kill).
If the seer looks at the cursed on the first night, they will be told Villager…

On the second night (the night when the wolves get their first kill) The cursed turns into a Regular Werewolf and participates in the kill.

Here’s what I like:
The seers info from the first night is questionable
The first 2 wolves know the others role (lone wolf & wolf)… and they know they need to kill each other
The cursed wakes up to find 1 or 2 wolves… and knows that a most 1 is on their side and 1 wants to kill them
So much distrust and confusion… I love it!!!

I remember this game better since it was closer to the end of the night… I drew villager and was extremely happy. I got an Insta-trust read on one player… and a very strong trust read on another… all during the first day. I Officially declared a triangle of good!

I also got a bad vibe from another player and I performed an oscillating nomination of Jason 5 times:
I nominated Jason, voted to kill,
nominated Melissa, voted to live…
until finally we killed Jason…
Wolf 1 was dead!!!

Surprise Surprise… I was killed in the night… another member of my triangle of trust was killed the next night, apparently the wolves kept missing the seer, thinking first I was the seer, then Melissa. It wasn’t too bad for the wolves since the seer managed to guess everyone that the wolves were killing and therefore info was mostly unhelpful.

Basically, Kurt did a phenomenal job here as the lone wolf … he was such a convincing villager that the seer never bothered to check him… it’s even more impressive since the seer lasted so long and that the Lone wolf still won.

I LOVE THIS ROLE SET… It played out great, and I think it was easily the game of the night

Well Done Kurt!!

[Game5, 7ply – “7 player wolf”]
For our last game we played 7 player wolf… the 2 team variant of 5 player wolf… (Alex Rockwell does a great job explain this somewhere, so look it up to find out more)
Basically this game is deception extraordinaire

It was easily the most complex game of the night… usually not the best choice for 2AM… but we were ready for it… Well… I got super lucky… as the sorcerer
I found the Seer…
the village voted off the Witch (team 2 sorcerer)…
The Wolf killed the Seer…
The village killed the Aura Seer (Seer that Sees team 2 bad guy)…
then the Vampire (team 2 wolf) killed the hunter…
This left the Wolf, Vampire, and me the Sorcerer…

OMG was it hard to discern who my teammate was… almost 15 minutes (it felt)… this was a lot of effort on my part to stay sane with a newer wolf and newer vampire player refusing to tip their hand….

eventually my wolf convinced me and we killed the vampire for the win

I was so happy to hear how much Melissa (the wolf) enjoyed the game though… She’s relatively new to wolf and has picked it up great!!! The next day I called her and she told me all she could dream of was wolf the next night. Got to love it!!!

Melissa gets the bad dude of the game award for this one!! Go Wolves!!!
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Sebastian Grawan
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Brandon had dressed as a wolf for Halloween, and It was a full mask costume… it looked legit…
Would LOVE to see a picture of this!

Great session(s) report!
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