Dominic Bennetts
Lenah Valley
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Hey guys, whilst I personally love variants and tinkering with the game to keep it fresh, what I'm looking at here is a playgroup of about 4 or 5 other guys who are interested in potentially swapping things up a bit, but nothing substantial. Basically just looking to see what people here feel are good variant rules that either balance things out, makes play not necessarily so cut-and-dry as "do the optimal move only", or simply add some variety, things like that. We'll be playing CFB Kobol, with Conflicted Loyalties.

Currently I'm thinking of introducing them to these ideas that I've gathered together from around this board, credit goes to all the original creators of the rules.

The rules to make Treachery a bit more dangerous, without changing the cards themselves. Which is that discarded Treachery goes to the Destiny Deck, each player is dealt a Treachery card at the start and at Sleeper Phase, and that if a Check fails with a total of 0 or less and a human contributed, it becomes Reckless. I see these rules being used a lot in PBF, and I think for a basic start they'll give treachery a bit more of an edge to it.

I'm wanting to avoid making Pegasus a damage soak. Thinking that either it can't be damaged unless a character is on it, or its destruction brings about -1 Population or Morale. Something simple to deter damage soaking.

Alternate Setup
The Cylon ship setup is one of 8 different possibilities, using 8 of the old Cylon Attack Crisis cards and a die roll. Just keeping things a bit different, without major change.

Increased Resources
As the other 3 things I'm implementing are minor pro-Cylon changes I was thinking of adding +1 to all resource dials at the start for the humans. Cylons tend to win most of the time with us, but usually only by the barest of margins, so I'm thinking this +1 to all resources will actually improve the chances for the humans, despite the other variant rules to keep the game interesting.

Do these changes seem minor enough to not make it feel completely different, whilst tightening up some things and making other things more interesting? What other sorts of minor variations might be worth introducing to a group like these?
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David Turczi
United Kingdom
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The first two are must have in my opinion. I prefer the -1 population on Pegasus, but the Pegasus Commander rule is good one too.
There is few more rules you should always add I think:
- Final Cylon rule (-1 all resource if last loyalty out is a cylon)
- Nerf Tory's OPT
- Nerf Cain's OPG and/or make her negative worse
- Disallow Kat's Hotshot on FTL role
- And my newest addition to the list: make Anders' OPT Movement or Action.

You definitely don't NEED to increase resources, with CFB in play they'll most likely lose on damage anyway But if you want to make the stress less, you might do with +1 pop, +1 morale. +1 food makes the food into a worthless resource ("hmm, -2 food or five cards? 2 food), and tampering with fuel greatly messes up the game
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Adria D
British Columbia
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We use the alternate starting set-up in all of our games. We use both the cylon ship placement and the special rule (especially painful for the "current player discards 3 cards" rule).

If you're using trauma/IN, you could switch up the Sickbay and Brig trauma:
Sickbay - gain trauma as soon as you arrive in Sickbay
Brig - gain trauma at the end of your turn instead of the beginning

The sickbay one makes a big difference; XOing someone out of there will not save them from gaining trauma.

If you're not going to IN, set up the battle of IN (or a cylon attack card) anyway, just to make that last jump to Kobol more interesting.
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