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Subject: Euro Quest 2011 tournament final rss

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Rod Spade
United States
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This year's Euro Quest saw 34 players vying for a spot at the Princes of Florence final table. The fortunate five were:

bob cranshaw
United States
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Douglas Galullo
United States
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Eric Sokolowsky
United States
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Rod Spade
United States
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Aran Warszawski
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At the final table, we bid for seating position, with the money paid out of one's starting cash of 3500 florins. Doug paid 100 for 1st seat, and Rod paid 200 for 2nd. Eric, Bob, and Aran got the 3rd, 4th, and 5th seats (respectively) for free.

Round 1

Eric bought a Jester for 1200.
Aran got a Recruiter for 700.
Rod got a Builder for 500.
Doug got a Park for 200.
And Bob bought a Prestige card for 200.

Each player bought a Profession card and a Freedom. Rod got freedom of Opinion, and the others all got freedom of Religion.

Round 2

Aran got a Jester for 1100.
Eric got a Recruiter for 700.
Rod got a Park for 200.
Doug got a Builder cheaply for 300.
Bob got another Prestige card for 200.

Rod bought the last Profession card and built a University.
Eric built a Studio and played Profession card #14, with a Work Value of 14. He took 1400 florins as compensation.
Bob bought a Bonus card and freedom of Opinion.
Aran built a Workshop can played card #9, with Work Value 14. He took 1400 cash.
Doug built a Laboratory and bought freedom of Travel.

Eric and Aran each got 3 Prestige Points for Best Work. The standings at this time were:
1700, 3 PP for Doug.
1400, 3 PP for Rod.
1700, 6 PP for Eric.
1900, 0 PP for Bob.
1800, 6 PP for Aran.

Round 3

Eric got a Builder for 400.
Bob got a Recruiter for 800 and immediately recruited #9.
Doug got a Jester for 1100.
Aran got a Forest for 200.
Rod bought a Prestige card for 200. (It was 6 PP for 4 Buildings, 2 Freedoms, and 4 Works.)

Eric built a Theater and bought freedom of Travel.
Bob and Aran each bought freedom of Travel and a Bonus card. (At this time Rod realized that he would not be able to get a second freedom to satisfy the Prestige card he just bought.)
Doug bought a Bonus card and played Profession #4 with Work Value 16. He took 1600 florins cash.
Rod bought a Bonus card (+1 WV per Profession card in hand) and immediately played it with card #2 for Work Value 16. He took 1000 florins and 3 PP.
Doug and Rod shared Best Work.

1900, 6 PP for Doug.
1900, 9 PP for Rod.
700, 9 PP for Eric.
500, 0 PP for Bob.
1000, 6 PP for Aran.

Round 4

Doug bought a Jester for 900.
Eric got a Lake for 300.
Aran got a Builder for 300.
Rod got a Recruiting card for the bargain price of 500.
Bob got a Forest for 200.

Bob bought a Bonus card and played #21 with the Bonus +2 WV per Prestige card, for 15 Work Value. He took 1500 florins.
Aran built a Hospital and played #17 for Work Value 17. He took 1100 and 3 PP.
Doug built a Workshop and played #6 with the Bonus +2 per Large Building, for Work Value 19. He took 900 florin and 5 PP.
Rod built a Workshop and played #8 with Work Value 16 for 8 PP.
Eric recruited card #2, then bought a Bonus card and played #19 with the Bonus +2 per Freedom, for Work Value 21. He took 1100 florin and 5 PP, plus 3 PP more for Best Work.

1600, 14 PP for Doug.
1100, 20 PP for Rod.
1200, 17 PP for Eric.
1500, 0 PP for Bob.
1500, 12 PP for Aran.

Round 5

Doug desperately paid 1300 for the last Recruiter.
Aran got a Jester for 900.
Rod bought a Forest for 200.
Eric got a Prestige card for 200.
Bob got a Lake for 200.

Aran built a Tower and played #20 for Work Value 19. He took 900 florin and 5 PP.
Doug built a Theater and played #18 for Work Value 19. He also took 900 and 5 PP.
Rod built a Hospital and played #3 for Work Value 16. He took 800 and 4 PP.
Eric bought a Bonus card and a University.
Bob built a University then played card #1 with the Bonus +1 per Prestige card and Freedom, for Work Value 20. He took 1000 florin and 5 PP and won Best Work.

900, 22 PP for Doug.
1400, 27 PP for Rod.
400, 20 PP for Eric.
1600, 11 PP for Bob.
1200, 20 PP for Aran.

Round 6

Aran bought a Prestige card for 500.
Doug got a 2nd Builder for 400.
Rod got a Jester for 1000.
Bob bought a really nice Park for 500.
Eric got another Lake for 200.

Doug got freedom of Opinion and played #5 for 16. He took 400 and 6 PP.
Rod bought a Bonus card and played #16 for 18. He took 400 and 7 PP.
Eric played #15 for 17. He took 300 and 7 PP, then built a Library.
Bob built an Opera then played #7 with the Bonus for Categories for Work Value 16. He took 200 and 7 PP.
Aran built an Opera then played #12 for 19. He took 300 and 8 PP and won Best Work.

600, 31 PP for Doug.
500, 34 PP for Rod.
200, 33 PP for Eric.
600, 21 PP for Bob.
700, 34 PP for Aran.

Round 7

Rod got a Jester for 400.
Eric bought a Park for 400, playing his last 200 florin and 2 PP.
Doug got a Prestige card for 300.
Bob bought another Lake for 200.
Aran got a 2nd Builder for 200.

Rod recruited #17 and played it for Work Value 17, taking 100 florin and 8 PP. He then played #11 with the Bonus +1 per Profession card on the table, for Work Value 22. He took 11 PP.
Eric played #2 for Work Value 17, taking 100 florin and 8 PP. Then he played #10 with the Bonus +2 per Landscape type, for Work Value 21. He took 100 and 10 PP.
Bob bought a Bonus card and played #13 with the Bonus +1 per Landscape, for Work Value 19. He took 100 and 9 PP.
Aran recruited #17 and built a Chapel. He then played #17 with the Bonus +2 per Building size, for Work Value 25. He took 100 and 12 PP.
Doug recruited #8 and built a Tower. He played #8 for Work Value 19, taking 100 florin and 9 PP.
Aran got 3 PP for Best Work.

Doug scored 5 PP for the Prestige card for 2 Large Buildings.
Rod scored 0 for the 4+2+4 card.
Eric scored 7 PP for 1 Builder, 1 Jester, and 2 Landscapes.
Bob scored 8 PP for all Freedoms and 8 PP for all Landscape types.
Aran scored 6 PP for most Buildings.

Final standings:
100, 48 PP for Doug.
200, 53 PP for Rod.
200, 56 PP for Eric.
200, 49 PP for Bob.
300, 61 PP for Aran.

Congratulations to Aran Warszawski! He and Eric were awarded plaques for their performances. For more on Euro Quest, see:
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Aran Warszawski
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My notes from the final.

I will write some notes from the final, just in case anyone is interested.

Since it was a final, 1st thing in the game was the bidding for sits.
2nd sit had an advantage because in a 5 players game he will get an extra profession card on the 2nd turn with one of his actions. So he will start with 5 and the rest with only 4. This comes with a price though as although it gives you an extra work to build, and 100 works value extra for these 5 works. It comes at the expense of doing something else on the 2nd turn and in practice take you out of the race for best work on turn 2. Also you have no choice but get the profession that is left. Because of that and because you lots of times get more works to play it will get hard for you to get best works later compared to others.
So I guess its worth around 200.
1st is good, since you go last in the last turn and "guarantee" to recruit what you want.

I chose 4th seat for 0. Because this means I am last in the 6th turn, and the 6th turn is a "work active" turn, meaning almost every one place a work. So being last gives you a good position for best work on one of the most contested best works in the game.

I was lucky to draw 3 profession cards all with forest, and 2 had the with same one(Religion I think) and the other one with Travel. so easy for me.

I approach the game Tactically and not strategically. I prefer to be flexible till the very end and try for as much best works as I can.

1st round I bid up to 1100 for the jester but Eric got it for 1200, so I got the recruiter for 700. I think 1200 is the limit I will go for a jester. An early Jester is very strong as it gives you a good chance for best work on the 2nd turn at the least. An early recruiter for 700 is good enough for me. as the last recruiter usually goes for more.

The actions were automatic. I was lucky to get another profession with a forest and travel. This stroke of luck alone put me in a very strong position in the game.

2nd Turn Me and Eric switched, but I got the jester for 1100 only. A funny thing I noticed is that 2nd turn Jester is usually cheaper although its the same value as on the 1st turn. No one plays any work on the 1st turn anyway.
The builder went rather cheaply for Doug. Notice also that in this game there was no "builder strategy" player, which made the game very hard.
Bob surprised me with a 2nd Prestige, I almost never saw this kind of play before, but it seems he knew what he was doing, after all investing 400 to make 3200 ( 2 8PP) sounds good.

I was able to buy a building and play a work which I knew will be best (tied) as Doug couldn't make more than 14 and I am the 4th player.
Some people looks at building without a builder as "expensive". But its actually best buy, you invest 700 get 3PP=600 so you actually pay only 100, and you get 4 for work value which is like a bonus card for 300 and getting 6.
At this point Eric and I were almost identical.

At this point I really wanted the forest, or getting a jester/recruiter cheap. The reason I wanted the forest now, is that as the game progress it might get expensive. But more importantly it will help me get best works in the next turns. Recruiter went for 800 though. I was delighted Bob recruited my 9. it promised my 5th work with everything, or so I thought.
Jester went for 1100. So I got my Forest for 200.

On the action, it was important to get the Travel now before it goes away (which it would).Since I bought the Travel I couldn't play a work with a building this turn. If I do play a work I have no chance for best work and a waste of 400 for the building. So I bought a bonus card instead. Since I was going to build 3 buildings of each size anyway I held for that bonus card.

My plan now was to play all my works with everything and hopefully get as much best works as possible.

Round 4 was bargain time, 900 Jester was reasonable but all the rest was not. I got surprisingly Builder for 300, and Rod got the recruiter for 500. Builder was very good for me here, as I planned 3 more buildings, so payed 300 for 1200 discount, quite good.
I bought the building and made my standard 17 work, but Eric had position and used his bonus card to take the best work. Very good play by Eric.

Round 5 I started with the last Recruiter and I go up to 1200 against Doug, I probably made a mistake and should have stop at 1000. But Doug took it for 1300 and immediately said he made a huge mistake.
Lets analyze the recruiter from my point of view. I get 100 more for my 3 left works and the recruiter. so 400. I also can build a work, of lets say 1500? so 1900 total. good deal? But... I lose an action for playing the work. This action can be a bonus card to get me best work, which is alone 3PP = 600 and getting the same for an opponent. So not a good idea for 1200, maybe for 1000.

I got a Jester for 900 though.
Wait a minute, why would I pay 900 for a jester that will give me only 2WV for 3 more works. So 6WV=600 in total. The answer is that the Jester will give me at least 1 best work if not 2, each is 3PP = 600. And also for depriving others for the very needed Jester, it will make at least 2 of them to make a desperate plays. As notice Bob didn't have a Jester yet.

Happy as ever I built my building and work, and expecting my 19 to win best work. But Bob totally surprised me with a 5 bonus card to snatch it from me. if I would have got it here, I would have had a very strong position, now it was close. I was afraid from Rod, Eric and Bob. Doug seemed to be out with his too much recruiter bid.

I felt I had to go for a prestige here, why?
If I don't get a jester and I wouldn't as it will go high for people who got to have it for their works, I have only 2 alternatives which are forest and builder for 3PP. problem is both of them could easily be contested. with 5 prestige cards flying around.
This was a very risky play, as I could have get nothing. or in best case 3PP. Also I was fighting it with Doug and thought there is a good chance he will say 600 as he really needed a good prestige card.
I had 2 options in the 5 cards. most builders and most buildings.
I knew I will have 4 buildings only (no room), but it will only tie and might lose.
So most builders made more sense? no, since If I get the last builder I can only tie with whoever get the builder this turn. More importantly if I get the 2nd builder I can build a 5th building anyway for my spare action in the last turn. Only drawback as it will be instead of buying a bonus card, which might cost me best work.
But having position in 6th turn, meant that I will probably can get a best work cheaply (everyone saving bonus card for last). And so being very strong for best work in last turn.

All went smooth from here. I got my cheap 19 best work, on turn 6th.

I was able to sneak my last builder for 200. Usually last builder is cheap. Also I left 400 Florin for last turn just in case, so cost me 1PP here.

I build my 5th building and my 25 work was enough and all is well. Right?
Nooooooooo, Disaster, Bob couldn't build the work he recruited from me, so I will have to get another work and get only 22 work right?

Luckily no, Rod needed a work with some stuff and asked who has it?
I said, ammm I have, and he took it so I rerecruited my work to get my 25 after all. Otherwise I would probably have got 22 or 23 only.
It didn't matter though as Rod's Prestige was dead.

So at the end it was enough. 5 works and 3 best works, against a very good play from the rest of the players. Had a great fun.

I want also to thank Rod for being a great GM.

I hope someone actually read all of that

Aran Warszawski

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Kevin Peters Unrau
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Very interesting Aran. Congratulations!
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Dimitris Metafas
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aran wrote:

I hope someone actually read all of that

Aran Warszawski

Of course ..
I haven't played the game yet but I enjoyed your analysis. Thanks a lot.
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