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Allisa and her Four Dwarves set out to place two bowls on a throne...

Allisa= hunters shot, careful shot, last blood, attacks on the run, and potion of healing.
Athrogate= hurried advance, coordinatated assault, and a brooch of shielding
Bruenor= Bodyguard, power strike, dwarven ale, and a charm.
Thorgrim= lance of faith, healing strike, shield of faith, flame strike, and flask of oil.
Vistra= reaping strike, charge, insiring advice, comeback strike, and a charm.

Turn 1

Alissa steps 1 square away from grumpy (onto different tile)and prepares last blood. She draws and encounter and is maked by loth.

turn 2

Athrogate explores two tiles using a utility power. A goblin archer is placed as well as a spirit. Allisa comes alive and slays the spirit with careful attack, she draws a potion. Athrogate takes 2 hp from the archer. Was white arrow, no encounter.

turn 3

Bruenor kills a goblin and explores to a dead end turn with a Drow duelist. He draws a useless fortune and is marked by loth, then the duelist hits for 2 hp.

turn 4

Thorgrim kills the duelist and heals Bruenor by 1. He draws a heavy cloak, and a force trap. Everyone takes a hit and moves 1 tile.

turn 5

Vistra explores and is marked by loth, then a duelist attacks and misses twice.

turn 6

Allisa kills the duelist with careful strike, then explores the far edge only to find a troll. She drew the second brief rest so healed 1. Then she drew a 'From the Shadows' followed by 'Stalagmite' so no effect. The troll hits Thorgrim, but he used heavy cloak.

turn 7

Athrogate cracks the troll and explores a white arrow, then was missed by the goblin who charged out of the darkness.

turn 8

Bruenor, troll killer, skips up to the troll and power strikes plus head butt to kill the troll. With a victory cry he draws battlefield promotion and levels up, picking the daily of Brute strike. Then the smile is wipped from his face when he draws volcanic spray and everyone is damaged.

turn 9

Thorgrim moves and disables the force trap before it hurts half the party again. then he draws a goblin snare, that misses him.

turn 10

Vistra moves and explores with a arrow volly striking her and a spirit coming at her and missing.

turn 11

Allisa places her stance on last blood, then explores a far edge. She finds the last dwarven statue and on it is a wizard and Dinin hunting party. She decides not to remove her token. The wizaed hits her for 2 and Athrogate for 1 but he used brooch of shielding.

turn 12

Athrogate used a double strike token. He misses with whacker but hits with cracker on dinin then he moves and draws ancient device that he cancels with exp.

turn 13

Bruenor moves in and powerstrikes the wizard(after using his charm)who dies, then head butts Dinin. He draws a treasure card allowing him to discard his curse, but then draws an encounter and is maked by loth again. I guess Loth will not be denied.

turn 14

Thorgrim steps up to Dinin and brings him down then heals Allisa 1 hp. He draws an encounter that puts a lizard on the start tile.

turn 15

Vistra kills the spirit, then cancels a volcanic spray.

the map looks like two chambers connected by a hall and a second hall extends 1 tile out. Both dwarven statues are in one of the chambers. Pretty cool map. If my camera cord was here, i'd show you.

turn 16

Allisa Moves and kills a goblin first(drew necklace of speed). She then explores a distant edge and finds a narrow pass that wraps back around to the chamber. A duelist comes out of the pass and hits Bruenor for 1 hp.

turn 17

Athrogate misses the duelist then moves to explore and finds a goblin. Allisa romoves her token from last blood and kills the goblin with careful strike, (she drew a wand). He canceled a mark of loth.

turn 18

Bruenor moves and explores to find a lizard, then draws poison darts and he, Allisa, and Athrogate are poisoned as the lizard misses him.

turn 19

Thorgrim runs, heals Bruenor, then finds the broken door. Errtu is placed. I shuffle 2 volcanic cards back into the deck. He is out of reach with the whip so moves one tile. The water dudes both miss rolling a 1 and a 2.

At this point I have the following hits on my peeps...


turn 20

Vistra steps to the furthest water guy and uses her two hits to bring him down. She gets a bowl, and draws quick strike. The other water dude can't be hit so she allows Thorgrim to use flame strike aginst Errtu, who takes 3 damage. Then she draws volcanic spray and Errtu heals 2 hits, Vistra and Athrogate take a hit each from the walls. Errtu hit Thorgrim with the auto whip, but he uses cleric shield to block it. A water guy misses Athrogate.

turn 21

Allisa drinks 2 potions(started with 1 of them) then used attacks on the run to hit a duelist and miss the water guy. Vistra uses advice and Allisa rerolls a 16 and leaves him a puddle, collecting the last bowl. She draws harrowing experience. Allisa takes her move action now and with her +2 movement item she makes it adjacent to Errtu, then draws volcanic explosion and Errtu heals full. Becuase she moved to his tile no other hero can be hit by the sword. Errtu swings and rolls a 2, then swinga again backhand and rolls an 18. Allisa takes 2 hits and moves Balor back to the throne and out of reach to all but her.

Now the map looks like three linked chambers. After that last attack from Errtu most of the support for the third chamber(throne room) is damaged probably, and the whole place should be shaking and dropping debris lol The throne itself is in its own little nook and Errtu straddles it with one massive foot on the throne itself.

I roll a 14 to remove Allisa poison, also I hit her once cause I forgot the poison earlier.

turn 22

Athrogate takes a poison hit then rolls 17 to remove it, then moves to and kills the lizard, the last monster on the board. He rolled a 20 so he spends 5 to level up. Then he draws a colby flock and cancels it for another 5. Errtu swings and misses at Allisa but then hits his follow up and brings her to within 1 of death, he then moves back to her tile and into the chamber proper.

turn 23

Bruenor moves up to Errtu and misses, but Vitra charms it and he rolls 17, deals 2 hit and decides to go ahead with a head but and deals a 3rd, bringing him 1 point from death. He then slips through the cracks and is removed from the board. Errtu swings at Allisa and kills her then moves back to the throne. Poison dart hits Athrogate.

turn 24

Thorgrim runs up to Errtu and hits with healing strike. Between that and healing word, Allisa regains 5 hits, and stands back up. He draws a spell web and becomes immobile, but Allisa is missed. Errtu swings and hits Thorgrim for 2, and misses Allisa, he then flies back to their tile.

turn 25

Vistra moves her full move then uses charge to get up to Errtu and attack, bringing his damage to 5. She draws a volcanic sray and her Allisa and Thorgrim all take a damage and Errtu heals back 2 hits.
Errtu swings and hits both Vistra and Allisa for 2 hits. Then Errtu moves away from throne.


Allisa moves to the throne and drops her bowl, then she places her token on last blood and explores next to the throne. Black arrow and spirit. She removes token and runs up to careful strike spirit. Draws a card to remove her curse, then draws a stle air card, and dies. Vistra also dies. Thorgrim dies. Wonder who cut that one gulp
Errtu swings at Athrogate, Athrogate dies. Errtu moves 1 tile.

turn 27

Athrogate uses the first surge and charges Errtu with his daily, dealing 3 hits(now has 6) then moves back to whip range. He uses tunnel map to place a tile that connects the 1st and 3rd chambers, places a lizard, that later moves to his tile. Errtu whips him for 1 auto hit and pulls him adjacent and immobilizes him.

turn 28

Bruenor places on the start tile and runs across the new tile connecting chambers and get to within 1 tile of Errtu quickly. He explores a skinny passage with spiders in it. Errtu Swings his huge sword and hits Athrogate, but Breunor plays bodyguard, making the attack miss and switching places with Athrogate so is now adjacent to Errtu. Athrogate then gets attacked on his new tile as it was the second tile for the sword swing and he takes 2 hits. Then the spiders sworm on him and miss and the poison trap has no effect cause Athrogate is already poisoned.


Thorgrim uses last surge and hits Errtu with healing strike, so he heals Vistra and she stands up. He was Immobile when he died so he can do nothing else. He draws a cave fisher who moves him 2 away from Errtu and drops a water guy who will later miss him. Errtu swings his sword ans kills Athrogate and Bruenor but misses Vistra.

turn 30

Vistra used comeback strike to cause 2 hits to Errtu and heals herself 2. She then moves to the throne and drops her bowl, Errtu now has 13 hits against him, but its to little to late. She draws volcanic spray and Errtu heals 2 while giving 1 to Thorgrim.

The game , due to Allisa being down and no surges left. Errtu wins.

If anyone gets closer to killing him than this, then the gods are truly with you lol

Great game, much better than vanilla Errtu.

Now I must get into my wagon, head downtown to the bail bondsman and speak with a Mind Flayer who owes me. Then off to the office to pick up the Battle axe, before directing my horse team to the Arcane School to pick up my halfling, who will no doubt thank me with another charm spell that loosens my purse strings and turns my silver into something other than silver. Then to the marketplace for some Dragon eggs, Finally back to the cottage, and all the while keeping a keen rogues eye out for the city watch. lol

Sounds tougher than Errtu...

Editied for some(many) fixes. But not all I'm sure...whistle

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K.Y. Wong
Gardens by the Bay
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Curtis, great report and what a fantastic session! One less Volcanic Spray and you would have won.

Thanks so much for your voluntary and tireless playtesting of the advanced villains. Your feedback has been instrumental in fine-tuning the villains into the hero-killing machines that they are now and as they should have been.

For those wondering about the advanced villain stats, follow their development on this thread:

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