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Subject: The Chronicles of the Iron Duke on the Iberian Peninsula rss

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Eric Alexopoulos
United States
Clifton Park
New York
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Played on November 12, 2011 at the Schenectady Wargamers Association (SWA) monthly Game-A-Thon in Schenectady, NY
We had four players for this game. I played Spain.

Wellington’s army lay siege to Ciudad Rodrigo but failed to take it. Hill’s army marches east from Elvas to Caceres and defeats the small French Army Sud (Sud) formation. After placing a garrison in Caceres, Hill’s army continues their march to Merida and engages the Sud formation in battle. Once again Hill’s army is victorious. Hill leaves another garrison behind in Merida and continues his march to Ciudad Real. However, the Sud formation defeats Hill’s army and forces Hill to retreat back to Merida.

Soult’s army moves southwest from Sevilla to Cadiz and attacks Castanos’ army. Soult wins the battle, forcing Castanos to retreat to Barrosa. Both sides suffer the loss of two Soldier Strength Points (SPs).

The French forces commit an Atrocity - wounded soldiers and unarmed villagers are massacred. The Spanish forces seek revenge! Castanos is reinforced at Barrosa and then moves to attack Soult at Cadiz. Soult is forced to retreat back to Sevilla. Both sides again suffer the loss of two SPs.

The French Army Nord (Nord) marches troops closer to Madrid.

Wellington again lays siege to Ciudad Rodrigo and is successful. The British troops sack and pillage the fortress, and discover a valuable resource during the chaos.

Drouet’s army marches south from Don Benito to Sevilla to reinforce Soult’s army. Soult moves to attack Castanos at Cadiz. This time Castanos’ army is routed, and Castanos is killed in action.

Nord has a Change of Plans. Events beyond control of field commanders alter royal priorities.

Marmont gathers troops scattered about in the Spanish countryside and marches his army to Madrid.

Wellington’s army marches on Almaraz, and Talaverna de la Reina, overruning the small Nord formations and placing garrisons in each. He continues his march to Toledo and forces the small Nord formation to retreat to Madrid. Wellington places a garrison at Toledo and prepares to march on Madrid.

Soult lays siege to Cadiz now that Castanos has been eliminated. However, the siege fails to take the fortress. Meanwhile, Suchet’s army moves south from Castellon to attack Blake’s army defending the fortress at Valencia. Blake is forced to retreat south to Yecla.

Blake raises one SP in Yecla to stymie the Sud aggression.

Nord again move forces closer to Madrid.

Hill successfully overruns the small Sud formation at Ciudad Real and then moves to join Wellington at Toledo. Wellington moves from Toledo to assault Madrid, the capital of Spain. Wellington deploys the Highland Regiments along with their Bloody Bagpipes to hold the line. However, Nord troops in the surrounding countryside March to the Guns and join the battle at Madrid. It is an epic battle in which Wellington prevails! Surprisingly Wellington losses only one SP while Marmont suffers horrible losses - eight SPs. Marmont retreats east to Guadalajara to lick his wounds. Battlefield loot nets the British forces two valuable resources. Britain convoys two SPs from Portsmouth to Lisboa.

Soult continues his siege of Cadiz, but again he is unsuccessful. Suchet marches from Valencia to Tarragona.

Spanish Guerrillas Strike five French controlled Duchies in Spain. The guerrillas take control of Sevilla, Leon, and Lerma. Unfortunately for Soult, the loss of Sevilla cuts his supply lines and he loses one SP to attrition.

Marmont’s army marches east from Guadalajara to Zaragoza and then turns north to Vitoria to gather forces.

Corruption & Sabotage begin to creep into the war effort of each power; however, have no effect. Hill moves from Madrid to Ciudad Rodrigo by himself to pick up reinforcements.

Soult decides to abandon the siege of Cadiz and marches to Sevilla to secure his supply lines. Soult retakes Sevilla, places a garrison and reinforces them with one SP, then continues his march. He crosses the Guadalquivir River to Castuera and marches on to Ciudad Real where he removes the allied garrison. Four SPs of German Conscripts arrive in Perpignan ready for action.

Spain draws upon valuable resources to continue the fight.

Marmont’s army marches to Oviedo via San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Santander. Marmont overruns the small Spanish formation at Oviedo and then marches back to Santander.

Britain spends a valuable resource to replenish its will to fight. Corruption & Sabotage are again a concern, but still have no effect on the war effort of any combatant. Beresford marches from Lisboa to Ciudad Rodrigo where he promptly hands over his troops to Hill’s command. Hill immediately moves to attack Salamanca. Unfortunately for Hill, Clausel intercepts him at Salamanca and destroys his army. Clausel suffers the loss of one SP while the British force lost 6 SPs and Hill is killed in action. Battlefield loot provides the Nord army a valuable resource. Beresford moves back to Fuentes de Onoro.

Spain raises one SP in Toledo to help secure Wellington at Madrid.

Nord brings two SPs into the theater at Bayonne.

Britain convoys one SP from Palma to Lisboa. Britain shuffles troops to Beresford at Fuentes de Onoro. Beresford’s army marches to Ciudad Rodrigo where Clausel fails to intercept him. Beresford continues his march to Almaraz.

Four SPs of German Conscripts arrive in Perpignan to reinforce Sud again. Suchet moves from Barcelona to Valencia and lays siege to the fortress. Suchet is not up to the task and his army suffers the loss of one SP.

Spain declares no peace in our time, only War Without End. Suchet finds that the Regional Intendant fails to deliver food, remounts, wagons and replacements as commanded. However, the Inefficient Intendant does not affect Suchet’s army.

An international banking family, known as the House of Rothschild, underwrites the Nord cause. Joseph reappears in Bayonne.

The Light Division is attached to Wellington’s army. Wellington’s army marches to Toledo and Aranjuez. However, Soult intercepts at Aranjuez, is defeated and killed in the ensuing battle. Wellington decides to turn back for Madrid. Meanwhile Hill, who returned to the field, marches his army from Lisboa to Badajoz and lays siege to the fortress. The siege proves to be unsuccessful. Beresford does an about face and marches his army from Almaraz to Ciudad Rodrigo.

Suchet continues his siege of Valencia and is successful. Soult reappears in Perpignan and moves south to Tarragona.

De Espana’s army moves south from Ciudad Rodrigo to Don Benito. De Espana secures the area with a garrison and then his army continues its march to Castuera.

The Dragoons are attached to Soult’s army.

Hill’s army lays siege to Badajoz and is repulsed, losing one SP in the attempt. Wellington’s army makes a night march from Madrid to Salamanca in an attempt to outflank the enemy (Turning Movement). The maneuver is a resounding success. Clausel’s army at Salamanca is totally eliminated. However, Wellington is denied good battlefield loot as alert French drovers rush supply trains to safety (Train des Equipages). Undaunted, Wellington’s army attacks Lumbrales and easily dispatches the small Nord formation. After placing a garrison, Wellington marches back to Madrid.

Soult’s army moves from Tarragona to Yecla to attack Blake’s army. Blake holds his ground, forcing Soult to lose three SPs and retreat to Valencia.

De Espana’s army moves from Castuera to Gergal, placing a garrison in Ciudad Real along the way, and continuing on to attack the small Sud formation at Granada. However, the small French force puts up a fight, inflicting a one SP loss and forcing De Espana to retreat back to Gergal.

Soult, the Duke of Damnation, hurries troops to the front. He builds a fine fighting force in Castellon.

Hill’s siege of Badajoz is finally successful. Meanwhile Dysentery strikes Soult’s army at Castellon, eliminating four SPs.

Nord draws on valuable resources to continue the fight.

The Royal Navy lands troops behind enemy lines (Descent from the Sea). British forces seize the Sud port of Narbonne.

Nord forces quickly attack the small British formation at Narbonne, annihilating it. Other Nord forces remove the Spanish guerrillas at Bilbao.

Wellington’s army moves from Madrid to Valencia in an attempt to liberate the fortress. However, Soult’s army intercepts before any siege can be made. A grand battle of sweeping proportions takes place around Valencia. Wellington begins the battle by sending The Rifle Brigade to engage Soult’s forces. However, the Brigade has no effect. Wellington then Seizes the High Ground and prepares for battle.
Unfortunately for Wellington, his army is crushed in a stunning defeat. Soult’s army finds one valuable resource in the battlefield loot. Meanwhile, in the wake of Wellington’s defeat, Beresford moves from Ciudad Rodrigo to Madrid to safeguard the capital.

Corruption & Sabotage are again a concern, but still have no effect on the war effort of any combatant.

De Espana’s army moves from Gergal to attack Granada. De Espana’s army overruns the small Sud formation and moves to Malaga, picking up reinforcements, and continuing on to attack Cordoba. Once again De Espana’s army overruns the small Sud formation without a loss.

Marmont moves to Burgos. And once again, Nord uses valuable resources.

British forces pause to take a breath and spend valuable resources to continue the fight.

Sud, sensing an opening in the British lines, uses valuable resources to reinforce its forces.

Additional troops are moved to De Espana’s army to bolster its ranks. De Espana then attacks the small Sud formation defending Sevilla and takes it without a loss.

Nord raises one SP in Bayonne. Meanwhile Marmont moves from Burgos to Salamanca and establishes a garrison.

Hill’s army moves from Badajoz to Almaraz in order to threaten Marmont at Salamanca.

With confidence high, Soult moves to attack Blake’s army at Yecla. Again Blake’s army holds fast and forces Soult to retreat back to Valencia after suffering the loss of three SPs. However, the battle is costly for Blake as well. His army loses two SPs.

Nord again draws on valuable resources to try to get back into the fight.

Britain uses valuable resources to build for another offensive push.

Sud prepares for a British offensive by raising two SPs in Narbonne.

Marmont moves from Salamanca to Valladoid, crosses the Duero River and continues on north to Saldana. Joseph moves from Narbonne to Bayonne.

Britain raises one SP in Lisboa.

Nord brings back Clausel in Bayonne and together with Joseph they form an army group which moves south to Pamplona.

Unfortunately for Wellington, the 1813 campaign ends on a low note as Britain’s general in Sicily, Bentinck, reneges on plans for a Spanish invasion and embarks on an Italian Adventure, attacking Naples instead. The move pulls precious SPs away from the Peninsular War.

Sud makes some Cavalry Raids against Spanish forces and disrupts the enemy rear areas. A garrison is placed in Utiel and Blake’s army at Yecla losses four SPs.

The Austrians attack and the French find that they have a Disaster on the Rhine. Nord losses one SP from Bordeaux and Sud losses one SP from Gerona and Tarragona to the front in the Rhine.

Dysentery strikes the crowed camps at Madrid. Beresford’s army loses four SPs. German Conscripts arrive at Bayonne to reinforce Nord.

Wellington, back at the front, moves north from Madrid to Lerma; however, Marmont intercepts. Wellington defeats Marmont in the ensuing battle. Marmont and two SPs are eliminated. Wellington continues on to Burgos where he successfully lays siege to the fortress. Wellington continues on west to Oviedo and overruns the small Nord formation. Meanwhile Hill’s army marches east from Almaraz to Toledo.

Drouet and two Sud SPs appear ready for battle in Perpignan.

Spanish Guerrillas, otherwise known as Partisans, raid French supply convoys and ambush patrols. However, Soult’s army receives Naval Support and is spared any loses.

Corruption & Sabotage are again a concern, but still have no effect on the war effort of any combatant. Marmont appears in Bayonne.

Britain makes an amphibious assault at Narbonne (Admiralty/Hearts of Oak). Beresford and four SPs easily take the French Sud port. Meanwhile Hill’s army marches north from Toledo into Madrid.

Suchet force marches his army north from Tortosa to Narbonne to meet the British threat. His army loses one SP due to the brutal march but still attacks Beresford. The battle does not go well and Suchet is forced to retreat back to Perpignan, both armies lose one SP.

The Church comes through for Spain. Spanish Bishops tithe parishioners to support the war against the ungodly French.

Marmont sets out east from Bayonne to attack Beresford at Narbonne; however, Stragglers halt his progress. His weary troops refuse to go no further than Pau. One SP is raised in Bordeaux and immediately moved to Toulouse.

Wellington and three SPs convoy to Narbonne to reinforce Beresford. Wellington attacks and defeats Suchet’s army at Perpignan. Suchet suffers the loss of one SP and must retreat to Pau.

Sud raises two SPs in Pau. With the added reinforcements, Suchet attacks Wellington at Perpignan. However, Suchet is wounded (Leader Wounded) and his army suffers defeat.

Clever staff officers in the Spanish General Staff reorganize the headquarters. Spanish forces find a valuable resource to use. One SP is raised in Yecla to reinforce Blake. De Espana marches north from Sevilla to Salamanca to attack the small Nord formation. The French are defeated.

Wellington places a garrison at Perpignan but soon decides to abandon the French port. He and his army convoy to Santander on the Spanish north coast.

Fortune favors the pious as The Hand of God strikes the British. The British lose some resources to Nord.

Wellington marches his army south from Santander to Madrid.

Suchet and his army march east from Pau to Perpignan and remove the British garrison. They then forge on to remove the British garrison at Narbonne.

De Espana places a garrison at Salamanca and attacks the small Nord formation in Valladolid to the east. The French formation is overrun and De Espana decides to return to Salamanca.

Clausel moves west from Bayonne to Santander and places a garrison.

Britain uses a valuable resource to replenish its strength.

Suchet marches west from Perpignan to Pau then turns south to attack the small Spanish formation at Huesca. Prior to the battle, the Spanish ambush Suchet’s army in the pass, inflicting a loss of two SPs. However, Suchet’s army still manages to defeat the small Spanish formation. Suchet forms a garrison at Huesca. Meanwhile, Soult again attacks Blake at Yecla and this time forces Blake to retreat to Albacete.

Spain raises two SPs to reinforce Oviedo along the north coast.

Clausel marches west from Bilbao to attack Oviedo. The small Spanish formation puts up a good fight and forces Clausel to retreat back to Santander.

Wellington moves northeast from Madrid to Zaragoza and attacks Joseph and his army. Wellington eliminates Joseph and four SPs.

Spain uses a valuable resource to continue the fight.

The Emperor calls for drafts for the Russian Front. Soult and his army of four SPs answer the call and withdraw from the Iberian theater.

Blake marches his army southeast to Yecla and then turns north and heads for Valencia. The siege is intense and the defenders fight tenaciously but Blake’s army finally raises the Spanish flag over the Valencia fortress. Then Blake sends a garrison force to take control of nearby Castellon to the north.

Wellington moves northwest from Zaragoza to Vitoria and on to San Sebastian. Marmont fails to intercept allowing Wellington to capture San Sebastian in a brilliant siege. Wellington then moves northeast to Bayonne. Once in Bayonne he pauses only to place a garrison and then continues northeast to Soustans. A garrison force is sent to secure Bordeaux to the north, thus concluding the Peninsular War.

Final VP Count:
Britain: 6 Spanish, 2 French, & 5 Home Key Duchies plus 1 Unspent Resource = 13.5 VPs
Spain: 9 Home Key Duchies and less than 10 French Controlled Spanish Duchies = 13 VPs
Nord: 3 Duchies = 1 VP
Sud: 1 Spanish and 2 Home Key Duchies, plus 9 Duchies, plus all Original Home Duchies = 10 VPs

Allied Victory – 26.5 to 11 VPs British player was the individual winner (and deservingly so!).

Time: Approximately 6 hours

Some Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this play! We had many good battles and card plays. Nearly the entire map, with the exception of Portugal, was fought over. The momentum shifted from side to side a couple of times. Very good game! Looking forward to my next play!
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Genghis Ahn
United States
San Clemente
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Sometimes You Are Wrong !
Coolest Promo Ever ! Stonewall Lives
Excellent !

I was lucky enough to visit both Spain & Portugal last summer. Got to see a lot of the various Peninsula battle sites.
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Eric Alexopoulos
United States
Clifton Park
New York
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Awesome! I would love to tour some of the battle sites myself. I hear it's worth the trip!
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