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Subject: Assortment of rules questions from a tcg player. rss

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Alex Thomas
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I've been playing different tcgs for a number of years, such as Magic, Yugioh, WOW, etc. However, this is definitely the one I enjoy most and only one I play at the moment. I have a few questions that have come up in my recent games with friends.

1. Does "Counting Favors" plot card (both players draw 3 cards) count towards the 3 card draw limit per turn?

2. Is there a hand cap size?

3. Does "Melisandre" get +1 strength from her own effect?

4. Can I use an "any phase" event card or other effect that stands a character to stand "Knight of Flowers" as soon as the dominance phase begins (perhaps as a "chain" effect) to claim 1 power?

5. Furthermore relating to #4, does "Knight of Flowers"' effect to claim 1 power mean that the power is placed on him, or on my house card? Many cards seem to say this, and I'm unsure where to place the power token.

6. In regards to cards that are immune to character abilities, that that include stealth and deadly? If I only have Brienne of Tarth (immune to character abilities) in play and an opponent beats me in a challenge with deadly, do I have to choose her to die? Furthermore, if I have 2 characters in play with Brienne as one of them, and the opponent attacks with deadly and wins, can I chose her to die and thus have her death averted because she is immune? (I would assume she is an ineligible target, though)

7. In regards to Devan Seaworth, the "character you control has 1 or more power" refers to characters having power tokens on themselves, not my house card?

8. "Dragonstone Port" states that "players may take actions after plot cards are chosen as part of the plot phase, but before they are revealed". Does this mean that normally I cannot? For example, after my opponent reveals "Valar Morghulis" but before the field is cleared, I cannot normally play an "any phase" card, or sacrifice a card like "House Dayne Skirmisher" (kill him myself to draw 1 card and have opponent discard 1 card) to get the effect?

9. Can my opponent and I each have 1 copy of the same unique character in play? For example, we each have our own "Littlefinger" on our respective side of the field.

10. Can I play "The Lion's Will" (kneel a character) immediately as an opponent declares an attacker, and thereby nullify that character's participation in the attack? Can he declare another attack of the same type after that, or is that attack type considered done? Or do I have use the card before he declares?

11. Interesting predicament happened today. I had "Lightbringer" (vigilant, kneel to save a character from death) currently knelt and equipped to "Renly Baratheon". I challenged my opponent, won, and he played "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts" (after you lose a challenge, kneel a Lannister character to kill a participating winning character) selecting Renly. Since I won the challenge, Lightbringer is stood up. Thus, I knelt Lightbringer again to save Renly from death through the Lannister event card. Was this correct play? It feels like something is awry.

12. Can I use Tyrion's pay cost and effect multiple times by paying multiple gold after winning 1 challenge?

13. Does any gold left on Tywin after taxation stay there? Or is it taxed as well?

14. Cards that say "Response:" are totally optional in their effects, correct?

I also have a few more strategic questions in regards to the overall game:

1. Is there any real advantage to having power tokens on characters instead of your house card? It seems more like a weakness since characters can die quite easily.

2. I've found that it is generally (probably 80% of the time) better to go second after initiative is revealed. What do you guys think?

Thanks so much guys! I'm really loving this card game so far.
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Andy Mills
United States
Los Angeles
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I'll try to tackle these as best I can:

1. Yes, it does.

2. Nope.

3. Yes, she does. If she were not intended to, the card would read "Other Asshai characters..."

4. The very first thing that happens during dominance is that strength is counted and power is awarded. There's no opportunity for actions beforehand, although you certainly could do something at the end of challenges phase.

5. If the character is claiming the power, you place it on the character, just like you would with a Renown or Infamy character. (This makes it unable to be stolen with a power challenge, but will be discarded if the character dies.) If a card says "Character X claims one power", then put the power on that character. Otherwise it will say "Claim 1 power for your House."

6. Stealth and Deadly and all other keywords are not considered character abilities, so Brienne can be bypassed with stealth, and she may have to die to Deadly.

7. Correct.

8. Right - here's how Plot phase normally goes: Actions. Plots are chosen. Plots are revealed. First player is chosen. First player chooses what order plots go off. Plots go off. Actions.

More generally, there is a somewhat daunting, but very detailed flowchart available on the FFG website that would clear up a lot of these timing issues for you.

9. Yes, you may.

10. You may not. Once the opponent has declared the challenge and knelt attackers, it is too late. You may, of course, play The Lion's Will before challenges are declared if it's clear which character he'll be attacking with. You could also play it after YOU attack but before defenders are declared.

11. This is one of the more subtle timing issues that crop up from time to time in the game. In short, yes, you can save Renly, since Vigilant triggers before Responses are allowed to be played. Effects that use the word "save" or "cancel" are able to be triggered at times when other events cannot, although that doesn't matter so much in this example. Here is the timing: (pulled from
a) Winner of the challenge is determined.
b) Claim happens (choose characters to die, discard cards, move power)
(here is where you would need to save Renly if he were chosen to die for military claim.)
c) If unopposed, attacker claims 1 power.
d) Renown characters claim one power.
e) Passive effects trigger (here is where Vigilant happens, or Vengeful, or Deadly, etc.).
f) Responses to anything that happened in parts (a)-(e) that aren't saves or cancels. (Here is when the event would be played, and thus Lightbringer would be standing and able to save Renly.)
g) Cards that were killed by an effect leave play. (So something chosen to die in (b) doesn't physically leave the table until this point.)

12. You may not. You can use an ability once per triggering event. In Tyrion's case, it's when you win an intrigue challenge. How many times did you win? That's how many times you can trigger the ability.

13. Taxation removes all gold in your gold pool. Tywin's gold isn't in your gold pool, it's on Tywin - so it stays.

14. Yes, the controller of the card may choose whether or not to trigger a Response.

Having power tokens on characters makes that power pretty fragile, but if you are attacking with multiple Renown characters per turn, you can claim far more power than you otherwise could, and thus win faster. Also, if you have characters who can be saved (like Lightbringer allows), then this is not such a weakness. The advantage is that it can't be taken from you in power challenges.

Going second is definitely awesome. The advantage to going first is that maybe you can attack in such a way that the opponent will have to kneel their super strong characters to defend and thus won't be able to attack you back. A lot depends on the type of deck you're playing, but I agree that it's definitely not always best to go first.

House Martell, in particular likes to go second. House Baratheon may prefer to go first, since vigilant lets you stand after you win on attack, but not on defense.

Long response, but hopefully I answered your questions! Let me know if you have more.
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