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Subject: WiP - Special Powers for Gizmos and/or Crew rss

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I'm working some ideas for additional Artifacts and Equipment, as well as a modified "Special Crew" variant (based on Roberto Ullfig's ideas). To this end, I've been trying to write down every "special power" I can think of, in preparation for making the various tokens necessary. Have a look at what I've got so far, then comment, critique, and make suggestions.

I'll eventually post whatever I come up with. But note that I'll be doing this for the original game, so my work will be in the "old school" style.

Each of the following "special powers" may be granted by piece of equipment, a crew member, or both. Each entry below gives an Equipment Name, a Crew Member name, and where the idea came from, followed by a description. As to where the ideas came from: MoV = original game, Special Crew=Ullfig's expansion, Lost Planet = Ullfig's expansion, Green Taters = Richard Irving's expansion, Terminus_Est = BGG user (idea posted in forums), KSS=me.

The Special Powers:

(none) / Agitator ... {SpecialCrew}
The player adds 1 to all Revolt die rolls when attacking.

(none) / Buyer ... {KSS}
A pre-payment of 50% can "reserve" a single group of Goods for a particular player (put them in a stack next to the selling planet, with one of the player's Factory or Fort markers on top of it). If this is not the next group of Goods the player buys, he loses his 50% down, and the "reserve" of that stack. If the player gets to the planet, and cannot put all the Goods on board, he still must pay the other 50%, but the "extra" Good(s) just stays on the planet, available for future purchase by any player.

(none) / Efficiency Expert ... {KSS}
If more than one of a type of Goods is on the ship, it can be packed in such a way that it uses ½ a hold less space.

(none) / Negotiator ... {KSS}
For each turn when you are buying/selling, roll a die. On a 1 or 2, get a 10% commission, as though you were trading at one of your own Spaceports (see 12.21).

(none) / Pilot ... {SpecialCrew}
The player does not need to specify a direction before rolling the movement dice.

(none) / Propagandist ... {SpecialCrew}
The player adds 1 to all Swindle die rolls when defending.

(none) / Swindler ... {SpecialCrew}
The player adds 1 to all Swindle die rolls when attacking.

After Burner / Chemist ... {SpecialCrew}
If movement roll was not maximum (eg 18 on 3 dice), then add 1 to the MP roll.

Air Foil / (none) ... {MoV}
Land and take-off for 1 MP instead of 2 MP. Also allows movement from one city on a planet's surface to another for 1 MP.

Auto Pilot / Hot-Shot ... {MoV}
Roll one less die than normal, set the unrolled die to "4" before rolling others. Use all dice for movement, and set any of them to Pilot Number.

Drive: Blue / (none) ... {LostPlanet}
Skip over Blue Space Dots, Penalty Ovals, and Penalty Markers. Cannot be on board with a Red or Combined Drive.

Drive: Combined / (none) ... {MoV}
Skip over Red and Yellow Space Dots, Penalty Ovals, and Penalty Markers. Cannot be on board with a Blue Drive.

Drive: Red / (none) ... {MoV}
Skip over Red Space Dots, Penalty Ovals, and Penalty Markers. Cannot be on board with a Blue Drive.

Drive: Yellow / (none) ... {MoV}
Skip over Yellow Space Dots, Penalty Ovals, and Penalty Markers.

Duplicator / Forger ... {KSS}
can generate a duplicate of any one Goods, Factory Goods, or Equipment that you have on your ship (Relics are apparently too complex to duplicate, and attempting to duplicate Fares results in a sticky mess). To duplicate a piece of Equipment (in the non-combat game, this generally comes down to a shield, though you may duplicate a Red or Yellow Drive for its barter value), simply place another Equipment chit on your ship (this will of course take up ½ a hold). To duplicate a Goods or Factory Goods, place the Duplicator on top of the appropriate chit. Once you get to a sale location, just do an extra sale, taking into account any Demands (of course no Goods or Factory Goods chit will go into the cup for the duplicated chit, though a Demand chit might). Once the Duplicator is used, remove it from the game. You may barter away the Duplicator as normal, however, it can duplicate money: at any time, you may remove the Duplicator from the game and add $40 hard cash to your hand.

Equipment Mount / Jerry-Rigger ... {KSS}
Allows a single Shield, Laser, Nova Ball, Red Drive, Yellow Drive, or Combined Drive to be installed on the hull of the ship, thus not taking up ½ a hold.

Extra Hold / (none) ... {GreenTaters}
A complete extra hold, which can be used exactly like normal holds.

Flux Generator / Programmer ... {SpecialCrew}
The strength of 1 Shield (see 8.3) on the ship is improved to -30.

G.P.S. / Navigator ... {GreenTaters}
Each turn, roll an extra die, which can be used as a Pilot Number instead of one of the normal movement dice (and as normal, the Pilot Number cannot be changed during the turn). If a ship is also outfitted with a Switch Switch, the Pilot Number can be altered to any number on a Movement Die, or the GPS/Navigator's number.

Gate Lock / (none) ... {MoV}
If declared before rolling movement dice, this relic turns off Tele Gates for the turn; such Tele Gates are treated as a blue dots.

Jump Start / (none) ... {MoV}
If declared before rolling movement dice, pick an existing Tele Gate number as Pilot Number. If that number is rolled that is your Pilot Number; if that number is not rolled, choose a Pilot Number from the dice. If Tele Gate exists that matches Pilot Number, move to that Tele Gate as first dot of movement, otherwise move normally. A Jump from a surface city costs 2 MP (unless of course your ship is also outfitted with the Air Foil, in which case such a jump costs 1 MP).

Laser / (none) ... {MoV}
(see 15.3)

Loading Robots / Longshoreman ... {SpecialCrew}
The player can perform one more Buy or Sell Action per turn at a city.

Mulligan Gear / Hot-Dogger ... {MoV}
Re-roll any one of his dice, but only immediately after initial roll during each turn, before picking Pilot Number. May any one of the dice for re-roll – including the Auto Pilot. Once the new roll is made, cannot use the original roll. Cannot choose to activate the Auto Pilot as the re-roll.

Murphy Gear / Murphy's Lawyer ... {SpecialCrew}
The player can re-roll his entire movement roll once but with one less die. The Mulligan Gear can only be used once per turn and only with the initial movement roll.

Nano Bots / Master Mechanic ... {SpecialCrew}
The player can repair 2 damaged equipment at the start of his/her turn.

Nova Ball / (none) ... {MoV}
(see 15.3)

Photon Brakes / (none) ... {KSS}
Allows a Blue, Red, Yellow, or Combined Drive to be shut down on a dot-by-dot basis (see 8.23).

Schrödinger Viewer / Market Analyst … {SpecialCrew}
When placing a chit in the cup, the player pulls out 2 chits from the cup instead of 1 - the player chooses 1 of them and returns the other to the cup.

Retro-Rockets / Precog ... {SpecialCrew}
The ship may backtrack once per turn.

Rumble Seat / Hostess ... {Terminus_Est, BGG}
A single Fare can ride in the rumble seat without taking up ½ a hold.

Shield: -10 / (none) ... {GreenTaters}
Protects against Penalty Ovals and Penalty Markers. Each subtracts $10 from any penalty that must be paid (down to a minimum of $0). (see 8.3)

Shield: -20 / (none) ... {MoV}
Protects against Penalty Ovals and Penalty Markers. Each subtracts $20 from any penalty that must be paid (down to a minimum of $0). (see 8.3)

Spy Eye / Information Analyst ... {MoV}
When on (or skipping over) a dot that is next to a face down "?" marker, may inspect that "?" marker without revealing it to any other player. Also allows observation of (see 7.2) Culture in the System from any dot in that System. A Spy Eye equipped ship skipping over a dot, spies from that dot as if it occupied the dot and may alter the dot it will jump to based on the results of what it observes.

Super-cooler / Gunner ... {SpecialCrew}
The Firepower (see 15.32) of 1 Laser on the ship is increased to 30.

Switch Switch / Veteran Pilot ... {MoV}
Allows changing of Pilot Number at any time, any number of times per turn. Cannot change dice roll, but can change which die result is Pilot Number.

Thrust Capacitor / (none) ... {KSS}
Set aside a movement die, using one less for the current move. On the next move, roll an extra die for movement, but subtract 1 for the total movement roll.

Tractor Beam / (none) ... {KSS}
Allows any Fare or Relic to be "beamed aboard" from a space without having to stop.

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