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Subject: Oh in 1814 We Took a Little Trip... rss

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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
New Orleans
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America’s War is the second expansion for Napoleon's War: The 100 Days, taking the system out of the Napoleonic Wars and into the War of 1812. It can be seen as remake of For Honor and Glory: War of 1812 Land and Naval Battles. This review will deviate from my usual style because the game discussed here does not drastically change the dynamics of Napoleon's War: The 100 Days in the way that Hold the Line: French and Indian War Expansion Set changed Hold the Line. Instead I'll discuss the individual scenarios and what I think of them.

Queenston Heights (14/25): This is among the most humiliating defeats that an American army has ever suffered. The scenario is lopsided as well, with American units crossing over to Canada and landing at random locations. The main problem is that most American units are very weak, with only two infantry per unit for most Americans. The British, at four figures, are by far the strongest force in the series. This is a problem in nearly all of the scenario for America’s War, which caused my brother to proclaim that "the British are like cyborg Schwarzenegger in a police station."

The Battle Lines at Queenston Heights
External image

Chippawa (15/25): Here the American regulars defeated the British in an open field battle. The scenario itself is the second best in the offering, but pretty limited. The British must assault a strong American position. Given the set up, tactical choices are rather limited, and one merely attacks and hopes for the best.

Bladensburg (10/25): Arguably this battle was even worse for the Americans than Queenston Heights since it ended in the sacking of Washington. The scenario is certainly much worse. The British army is large, powerful, and had rockets. The Americans are terrifically weak. While it is not necessarily bad history, it certainly is not very competitive.

New Orleans (18/25): This was a pointless battle and among the most lopsided victories in American history. The situation, which features a large British army assaulting a strong position, at first glance does not seem like a battle that could be fun. While New Orleans is not a great scenario, it is the best one in America’s War. That is because each British unit is so strong they can, with some luck, actually penetrate the American lines. All in all this is a decent scenario with an excellent map to boot.

The British March on Jackson's Position
External image

Overall (57/100): Fans of the system or those interested in the War of 1812 can find some value, but in general I found these scenarios to be imbalanced. The Americans are too weak to ever be able to meet and defeat the British. Only at New Orleans do the Americans have a better than 50% chance of winning.
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