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Subject: Long Beach Exhibition Race rss

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CHET: It's perfect weather for racing here in Long Beach, California but even with this weather but even with this sunshine a dark cloud hangs over this two lap exhibition race.

MARK: Long Beach was chosen as the location for the long straight aways followed by sharp turns. However a problem with the tires most of the racing teams are using resulted in blow outs in the final corner. A compromise of slowing it to a four stop corner was proposed at the last minute but rejected.

CHET: And so just four racers are on the track for the start of the race and the fans are angry. In the pole position is Michael Galocci, a long time veteran of the sport who has a way of finessing his vehicle into doing astounding things.

MARK: Right behind him is mystery driver Racer X, who unbenownst to Speed is actually his long lost brother Rex.

CHET: Where did you hear that?

MARK: It's written on this card. Also Racer X has a very aggressive driving style that has had mixed results for him in the past.

CHET: Right behind them is the lone female driver in this race Kim Smith whose conservative driving hasn't won many races but has let her finish consistently.

MARK: Finally there's Matt Williams, a newcomer to the sport from whom we anticipate some really exciting driving. The drivers are in position and there's the starting flag.

CHET: Galocci is off to a solid start pulling ahead of Racer X while leaving the rest even more distant. Let's look at rear camera from his car.

MARK: Wow, the stronger acceleration in the other cars is starting to work. Here come all three cars flying past him! They're completely blocking the track and Galocci is forced into their pace.

CHET: Racer X is continuing to accelerate while everyone else is slowing down going into the first turn. It's a three stop turn and that high speed may make things rough on him.

MARK: Racer X is dropping speed fast into that corner as everyone else is pulling in. Galocci is pulling past him but Smith and Williams can't get in there.

CHET: It looked like a weak start for Galocci but he's hitting the quick turns two and three perfectly.

MARK: Oooh, that's bad luck for Williams, he's off the line for turn three and has to down shift even further to prevent himself from hitting the wall.

CHET: Galocci is pulling out of turn three in fifth gear, you just can't pull that better.

MARK: Behind him Racer X is just driving sloppily; he's almost lost control in turn two and three and those tires don't look like they can take that much more stress. And he's just radioed his pit crew indicating some concern over the state of his engine.

CHET: Smith and Williams are driving very conservatively and quite frankly at this point if Galocci doesn't make a huge mistake they're probably out of it.

MARK: Galocci has cleared turn four and is into that deadly three stop turn five. He's moving out of the turn in fourth gear and accelerating into that massive straight away.

CHET: Racer X is pulling into that turn five himself now and Smith and Williams are continuing their run of problems approaching turn four with far too much speed.

MARK: Galocci has gone into sixth gear! What can he be thinking! He's closed in on turn one at speeds in excess of two hundred miles an hour!

CHET: The only thing I can think of is that he was concerned that Racer X's car couldn't take the stress if he pushed that hard, but this is madness! Racer X isn't following up is following behind in fifth gear.

MARK: The meters on Galocci's car is recording deceleration forces in excess of eight G's! He's just dropped from 215 miles per hour to less than ninety in a matter of seconds.

CHET: Smith and Williams are approaching the end of the fifth corner themselves are and starting to accelerate out of it.

MARK: Galocci just can't keep control in this corner and he's barely keeping those tires on the road. Racer X is coming into turn one in forth gear.

CHET: Williams is accelerating up to sixth gear himself in an attempt to catch up to the leaders but Smith is holding back.

MARK: Galocci is starting to accelerate into turn two and he's still having problems from that previous turn. Here comes Racer X pushing that car as hard as he can.

CHET: There's no way that Racer X can do this, with his car's condition the slightest error will end it. Williams is breaking more smoothly than Galocci did and is coming into turn one well.

MARK: Galocci's problems have him entering turn three slowly and here comes Racer X accelerating! He's hitting the turn in fourth and is moving up to fifth! Galocci is maintaining a narrow lead but this race is getting tight!

CHET: Smith meanwhile is hitting those turns perfectly while William's is just missing the line for the perfect turn.

MARK: Racer X is flying up the back straight away and he's hitting turn four in fifth gear! Galocci is moving to block but Racer X is still going into turn five in fourth gear! Racer X is pulling ahead into the final turn!

CHET: At this point the only hope that Smith and Williams have is a fatal error for both drivers and they are driving more cautiously to avoid problems.

MARK: Racer X is decelerating smoothly through this last turn dropping to third while Galocci is keeping it in third to try to keep pace. Now Racer X is going down to second and pulling out of the turn. Unless Galocci does something now this race is going to Racer X.

CHET: Galocci is keeping it in third and... OH MY GOD! Galocci has just spun into a wall launching his car into the stands upside down! There are certain to be multiple fatalities in this horrific accident! Racer X has pulled across the finish line but I don't think he's realized what has happened yet.

MARK: The rescue crew has reached the car and they're signaling that Michael Galocci is dead. It's a sad day in racing to lose such a fine driver in such a travesty of a race.

CHET: I think it's also sad that he killed a dozen people with his final accident.

MARK: Sure, if you say so.
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