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Subject: Playtest game: My cult is better than your cult! rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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This was a playtest game I played against Jighfed Pumpkinhead last month. He did the original write up of the game for the Rage playtest forum as I'd injured my arm. I could play, but no typing! Reposted here, with the playtest cards in italics. I've included my notes on the game at the bottom. Jigh basically played the deck that countered my entire strategy... by accident. whups. I was trying to combo a playtest card with an existing card. and failed. By total accident.

For more info playtesting, see the Rage forum:

JIGH'S WRITE UP (I editted and formatted it to appear correctly on BGG)
Fenris has Miles Kent (3), Tanwetemani (4), Psammeticus (7), Akbar ibn-Mehmmet (6)
Jihgfed Pumpkinhead has Jonhson P. Donnovan (2), Miles Kent (3), Sequenenre (3), Tanwetemani (4), and Snickers (8)

First Turn:

Johnson P. fetches a Flak Jacket for Tanwetemani. Fenris recruits a Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk. I put a Renegade Werewolf Hunter in the Hunting Grounds.

Tanwetemani, In the Public Eye (stumping for the Upper Egypt Glorification League), is my Alpha; Fenris's is the Ghouled Cat.

The Cat attacks the Werewolf Hunter, who Runs Like Hell from a Disembowelment, trailing bits of digestive system behind. Tanwetemani attacks the Werewolf Hunter, and cheesily has Snickers plays Knife Wind for a totally unearned 8 VPs. I wonder how they explained that for the cameras.

Fenris plays a Nemesis between Akbar and Snickers. Apparently competing Wyrm cults find it difficult to co-operate, go fig. Snickers plays Blur of the Milky Eye for no real reason. In the Public Eye completes.

Second Turn: Jihgfed Pumpkinhead 10, Fenris 0

Fenris gets a Descending Aerie and a Dream Court Guardian. Thankfully I don't have to worry about the Aerie because humans can't frenzy, which, though I didn't know it, saves my ass throughout the entire game.

Now for the big stupid combo my deck is based around. I get a Nairobi Ghetto and Miles Kent recruits a Spectral Shade. The ghetto fetches another Werewolf Hunter into the Hunting Grounds, and J.P. fetches a Sniper Rifle for Miles. Snickers Knife winds the Werewolf Hunter and Miles snipes a Reckless Swing at it to kill it (for no VPs). However apparently enough brains from the exploding head spray up into Miles' sniping hidey-hole, because he's able to get enough of a feast together to play Rite of Dormant Wisdom. So silly.

During the moot phase, Fenris's Tanwetemani destroys my Nairobi Ghetto.

My Alpha is Tanwetemani, In the Public Eye once again, Fenris's is Akbar.

Akbar attacks Tanwet, and Sequenenre uses his ability to help defend Tanwet. Tanwetemani plays a Curb Stomp and Sequenenre a Lucky Blow; Akbar Beats Unmercifully on the poor Sequenenre, so eager to help. Akbar would be dead too, but Psammeticus Takes the Death Blow and promptly withdraws.

Tanwetemani needs revenge! He attacks Psammeticus, but Psammeticus has a Pack Defence. Fenris brings in the dopplegangers Miles Kent and Tanwetemani.
Tanwetemani (JP) Evades a Kneecapper from Psammeticus and a Searching for Weakness from Tanwetemani (F). Fenris's Tanwetemani has Rage 6!
Tanwetemani (JP) plays a Block and Strike with an Overextended Attack against Psammeticus, who plays nothing. Tanwetemani (F) hits with a Broken Limb, which I have to Flak even though it's just one damage. Psammeticus has the Ghouled Kinfolk Take the Death Blow. Damn vampires just won't die!
Fenris plays nothing but I Duck and Cover anyway, just to have the chance to kill something.
Another Overextended Attack, against the Ghouled Kinfolk, but kitty curls into a Fetal Position. Tanwetemani (F) hits Tanwetemani (JP) with a nasty Vital Blow. We're both out of cards.

My Tanwet managed all that while he was In the Public Eye (I don't know about you, but I think I'd vote for anyone who went through that), so he gets 2 VPs. Fenris plays another Nemesis, sparking a Rivalry between the two Tanwets.

Turn 3: Jihgfed Pumpkinhead 12, Fenris 3

Fenris is sitting there with two Overextendeds and a Lucky Blow, and I know I've got three Touch of Deaths and another Knife Wound in my deck and am drawing eight cards, so... nope, nothing. All the vamps and ghouls regenerate and all the poor human has to show for his Herculean efforts and Sequenenre's sacrifice is a permanently busted crotch from the Vital Blow.

Thankfully J.P. grabs a Bivouac and gives it to Tanwet for next turn, while he himself equips a Chrome Plated Hand Cannon. Miles Kent gets a Security System to protect himself and his brainy knowledge, and two more Spectral Shades are recruited, a ghostly guardian each for Snickers and Tanwet. I get another Nairobi Ghetto, and a Renegade Werewolf Hunter enters the Hunting Grounds.

Fenris plays a Temple of Set, and has her Tanwet destroy my Ghetto. My Tanwet literally has no balls right now and declines to try to take out the Temple of Set. I play a Civil Unrest, targetting one of the Shades, but it loses thanks to my earlier loss of Sequenenre.

Akbar and Snickers are Alphas. We are Rivals! Let's fight.
Surprise Attack saves Snickers from suffering the same emasculating fate as Tanwet, as Akbar goes big and low with a Vital Blow.
Snickers plays Block and Strike with a Septum Crushed, which Akbar mostly Blocks and Rolls away from, taking one damage (just enough to keep him in Battle this turn).
Snickers tries a Reckless Swing but it's Blocked, and Snickers withdraws.
Akbar attacks Snickers as well, but when Snickers plays Cornered Rat, the vampire withdraws after a round of mutual defence.

Fenris plays Streamlining (getting rid of a Chrome Plated Hand Cannon, another Descending Eerie, and a Dream Court Guardian), and sparks another Rivalry, between Snickers and Psammeticus this time.

Turn 4: Jihgfed Pumpkinhead 12, Fenris 3

I play Covert Operative to give Fenris Miles' pet ghost and myself two VPs. I, as always, completely forget to use the awesome ability. Tanwet finally manages to heal his embarassing wound, thanks to the Bivouac. You would think that pitching a tent would inflame such an injury but here somehow it seemed to be just what Tanwet needed.

J.P. grabs a Flak and trades it to Snickers, who also gets a Sniper Rifle. Tanwet gets a Flak as well and a Red Headed Step Child comes out to get beat on.

Fenris gets another Temple of Set, but this time (during Moot), my Tanwet manages to destroy one of them uncontested.

Snickers and Akbar are Alphas again. Again, we are Rivals! Let's fight again! Snickers attacks, and Akbar pack defends, bringing in Tanwet (F), a Dream Court Guardian, and Miles' Spectral Shade.
Snickers lays down a Curb Stomp and a Block and Strike against Tanwet (F). Tanwet (F) Searches for Weakness, while Akbar ruthlessly Breaks Limbs. Snickers Blocks the Searching, and Flaks the Broken Limb. He then Sticky Paws another Flak Jacket away from Tanwet (JP), his supposed ally. Some friend!
Snickers Evades a Block and Roll and Beat Unmerciful.
While Tanwet (F) blocks, Snickers and Akbar exchange blows: a Lucky Blow for Akbar and a Disembowelment for Snickers. Akbar has had enough and removes Snickers from combat with Eyes of the Wyrm.
Akbar ibn-Mehmmet passes his Alpha action.

Turn 5: Jihgfed Pumpkinhead 14, Fenris 3

I draw my last 7 Sept cards. Before regen Snickers steals the Bivouac away from Tanwet (JP) with another Sticky Paws, so he can heal the Disembowelment.

Snickers trades the Bivouac and Flak back to Tanwet, a little stickier and worse for wear.

Tanwet destroys another Temple of Set. Snickers calls Annual Report (targetting the Curb Stomp) and Civil Unrest (targetting Tanwet's Spectral Shade). Unfortunately it's obviously been too long since I played a Junta deck, because I got confused and thought they all resolved at the same time, and therefore I targeted the Curb Stomp and didn't have enough votes to pass the Civil Unrest. Oops.

, In the Public Eye once more after his miraculous recovery, is my Alpha, Psammeticus is Fenris's. Psam attacks the Werewolf Hunter.
The Renegade Werewolf Hunter scores a Lucky Blow while Psammeticus is Searching for Weakness.
Psammeticus plays Broken Limb, the Werewolf Hunter a Block and Strike (Psam only manages to break a finger, but it's a trigger finger) and Overextended Attack. The Ghouled Kinfolk Takes the Death Blow.
The Werewolf Hunter can't play a card, so the scratchy kitty Kneecaps him, but the Hunter Ducks and Covers, and the cat has to withdraw.

Before Tanwet's Alpha action, Snickers Knife Winds, then Touch of Deaths Akbar. Akbar reveals a Block and Roll. Snickers is free to play another Touch of Death, which reveals a Vital Blow this time, killing the vampire with a taste of his own groin-injuring medicine.

Tanwetemani attacks and kills the wounded Renegade Werewolf Hunter, completing In the Public Eye. The public are going to wonder what Tanwet has against guys in trenchcoats.

Total: Jihgfed Pumpkinhead 33, Fenris 3

Jigh was saved from the cheese sandwich here by dint of having no characters that could frenzy. From the write up its fairly clear I had a lot of rage stealing combat actions. The plan was for people to come attack me against Descending Aerie and I drew Scale of Ma'at several times... and never had any occasion to use it as Jigh's characters never got to point where they'd bluff. If I HAD set up the combo, people would have actually beat themselves to death! But alas, it was not to be.

I also had Urban Renewal in here, which I never bothered playing. it was so focused on "you attack me, you big frenzytastic werewolves" that it was totally undone by those darn non-frenzying human cultists. DAMN YOU AND YOUR LACK OF ANGER!

I'd rebuilt this thing several times so there was also some random stuff in here I was going... "why is this in here..." like the Feline Wiles. I clearly had something it was supposed to fetch and then took it out.

One playtest issue. Currrently you normally only refill your combat hand at the end of combat. So getting struck by Touch of Death X2 in that last turn left me only 3 cards to play for Renegade Werewolf Hunter. That seems like a bit of overkill that no only do you potentially kill someone for cheesy points, you also reduce their hand too. it probably needs to specify that you draw a replacement card.
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