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Subject: A 2-Players game with expension rss

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After Looking 5-player map, I think I will never want to play a 5-players game

And due to I usually can't find other 3 players to play a 4-players game, I play many 2~3-players game, and here is some our home-rule in 2-players game I want to share(and need some comment).


Wonder:for each age, each player draw 2 wonders and chose 1 in secret, random chose 1 of the rest 2 wonders. and the wonder market always reveal only 3 wonders(and total 9 wonders in the game). Eygpt ability will launch after 3 ancient wonder were chosen.

1.the star building limit decrease to 3, and each player can only build 2 same star building in you civilization.
2.building which limit is 7 decrease to 5, 10 decrease to 7

culture card:
1.remove 1 card for all the cards which have the copy.
2.Gift from afar:you can either give other player a coin or remove your one coin(can't remove coin on invest)
3.(expansion)culture card that can remove others 1 coin in II&III effect change to:
II: (remove 1 coin and can't invest this turn)
III: (remove 2 coin)
(sometime we apply each player can additionly decide to remove 1 card after draw the civilization.)

(below are some change of civilization, you may not apply, cuz this is just we think some civilization is weak/strong in 2-players game, but still not very balance after change)
Russia: if you steal technology, you can either chose one tech or let your opponent chose a tech he don't have for you(you can demand the level).

Greek: your opponent can secret chose a tech, if you research match the opponent chose, you can only return half trades(round down)

Thank for reading, and don't mind to give some criticism or discussion. Discuss make perfectlaugh

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Deyan Georgiev
Bitte wählen
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This sounds great! I will definetely try it out! Thanks!
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