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Subject: Alternative victory conditions rss

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Andy Day

League City
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I’m thinking of using this variant for determining victory in our next game of TI. Thoughts?

(1)Use Age of Empires
(2)The game continues until the end of round 8. The player with the most VP at that time wins.
(3)Preliminary Objectives will be laid out on the table like all other objectives: 1 PO per player present. Any player can claim a PO instead of a regular objective card. Only 1 player may claim each PO.
(4)I will stack the political deck (see the stacking rule below). Each office will give its normal bonus and be worth 1 VP.
(5)Artifacts will be used. Voice of the Council will not.

The political deck will be 40 cards deep. It will consist of 20 picked cards, and 20 random cards. Each card labeled “office” is worth 1 VP to the player that holds the office (and I trust that the office cards are somewhat intuitive).
1.Council Elder (office). Elect player: player may discard this card when 'elect' agenda is drawn. Only his votes are counted.
2.Crown of Thalnos (office). Elect player: Player's GF get +1
3.Emperor (office). Elect player: Player gains 1 VP if he loses this card he loses 1VP
4.Minister of Commerce (office). Elect player: During status phase player gains 1 TG from each player he has at least 1 active trade agreement.
5.Minister of Policy (office). Elect player: During status phase player recieves one additional action card.
6.Minister of War (office). Elect player: Player may spend 1 CC(SA) to gain 1 automatic hit before first round of space battle hes participating.
7.Prophecy of Ixth (office). Elect player: Players fighters recieve +1. Discard this card if player doesnt buy at least 2 fighters each round.
8.Science Community Speaker (office). Elect player: player may execute 2ndary of tech without spending CC(SA) in addition cost to purchase techs in reduced by 1
9.Crown of Emphidia (office?). Elect player: Player gets 1 VP. If another wins invasion against this player he claims this card and 1VP. If player loses this card he loses 1VP
10.Enemy of the Throne. Elect player: If player wins battle against this player attacker gains 2 TG 1 CC and 1 action card. Discard this card then.
11.Official Sanction. Elect player: Player may not invade neutral or controlled planet remainder of the round.
12.Public Execution. Elect player: Player loses all action cards his planets are exhausted and units recieve -1 for the remainder of this round.
13.Trade Embargo. Elect player: All trade agreements with this player are broken nad no new may be formed with him this or next round
14.Forced Economic Independence. Elect 2 players: elected players may not have trade agreements with eachother
15.Repeal. Elect current law: Discard it
16.Revote. Elect current law: Revote on its agenda
17.New Constitution. For: all current laws are discarded. Each player must exhaust 2 planets if able. Against: Player with highest influence may discard law of his choise
18.Veto Power. Elect player: Player may discard this card immediately fater one law is voted on. That law is discarded without effect.
19.Forbidden Research: Elect player: Player may not acquire any new techs next time tech strategy is activated. Then discard this card.
20.Minister of Exploration (office). Elect player: Player gets 1 TG each time another player succesfully executes planetary landing on neutral planet.

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