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Subject: SUPER DUPER AWESOME Chrononauts (Help Needed!) rss

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I absolutely love Chrononauts, but it has two downfalls in my opinion.

1) The patch cards are difficult to come by. This problem is solved by the Back to the Future Chrononauts, which have the patch directly on the flip side of the ripple point (just like a normal linchpin.)

2) There is no "random butterfly" element to Chrononauts version of time travel. There are some attempts at this...saving the Hindenberg prevents the Korean War...but these are scripted. Play it once, and from then on, you know exactly what saving the Hindenberg will do. In most time travel stories, there are random, unexpected outcomes. Maybe the world is better, maybe the world is worse, maybe the world is exactly the same. This is what I want to replicate.

Chononauts creator Andrew Looney commented on issue number two, saying that it became too complicated to have so many patch cards, checking the dependencies, etc etc.

I have come up with a solution.

In Back to the Future Chrononauts, there is one point in the timeline (Doc Brown invents time travel) that is different from the rest. This one point has a stack of six cards or so. On one side, they all say something like "Doc Brown invents Time Travel." On the other side, five of the cards say "something has prevented you from changing the timeline. On the sixth card, the flip side says something like "Doc Brown does not invent time travel."

So...much like Doc Brown being inspired after hitting his head on his toilet, I have been inspired by this stack of cards.

In SUPER DUPER AWESOME Chrononauts, the linchpins remain the same. However, each ripplepoint would be a stack of cards, each with a different outcome. For example, saving Lincoln could result in:

1) Lincoln dies from wounds (same history)
2) Lincoln killed another way (can't seriously change history)
3) Reconstruction better, south is better
4) Lincoln impeached
5) Black people worse off without Ulysses S Grant
6) Black people deported to Africa
7) Edwin Stanton becomes acting President

I have some ideas on how these things come about. Anyway, I want to come up with ten possible ideas for each ripple point. Anyone have some ideas?
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Just a quick sillt note to give you my support. Chrononauts is a very difficult game to adapt or change.
I really like your idea, very interesting.

I was doing a light redesign of the cards (my mom couldn't understand the type of cards and I though it would be easier to put card type and some other icons in the same place). So if you need a hand, you know.
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