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Subject: Unofficial Historical Scenario 1 (Draft) rss

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Edward Hung
Hong Kong
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A few unofficial historical scenarios were drafted by me starting in Turn 3,5,6,9,11. The following presents the first one. Other will come later.


I. Historical Scenario 1 (starting from Turn 3)
Title: Cao Cao Unites the North
Chinese Title: 華北稱霸

This is a 2-player scenario: (Wei魏 vs Wu+Shu吳蜀). The Wu+Shu player will use his action points (AP) for both Wu and Shu actions (similar to Official Scenario 1). Refer to Official Scenario 1 for Action Points per Turn, Canvass Value, and the 2 special rules. Refer to Historical Scenario 2 for action points in Turn 5-6.

Game Length: Turn 3 to 6.

Victory Condition: At the end of Turn 6, calculate the VP total of each player (Wei vs Wu+Shu) by the following: 2 VP for controlling an area of Value 3, 1 VP for controlling an area of Value 1-2. If Wei's total VP is larger, he wins. Otherwise, Wei loses.

Starting Supply Points (SP) (Wei/Wu/Shu 魏/吳/蜀): 19/11/8

Special Rule (Liu Bei sojourns under Liu Biao 劉備寄居於劉表): Liu Biao 劉表 's power cannot attack Liu Bei 劉備 power. Liu Bei's generals can move to, stay in and retreat to Liu Biao's areas and ignore the rule of 牽制力 and requirement of retreating at the end of a turn while staying with Liu Biao's generals in the same area. A third power (including Wu)'s generals can move to an area containing both Liu Bei and Liu Biao's generals. Liu Bei cannot start a combat with Liu Biao in this area unless the third power has retreated or is not present any more. The third power may start a combat, but the defender must be Liu Bei's generals only (ignoring the presence of Liu Biao's generals). Once there remain only Liao Biao's generals in the area, the third power may start a combat with Liao Biao's generals (using the same action point immediately, or using a new action point). By the end of a turn, the third power (as an attacker) must retreat if there exist Liu Bei or Liu Biao's generals in the area. No other power can enter an area containing only the third power with Liu Biao's generals (i.e., as the normal rule). This special rule is ignored as soon as Liu Bei starts a combat with Liu Biao, or Liu Biao dies.

Special Rule (Liu Cong surrenders to Cao Cao 劉琮降曹): As soon as Liu Biao dies, all Liu Biao's generals (except Huang Zhong 黃忠) are flipped. Liu Biao must die immeidiately if he still survives during the Fate phase in Turn 3. The resulting red/blue/green generals become Wei/Wu/Shu's. The resulting Wei generals will become defenders in an area if there exists generals from other power unless the resulting Wei generals are not the first to be present in that area.

Special Rule: In Turn 3 Wei cannot use his first action point to move generals to areas containing Wu/Shu's generals, and vice versa.

Optional Special Rule 1: In Turn 4, follow the special rules of Historical Scenario of Battle of Red Cliffs when there is a combat in Yangtze River 長江 area between Wei (attacker) and Wu (defender) (maybe with Shu).

Optional Special Rule 2: In Turn 5, follow the special rules of Historical Scenario 2.

Optional Special Rule 3: In Turn 6, follow the special rules of Historical Scenario 3.

Optional Special Rule 4: At the beginning of Turn 5 or 6, the Wu+Shu player can decide to give up the special rule of Shu Wu Alliance. Starting from then, Shu and Wu powers will be considered as two separate factions and each of Shu and Wu powers will have separate action points, canvass value, and so on. They are still controlled by Wu+Shu player. The victory condition is kept the same.

The setup refers to the following photos.

The first photo below shows the left part of the set up. The counters shown below the AP table are removed from the game. The generals shown in an area are fixed to be set up there. Other generals can be set up in any area controlled by the player as the player likes. The counters of "number of soldier" indicates the extra soldiers that can be distributed among the generals in that area as the player likes.

Errata: Remove Wei control marker from 京兆 (F2). Move Ma Teng 馬騰 (+4 soldiers) and 馬超 (+1 soldier) to 京兆.

The second photo below shows the middle part of the set up.

Errata: Flip Yuan Shao 袁紹 to become Yuan Shang 袁尚.

The third photo below shows the right part of the set up. The generals at the right hand side of China indicates the generals that the players can put on set up in any area controlled by the player as the player likes.

Errata: interchange 夏侯淵 and 樂進. Replace "2 soliders" by "1 soldier" in 袞州.

The fourth photo below shows the reinforcements. Note that there may be some re-arrangement of reinforcements in the next few turns.

曹丕 will reinforce in turn 4. 馬謖 and 龐統 will reinforce in turn 5 as Shu. 龐德 will reinforce in turn 6 as Wei. 李嚴 will reinforce in turn 6.

Errara: All independent general's areas will have 2 more soldiers (adding to the Lord 君主 first) except placing 馬騰(+4), 馬超(+1), 黃祖(+3), 黃忠(+1).

Comments are most welcome.


P.S. Only major generals are checked for the range of turns entering the game and removed from the game. More serious checking may be done depending on the responses and comments received. The scenarios here are only drafts. Changes may be done according to comments received.

Edit: Victory condition is changed; one optional rule is now compulsory. More errata.
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