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Subject: Chaos Spells rss

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CHAOS Dark Magic

A Chaos Sorcerer can cast three spells. Each spell one time. Roll to see which spells he knows or take the three spells indicated on the monster reference table. If you roll the same number then choose another spell you like.

1 - Choke :
See rules for "Choke" on p.55 in the rulebook.

2 - Fireball :
See rules for "Fireball" on p.55 in the rulebook.

3 - Flaming Skull of Terror :
See rules for "Flaming Skull of Terror" on p.55 in the rulebook.

4 - Arrows of Chaos :
Roll a dice and divide by three (round up). This is the amount of magical 'arrows' of energy the Chaos sorcerer fires at the heroes. He can select different targets if he has more than one 'arrow' available. He has an effective BS of 6 with these, and each 'arrow' causes 3 dice of damage.

5 - Illusion of Terror :
One target hero or henchman, selected by the caster, must make a succesfull intelligence test (adding +2 to the roll). or be convinced that a nightmarish horror of Chaos is chasing him around the room. He is half-paralized with fear, and cannot attack in any way, but he can move 1 square in a direction the GM chooses. The target can make an intelligence test each hero player phase and, as soon as one is made succesfull, the effect ends.

6 - Inferno of Chaos :
A horrible screaming pandemonium fills the room and each hero and henchman in the room must make a Toughness test or lose 1 point each of WS and BS, and also Strength, until the combat turn is over and they have left the room.

7 - Warp Attack :
Enemies ignore any armour the heroes and henchmen uses within the same room as the caster. The weapons of the enemy seem to pass right through the armour ! This does not apply to any magical armour or magical protection. This spell lasts until the caster is killed.

8 - Flame Attack :
The sword or halberd of a model in line of sight of the caster spits fire and adds 1 extra damage dice to its next attack.

9 - Magical Null :
All magic items possessed by the heroes are nullified so long as they stay in the same room as the Chaos sorcerer. They are not permanently drained, and will regain their normal properties as soon as they are taken out of the room. Spells, however, are not affected by 'Magical Null'. The spell lasts until the caster is killed or escapes.

10 - Anti Magic :
Use this spell immediately when a wizard tries to cast a spell. The wizard must make an additional intelligence test to succesfully cast his spell. If this test is failed then the components are lost and the spell has no effect.

11 - Fate Drain :
Fate points are useless within the same room as the caster. They cannot be used at all, but they are not lost. The spell lasts until the caster is killed or escapes.

12 - Drain Magic :
A model selected by the caster and in line of sight has one of his magical items permanently drained of magic. If he has more than one item, the GM should decide randomly which has been affected. The item regains normal stats (weapons) or is useless (items).
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