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Subject: January-March 1915 rss

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January-March 1915 (2turns)
Events: CP:
Jan/Feb: Air tactics, Chlor, Allies: Ru Winter Off, Salonika
March: Bulgaria + Immelmann; Czar takes Command + no event

Germans place 10th Army and 4/3-4-4 in the east to strengthen their defensive position. Russians continue their attacks, this time not quite so lucky with 2-1 odds. But in March they advance and are facing Insterburg, now able to attack Lotzen from 3 hexes. One German CA against a 1-2-3 in Poland which had been left alone…

Russian offensive against AH continues, AH giving ground but fighting still in Russian Poland. Losses are high on both sides. Ru attack on Ivangorod in March fails to destroy all 3 AH units in it and due to bad die rolls on all the other attacks Ru suffers heavy losses. Successful AH-CAs with their 3-4s in March increase the losses even more.

Total losses: Russia 18 + 1 Cav, AH 9, Germany 3

Serbia sends troops to the south (Jan/Feb) to prepare for the Bulgaria event. AH stay where they are.

German Attacks all along the frontline, mainly against French forces. German troops reach the Somme at Abbeville, isolate Arras and take St Quentin. Around Verdun the Germans have reached the Meuse, and further south are adjacent to Nancy. This attrition is costly to both sides but as the Germans attack first and used the OHL very successfully this time, the number of Allied CA is limited.

AH decides to send forces (7) there to prepare for the Italy event.

Total Losses: French 23, Britain 5, Germans: 13.

There are 7 T-Div in the StratMovBox
Turks stay put in Jan/Feb. Strat Move a Div to Gaza. British wait for Reinf. and sends two 1-2-6 Cav to Egypt (by mistake I wrote that I sent them in Dec, I did not). In March the Tu Div from Gaza joins his comrades facing the BR, one Tu Div takes Bitter Lake at the Suez canal. 2 BR 3-4s successfully attack Bitter Lake but lose one 3-4 doing so. The 1-2-6 Cav take position in Qualifa.
BR advances via the towns in south Iraq. Tu Strat moves 1 Div (“T” unit) to Kut in Jan/Feb. By March the BR take Dizful, Al Amrah and the BR Cav is in a swamp west of Kut, threatening Bagdad. Tu Strat Moves 3 unit (T) to Iraq (Bagdad, Ctesphon and Kut).
The C-reinf. arrive at Baku and start walking. The two 2-3-4s StratMov from Europe in Oktober arrive at Eriwan in Jan and take up position to threaten the TU units in Persia and in reach of Van. The Turks advanced into Persia in Jan/Feb , take Sufian and StratMov 2 (T) units there only to put in reverse gear in March to block Van and take position in Dilman. Russia StratMov 2 Div from Europe im March (arrival Mai)

StraT Turn D
CP VP-Level: 12
French ER 7. Turkish Req. Res:7.
Unbuilt units:
Ger: 5/2-3-4; 17/2-4 and 1-2-3.
AH: 7/2-3-4; 8/1-2-3
France : 6/3-4, 19/ 2-3-4; 10/1-2-3
Britain: 6/3-4-4
Russia: 19/2-3-4

With Turn D it will become very more difficult to advance after combat. The Germans have not taken their main objective, Abbeville. They are adjacent to it but it will be very difficult to get it. Due to the strong French defenses there, the French had to reduce strength elsewhere. The Germans were able to reach the Meuse River around Verdun and are facing Nancy. Both VP cities are within grasp. With the strong BR-Reinf arriving things will become more difficult for the Germans from now on. And, they have to turn their attention to the east and to Serbia. With the Ottomans in the game, it is important to open up the RP-transfer route to Turkey. With the Repl. from Turn D they will be able to deploy 44 Div in April 1915 and should place a sizeable force with offensive capabilities against the Russians. It will be important to build up a real threat (and prepare it well on all fronts!) of the double move in Strat Turn E. The Russians will have to take precautions, also in the Caucasus.

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