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Subject: Epic fail of an otherwise successful mission rss

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Marc Figueras

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After my 3rd mission of Luftschiff, I knew I had to write some AAR, as this game keeps producing wonderful and exciting narratives each time it is played. Mission targets? Well, yeah, if only I could keep my zeppelin aloft! Returning safe to home is already a great achievement. So here it goes my first attempt of a Luftschiff AAR. Quite brief, I know... I hope to write another one very soon, and with photos!

Mission J5. London raid 1914. Type M Zeppelin

We take off our base at Nordholz and soon encounter a strong bow wind. Half an hour later we encounter a Sopwith Tabloid just in front of us, and slightly over us. The enemy fighter causes some damage in A section: the two forward cells are damaged and contaminated with oxygen . Fortunately our bow machine gunner manages to kill the pilot and wound the observer. In the following hours we vent all hydrogen from the two damaged cells, to play safe in next encounters and prevent explosions. But to our surprise, the rest of our trip does not witness any other event so we reach England without further notice.

Over England, a Morane Saulnier L is seen at high altitude, but we manage to go unnoticed. But just when this menace had disappeared, a BE2C at high altitude sees us and dives as fast as possible. Its Le Prieur rockets and Ranken darts damage many section B and C cells, and some become contaminated by oxygen. Our machine gunners hit the BE2C, with damage in its struts and bracing, which reduces its maneouvring capacity, and with no more weapons, the fighter withdraws. We keep flying under 1500 m when we encounter a Flak battery which do not hit us and some searchlights. An antiaircraft battery also fires upon us, but with no effect. Without any target sighted we turn back towards the coast, just when we catch sight of some dock facilities. Our bombing has no success, but the psychological effect of a surprise bombing is achieved.

The route back home is surprisingly quiet, although many cells are still under repair and hydrogen leaks keep lowering our lift capability. A worrying situation if something unexpected appears. Already near the German shore, the unexepected arrives: a storm breaks out and our already poor lift plummets. With danger of falling over the sea, we drop all ballast; and radio, machine guns, and spares are all thrown off board, as well. Lift is critical, now, with continuous leaks of hydrogen in the many damaged cells. We manage to reach our base and landing manoeuvres begin. With engines stopped and speed down to zero, we come down at an irregular pace, due to those hydrogen leaks. We touch down with an excessive inertia of -100, which unfortunately provokes a huge explosion. The zeppelin is destroyed and many crew members are killed. [Play note: a landing with inertia over -300 automatically causes an explosion, an inertia between -100 and -300 causes damage according to a 2d6 die roll table... sadly, this time, the die roll was a 7: explosion!]

That's how this successful mission ended in disaster. Too many hydrogen leaks plus a heavy storm were too much for our poor Zeppelin and our skills!
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