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Nick Reymann
United States
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"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." Voltaire
Crafty Shaman Impersonator
Start your turn by rolling one die. On each successive roll, add one more die. Greens are worth one point, yellows are zero, and reds count as strikes. Accumulate three or more stikes and you lose all the points you have accumulated in that turn. If you decide to stop rolling, your points are banked. For example:

P1: Rolls 1 die - it is green. 1 point total. Decides to continue, rolls 2 dice - 1 green, 1 yellow. 2 points total. Decides to continue, rolls 3 dice - 2 greens, 1 red. 4 points total, 1 strike. Decides to continue, rolls 4 dice - 2 greens, 1 yellow, 1 red. 6 points total, 2 strikes. Decides to stop, and scores 6 points.
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Brown Fox
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I too came up with a variant on this game, or rather modified rules. I'm rather fond of the Zilch rule as it applies to the dice game Greedy, so i added this rule to Toss Up. I've also made it harder to achieve crazy high scores in a single hand.

Here's how it goes: Points are gathered as before, toss all the dice, count the green. Stop at any time, or press your luck for a better score. If none of the dice tossed are green, the player must stop. If all the tossed dice are yellow, the player takes the score accumulated for that turn (ie: they're just lucky they didn't bust, hence warning). If the tossed dice are a mix of red and yellow, then the player looses all the accumulated points for that turn. If all the tossed dice are red, the player looses all the points in the game and must start from zero again.

As you can imagine, the game will take longer to hit 100 points. It'll also make players less eager to toss that single die. A 1:6 chance of loosing your total score might make people think twice. With two dice left, it's not so bad. Only a 1:36 chance to zilch, but a 1:9 chance you'll either loose your score or be forced to stop. Risk management is a little more fun with this variation. Adds all the fun of Greedy with the ease of scoring using the Toss Up dice.

BTW: I too love these dice. Been looking all over the net where I could buy dice just like these. Generic dice with 1:2, 1:3, and 1:6 probabilities. They're like Heroscape dice, but better!
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