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Risk Legacy Game 5 (ID:00003766) 12/4/11 - 1 Hour

Game 1 - Read About it Here (No Spoilers)
Game 2 - Read About it Here (No Spoilers)
Game 3 - Read About it Here (No Spoilers)
Game 4 - Read About it Here (SPOILERS - Elimination + 2nd Win)

We have opened the following packets:

Do not continue reading if you have not opened these packets yet.

Background - Game 5 - World War V

In the Fourth World War a new overlord rose to power and lead the Imperial Balkania forces through Asia, Europe, and finally into Africa where he used his massive military supremacy to crush the weakened forces of Khan Industries.

When the dust settled there was a period of peace and the 5 factions began focusing on their infrastructure and constructed cities as far as their influences reached.

In this time of growth the world shifted into diplomacy. A great hall was built for the 5 leaders of each faction to congregate. While they knew that the war would never truly end and that conflict was inevitable, the leaders felt that it could be controlled.

A system of drafting was introduced that assured no one faction would become too powerful.

New Rules - Game 5

+ Bio Hazard Scars - (-1) Armies at the end of your turn.

+ Drafting - Five Categories:
1) Factions - (Khan Industries, Die Mechaniker, Imperial Balkania, Enclave of the Bear, Saharan Republic)
2) Placement Order - (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth)
3) Turn Order - (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth)
4) Starting Coins - (2,1,1,0)
5) Starting Troops - (10,10,8,8,6)

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Each player rolls for order then chooses one of the categories and one of the options in the category. This repeats till all players have selected a card. After that the order of selection reverses like a snake draft and everyone selects another category that they haven't already picked from. (Pick Order Example: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 5, Player 4, Player 3, Player 2, Player 1)


In Game 5 we used the drafting mechanic to choose our factions, coins, troop numbers, turn order, and starting locations.

Player 1) Josh - South East Asia - Khan Industries (+1 Troop in HQ Each Turn) - First Placement - First Turn Order - 8 Troops - 0 Coin

Player 2) Ryan - North West Territory - Enclave of the Bear (-1 to lower die on first attack) - Fifth Placement - Second Turn Order - 6 Troops - 0 Coin

Player 3) Mark (This is me) - Western Australia - Imperial Balkania (Round up from 3) - Fourth Placement - Third Turn Order - 8 Troops - 2 Coin

Player 4) Chris - North Africa - Saharan Republic (Maneuver at any point + Stealth: Place troops in any unoccupied space) - Second Placement - Fourth Turn Order - 6 Troops - 1 Coin

Player 5) James - Central America - Die Mechaniker (HQ is Fortified) - Third Placement - Fifth Turn Order - 8 Troops - 1 Coin

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(1st Placement) - Player 1) once again placed his HQ in South East Asia blocking me from taking my Major City in Indonesia. This is the second game in a row he has started here and feels he's developed a winning strategy in blocking the choke into Australia.

(2nd Placement) - Player 4) knowing how powerful Major Cities can be, settled in Iceland to block Player 2 from placing his HQ in his Major City in Greenland. This made him angry.

(3rd Placement) - Player 5) tried a different approach. Normally he would take a country in South America or Africa but this time he decided to settle in Central America in hopes of sweeping the cities of South America.

(4th Placement) - Player 3(This is me) was sick and tired of not being able to occupy his Major City in Indonesia so he placed his HQ in Western Australia with the plan to build an army and bust through Player 1's South East Asian stronghold.

(5th Placement) - Player 2) (5th Placement) went back to his roots and settled in the North West Territory inside his "Rhyno Island" (North America) and near his Major City in Greenland. He was unfortunately blocked from taking Greenland by Player 4 who placed before him.

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Resource Cards

1) Greenland (4 Coin) *+1 New since game 4
2) Brazil (4 Coin)
3) Northern Europe (3 Coin)
4) India (3 Coin)
5) Eastern Canada (2 Coin)
6) Alberta (2 Coin)
7) Alaska (2 Coin)
8) Argentina (2 Coin)
9) China (2 Coin)
10) Russia (2 Coin)
11) Scandinavia (2 Coin)
12) Eastern Australia (2 Coin) *+1 New since game 4

Major Cities

1) Indonesia (Player 3)
2) Greenland (Player 2)
3) Mongolia (Player 1)

Minor Cities

1) Western United States
2) Argentina
3) Brazil *New since game 4
4) Peru *New since game 4
5) South Africa
6) Egypt
7) Japan
8) Northern Europe
9) Eastern Australia


1) Venezuela Bunker (+1) Highest Defense Die
2) Brazil Ammo Shortage (-1) to Highest Defense Die
3) Northern Europe Bunker (+1) to Highest Defense Die
4) Great Britain Ammo Shortage (-1) to Highest Defense Die
5) Kamchatka Ammo Shortage (-1) to Highest Defense Die

There were enough scars to pass out to each player this game. Each player received a random card to use in game.

Game 5 - It Begins

- Mission: Amphibious Onslaught - Conquer 4+ territories over sea lines this turn (1 Star)

Player 1) Khan Industries - Player 1 slowly begins to expand further north from South East Asia. He uses his Khan Industries +1 Troop in HQ power to defend his base.

Player 2) Enclave of the Bear - Player 2 spreads into North America and moves a majority of his armies south.

Player 3) Imperial Balkania - (This is me) On Player 2's turn I place a Mercenary Scar on Western Australia giving me +1 Troop at the end of my turn in that territory. After that I slowly expand into Indonesia and lose 2 troops due to the resistance living in the Major City. I poise myself to attack Player 1.

Player 4) Saharan Republic - Leaves his Iceland base and moves south into Europe.

Player 5) Die Mechaniker - Moves a majority of his troops into South America taking over the continent but leaving his HQ in Central America weak. He places a Mercenary Scar on North Africa so he can better hold his continent.

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Game 5 - Part 2

Player 1) Khan Industries - Player 1 stays close to South East Asia but sends a few troops north into his Major City in Mongolia.

Player 2)-Enclave of the Bear - With North America almost under his control, Player 1 tries to attack Player 5's HQ in Central America. After a strong push he is successful. Now spread a little thin, he uses his Bio Hazard Scar (-1 Troop at end of turn in this territory) on Iceland, Player 4's HQ, so it would be easier to protect Greenland.

This backfired on him because Player 4 retaliated by placing his own Bio Hazard Scar on Greenland causing much confusion and death in that part of the world.

Player 3) Imperial Balkania - (This is me) I try my luck against Player 1's large force blocking my exit out of Australia. He plays a Bunker Scar (+1 Highest Defense Die) and I lose a few wave of troops.

Player 1 and I have a meeting outside the house during our quick break. We are in a tight spot since the only way for me to exit Australia is through Player 1's HQ. I convince him to trade territories with me until we have enough cards to move west. I take back my territory and maneuver away from it.

Player 4) Saharan Republic - After trading Bio Hazard Scars in Iceland and Greenland, Player 4 makes his way into North Africa where Player 5 placed his Mercenary Scar. He is successful in taking it and holds there.

Player 5) Die Mechaniker - Sensing trouble, Player 5 decides to move his troops back into Central America hoping to take back his HQ. After some disappointing rolls, he is unable to finish.

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Game 5 - Part 3 Conclusion

Player 1) Khan Industries - Player 1 sits back and exchanges territories with Player 3

Player 2)-Enclave of the Bear - Greenland and his Major City is completely abandoned due to the toxic fumes and radiation that plague the land. Player 2 is forced to retreat back into North America and secure his newly acquired HQ from Player 5.

Player 3) Imperial Balkania - (This is me) We exchange territories again but I set up next turn for a final surprise push into South East Asia.

Player 4) Saharan Republic - No one realizes it but Player 4 has 5 cards and turns them in for 10 Armies + his 3 recruits. With 13 Armies he is able take advantage of the Ammo Shortage in Brazil to defeat Player 5's strong forces. He then sweeps north into Central America and takes Player 5's HQ. He make his final push into North Western Territory and is barely able to conquer Player 2's HQ with only 2 armies remaining.

With his starting VP this gives him only 3 victory points since he does not control his Bio Hazarded HQ in Iceland. He wisely uses his Maneuver Anytime ability and places a unit in Scandinavia and uses that to enter Iceland. Since the Bio Hazard doesn't kick in till the end of the turn, he is successful in achieving 4 points and wins the game.

Click to Enlarge:

Prizes - Game 5

*Winner*Player 4) Saharan Republic - Places a Major City in North Africa.
Player 1) Khan Industries - Placed a Resource Coin on South East Asia (Making it 2)
Player 2)-Enclave of the Bear - Placed a Resource Coin in Greenland (Making it 5)
Player 3) Imperial Balkania - Placed a Resource Coin on Eastern Australia (Making it 2)
Player 5) Die Mechaniker - Placed a Resource Coin on Peru (Making it 2)

My Thoughts on Strategy - Game 5

I probably shouldn't have placed my HQ in Australia knowing that I had to go through a choke occupied by someone's main army. I was never able to leave the continent and it felt like I wasn't even a part of the game.

I was very afraid of the Bio Hazard Scars when I first read them. Everyone wanted Player 4 to place his Bio Hazard on my Major City in Indonesia but luckily Player 4 was too angry at Player 2 and had to retaliate by Scarring Greenland. This did give him the win though so it was a strategic play.

Missions weren't much of a factor again. Everyone is more concerned about taking over HQs. Maybe this will change soon as we open more packets.

My Thoughts on the Factions and the powers we selected - Game 5

1) Khan Industries (+1 Troop in HQ every turn) - My favorite still. Player 1 used it to box me out the entire game.

2) Die Machaniker (Treat your starting HQ as fortified) - This seemed to help but Player 5 got some very unlucky rolls and lost it anyway.

3) Enclave of the Bear (-1 to Defense's lower Die Roll on your first attack) - This really helped Player 2 take over Player 5's Fortified HQ. It lessened the sting of that +1/+1

4) Imperial Balkania (Round up when dividing by 3) - I was trapped in Australia the whole game. This power wasn't used at all in this game.

5) Saharan Republic (Movement phase any time in your turn + Stealth: Deploy Troops in an unoccupied/unmarked country) - Player 4 beautifully used the combination of these two powers to pick off small armies around the board allowing him to gain cards and eventually win the game with a fantastic cross country mid-game Maneuver.

Final Thoughts

This was a frustrating game for me but a good game for the other players. Everyone really came to play and brought out their best. Next time, I won't mess around!

I can't wait for Game 6!

Game 6: Read about it here
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