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Subject: The Aegatian Isles: The Death Ride (Sail? Row? Swim?) of Hanno rss

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Ryan Powers
United States
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As part of my chronological playthrough of my GBoH collection I have some War Galley games coming up. This one is actually out of order, but it's mentioned as a learning scenario so I skipped ahead to it and will backtrack next.

With 33 galley pieces per side and similar leadership this one almost seems balanced at first. Then you look closer and realize Carthage is in trouble. The crew and manpower ratings make it not even close. In some ways this enhances it's utility as a learning scenario as it shows you just how important those values are once you start hitting the charts.

My setup was similar to
except reversed left to right and not quite as densely packed. There were a few gaps between squadrons to attempt to provide Carthage with some "wiggle room". The leaders were arranged a bit differently as well with each leader controlling parts of both lines instead of having a leader with the rear line.

All mentions of left and right will be from the Roman side. After all the victors write the books, right?

The Romans have two goals: To capture destroy the Carthaginian fleet, and to prevent the escape of the same. As such it seemed like covering the entire width was the right answer. From left to right we have Agricola, Drusus, Catalus, and Metellus.

The Carthaginians need to destroy the Roman fleet (fat chance!) or escape. I hoped I could flood one side and force some galleys through while refusing the flank as best I could with a squadron. Again form the Roman left to right we have Himilco refusing the flank at just about the middle of the map, Barbax, Gisgo, and Hanno.

Turn one sees the fleets begin to close with the Romans shifting towards the "heavy" right side where Carthage has setup. Agricola's galleys pour on the speed to close with the fight/seal off the escape of Himilco. Might as well hit the gas now when there will be time to recover.

Turn two sees the fleets continue to close and the Romans continue to shift towards the heavy side.

Turn three is mostly more of the same, but the lines are coming together. A few sporadic exchanges of missile fire inflict minimal damage upon the Carthaginians and the Romans fail two grapple attempts. Even Carthage tries to get in on the grapple fest not so much hoping for success, but hoping to create a floating obstacle for a turn or two. But they fail too.

Turn four is really the crux of it all, with the lines coming together hard.

Catalus leads his squadron against that of Barbax and captures three galleys. Missile exchanges on the way in reduce the manpower levels to the point of being almost automatic. One of his galleys also successfully rams an opponent.

Hanno makes a rush along the side and squeezes a few galleys through This move is then countered by Metallus capturing three more galleys including Hanno's flagship (and presumably Hanno).

Gisgo moves his squadron up as best he can and actually recaptures on of the galleys previously captured by Catalus.

Drusus rows into the swarming melee and manages a capture and a ram of his own.

Agricola on the other hand steps up to the plate and strikes out swinging. 2-3 attempts each to grapple and ram and all fail. By his failure Himilco's job of holding the flank could be said to be a success.

The shifting left a pair of Roman galleys out on their own, and they contributed by tossing some missiles at Himilco's ships at long range as they were not allowed to close.

At the end of turn one this means the VP total is at:

Rome: 2 ships rammed @ 7 points = 14 points
6 ships captures @ 8 points = 48 points
1 Carthaginian admiral lost = 25 points
TOTAL = 77 points

TOTAL = 0 points

It should be pointed out that without the one recapture by Carthage, the fight is officially over at this point, as opposed to practically over since the VP conditions are 80 VP (and at least twice as many as the opposition).

Turn 5 was really all about mopping up. Since the writing was clearly on the wall, I used it to attempt some rakes (hadn't gotten a lot of opportunities in turn 4) and then I broke the rules performed some anastrophe attacks as practice. Since these illegal maneuvers invalidated the score lets just call it: Rome wins lots to 3.


For Squadron Determination can a Command ship use Line Astern and still use the command range for those not in the line? To me it seems like it should be one or the other. But if so, how does that interact with:

rule 5.24 first bullet wrote:

If a galley is within a Command Ship's Range, it must be part of that squadron and may not be activated "independently"


On (or back) to Lade now for some Persian vs Greek trireme action.

A special thanks to
Mark Mokszycki
United States
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for posting the picutre that I stole for this session report.
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