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Subject: A Dark Day at Camelot rss

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Matthew M
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513ers Assemble!
I haven't posted a session report in some time, but this story needs to be told.

Five of us played, with three people new to the game. I was Sir Kay, Ryan played Arthur, Shannon took Sir Percival, Marty was Sir Gwain, and Drew had Sir Palemedes.

The first black card out of the deck prohibited Grail cards from being played until a quest was completed successfully. Percival and Gwain declared the ability to take on the Saxons or the Picts quickly and decided to team up against the Picts. Arthur was, unfortunately, interested in the Grail so decided to hold back with Palamedes and Kay, who stayed behind to draw cards.

Palamedes went for the Black Knight and Kay headed off to find Lancelot's Armor. Arthur continued drawing cards and feeding them to where they were needed while Gwain and Percival made short work of the Picts. Unfortunately, the two knights guessed poorly as only a single Pict emerged in that time compared to three Saxons.

The Grail quest was awash with Despair cards by the time Arthur finally reached it - only two spaces unclaimed. Gwain joined him while Percival went to Excalibur, which was also close to being lost. Kay was one card away from completing the Lancelot quest, so when Percival espied the top card of the dark deck and saw that it was Vivian (who prevents Merlins from being played until a quest is successfully completed) she decided to let it be. We all agreed, as it would quickly be discarded. Gwain then drew from the black deck and was aghast at the words he read. All of the knights found themselves returning to Camelot - Kay's four cards of progress on Lancelot and Palamedes' two cards on the black knight were lost.

Reeling from the shock the knights tried to regroup while in Camelot, drawing new cards and deciding priorities. Gwain, Palamedes, and Arthur blitzed the grail while Kay, confident with his prowess at battle, decided to take on Lancelot again. Percival returned to Excalibur, which hovered perilously close to being lost itself.

The Saxons attacked, bringing two more seige engines and a black sword, but the three knights searching for the grail started chipping away at the despair that had set in while Percival could do little more than keep Excalibur from disappearing forever. Just before Kay could get the comfort of playing down a 5, with a second in his hand to play if the battle ended, evil progressed and destroyed his chance.

Kay returned to Camelot with a second black sword and only a single life point left. Kay used Clairvoyance to see that Excalibur would be lost if he did not change destiny. Fortunately he was able to stall that loss and headed to take on the Black Knight, hoping to use the cards he had slotted for Lancelot earlier and regain some health. But Black Knight cards came out quickly and Percival needed to use Piety to ensure Kay's safety. It turned out to be a good thing, as the Black Knight mounted an attack before Kay could even get his footing - costing him his newly acquired life point and sending him back to Camelot with a third black sword.

The knights at the grail had beaten despair back to past half way, but Excalibur was lost shortly thereafter, and the Picts had arrived in force, bringing the sword count in Camelot to 1 White, 6 Black. Suspicions about the presence of a traitor were mounting as things had taken such a sour turn. It was recognized that, were there a traitor, all was lost - but the loyal knights wished to expose him before that happened. Some suspicion went to Gwain, who had drawn three of the most crippling cards during the game. But this misfortune was not his to control. Arthur suspected Kay, who was beaten and bruised by his two failed quests, for wasting time and resources. Arthur voiced his suspicions so loudly that Kay now looked at Arthur with sudden skepticism - a single wrong accusation would end the game, afterall, and Kay knew of his own innocence.

When my turn arrived as Sir Kay I looked Ryan, whose turn as Arthur would be next, straight in the eye to determine his loyalty. This was for pride at this point! If he were the traitor he would win by making a false accusation and that could not be allowed to come to pass!

Ryan had as straight a face as he ever does, but it broke, and dramatically so, after I had leveled my steady gaze upon him. I loudly announced my accusation as Ryan writhed in protest! With my certainty now at 100% I reached over and flipped the loyalty card...


"HAH!" I screamed, triumphantly!

"That's my loyalty card", stated Shannon, who had playing Sir Percival.

Horror-stricken I realized that, in my excitement, I had reached across and flipped the wrong card. And the consequences of my mistake set in - my accusation was incorrect, and the only white sword we had acquired was flipped.

Shannon, who is never good at bluffing games, sat smugly satisfied as the rest of us looked at the result.

Traitor victory: 7 Black swords, 0 White swords.

A dark day indeed

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