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Subject: Henderson Field Raid Game Report (Solo) rss

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Scott Key
United States
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Raid on Henderson Field September 1942 [Edit: Added last photo]
A Down in Flames: Aces High session report

I have been playing a DiF:AH most weeks as a Solo game on my days off. The goal is to fill between half an hour and 2 hours with gameplay on my Friday mornings. I really like the play of this newer version of DiF and enjoy both the dogfights and the Bombing missions.

I have come up with a variant on the Bombing rules which adds a little more “flavor” and brings in a bit of the best of the old DiF: Zero bombing feel (but just a bit).

Today I designed a scenario of a bombing raid by the Japanese against Henderson field.

IJNAF: 3x G4M1 Bettys, 1 D3AVal & 2x A6M2 Zekes as Escorts (Japanese resource: Late Fighters: F4Fs will arrive on turn 2)
USN: 2 x F4F Wildcats (Combat Air Patrol) & 1 SBD Dauntless; 1x Aero Drome Target supported by 3x 20mm AAA cards (US resource: Shortage, both Zekes started with 1 hit)

(Initially I put down 4 G4 cards but I removed the fourth one when I realized my mistake)

1. The Japanese Escort started at High altitude above the Bettys and thus spent the first turn diving toward the lone SBD patrol plane. Zeke A had a vertical roll card and thus was able to continue it’s dive and began to attack the Dauntless. He was able to maneuver onto the SBD’s tail and score 4 hits. Zeke B dived to Medium altitude.

2. Zeke A stayed with the SBD, Wildcat A climbed to Low but had no offensive cards so he did not maneuver on Zeke A. Zeke B then dove at Wildcat A but his attempts to maneuver on the Navy plane were foiled so he then maneuvered onto the Dauntless and smoked it. Wildcat B climbed to Low and attacked Zeke B. After some initial maneuvering the Zeke redlined and evaded his foe.

3. Zeke A maneuvers onto the tail of Wildcat A and scores 3 hits with an OotS card which flips the F4F to it’s damaged side. The US plane responds by climbing to medium but still has no offensive cards so he is unable to attack the Bombers. Zeke B and Wildcat B play tag to no end.

4. Zeke A climbs to defend the bombers. He cannot get a shot against the damaged Wildcat which then uses it’s turn to climb again. Zeke B maneuvers onto the Tail of Wildcat B plays a fuel tank card and sends it spiraling into the ocean.

5. Zeke A decides to build up it’s cards and stay with the bombers. Wildcat A does the same. Zeke B climbs to Medium altitude.

6. Zeke A stays at Medium and gathers a full hand. Wildcat B dives attempting to gain at least one usable card. He does not, and is in turn tailed by Zeke B which inflicts fatal damage with a combination of an IMS (2b/3h) card and two +1 Hit cards, the Wildcat countered with an Evasive card which though it subtracted two hits did not save him. (Photo 4)

Bombing Turn: The Val ran Flak suppression against a 20mm AAA site. It damaged the Site (and I decided this negated the site’s Support rating) but was damaged itself.
The First Betty took three hits from 5 cards worth of Flak and thus did 12 hits to the Air Field, damaging it. The Defense Rating of Henderson Field was reduced to 2, bringing it’s defensive Hand to 4 cards per plane. The Second G4M1 was damaged and did 6 hits to the Air Field. The Third Betty was damaged by 4 hits from Flak and the cards also reduced Bombing hits from 6 to 2.

So in the end Henderson Field was cratered by still in service.
The Japanese scored 10 points for damaging the field, 8 points per Wildcat and 4 for the SBD for a total of 30 points. The US damaged 2 G4M1 bombers and 1 D3a Val for a total of 8.5 points. Japanese net a 21.5 point victory.
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