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Subject: Casual Decks: Advice and Suggestions Welcome! rss

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Hertzog van Heerden
South Africa
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Lost in Cardboard
Original Duckface

Hi all!

The recent discussions on resurrecting this wonderful game has sharpened my appetite for it, and I've dusted off my two casual decks. They were not constructed with raw power in mind, but as fun and balanced counterparts to each other.

I have never been a tourney player, so any suggestions would be appreciated, as long as you keep in mind that the aim of these decks is more fun-and-casual-play-oriented, and less concerned with 'optimal' play or construction. In addition, I tried to put in a little bit of everything to showcase game concepts for new players.



The idea for this deck was to try and theme it around AI cards and re-direction; specifically into traps! I settled for a bit of the above, and added some 'sensible' cards into the mix for a balanced approach. The biggest defense this deck has isn't its ICE, but rather the psychological advantage of quite a few traps; as nodes, as agenda's - even RnD and HQ can target the runner for some hits!

The Namatoki plaza is a cute way to protect an agenda with a trap, or even double trap a poor Runner. The AI Financial Director agendas are a good way to recycle bit engines and expended traps, and Pavit Bharat can ensure that an agenda is replaced with a trap in the nick of time. Evil!

The ICE is either another bluffing element with some fluff (i.e. Chihuahua), or an attempt to re-direct the Runner to some trapped nodes (ala Entrapment and Trapdoor). Also into nastier ice (Zombies, Mastiff, Wall of Ice).

Lastly, this deck aims to add tempo through extra actions with both Subsidiary Branch and AI Board Member.

1 x AI Board Member
2 x AI Financial Director
3 x Fetal AI
1 x Marine Arcology
2 x Subsidiary Branch

3 x BBS Whispering Campaign
1 x Experimental AI
3 x Setup!
1 x South African Mining Corp
1 x Trap!
2 x Vapor Ops

1 x Dieter Esslin
1 x Namatoki Plaza
1 x Pavit Bharat
1 x Red Herrings

3 x Accounts Receivable
2 x Chance Observation
1 x Closed Accounts
2 x Efficiency Experts
1 x Offsite Backups

ICE - Code Gate
1 x Cortical Scanner
2 x Entrapment
1 x Trapdoor

ICE - Sentry
3 x Asp
3 x Chihuahua
1 x Mastiff
2 x Zombie

ICE - Wall
2 x Fire Wall
1 x Glacier
1 x Wall of Ice


RUNNER DECK: Fairground

True to theme, the Runner deck is definitely more fast-and-loose than the evil Corp's. Its main feature is getting cheap icebreakers into play, and augmenting them with Clowns and Lockjaws.

There is a lot of one-offs, especially in the Prep department, that can see re-use via Junkyard BBS, one of the deck's mainstays. It's often surprising how many little mini-combo's surface during play, like Bodyweight Data Crèche - Karl de Veres - Edited Shipping Manifests/Inside Job/Weather-to-Finance Pipe. All recurring via Junkyard BBS, of course.

N.E.T.O lets you fish for preps and bit-makers, while thinning out your deck, while Ronin Around is more often used for peeking (but can occasionally get you multiple hardware when needed). For software there is Microcode Temple Outlet and Self-modifying Code; recursion via Joan of Arc or Microtech Backup Drive (or, need I mention it, Junkyard BBS). So feel free to trash your Lockjaws and Superglue! (Superglue works great with Forged Activation Orders following it...)

The Deck is really quite adaptable to most situations that the Corp can throw at it, and if it feels that you're in the lead a healthy tempo-gaining Bargain with Viacox is more useful than it would first seem. Also, there is an introduction to Viruses with the tempo-robbing Viral Pipeline.

1 x Bodyweight Data Crèche
1 x Microtech Backup Drive
1 x Militech MRAM Chip
3 x Zetatech Mem Chip

1 x Back Door to Hilliard
1 x Bargain With Viacox
1 x Broker
2 x Junkyard BBS
1 x Karl de Veres, Corporate Stooge
2 x N.E.T.O.
1 x Precision Bribery
3 x Short-term Contract

3 x Clown
2 x Jackhammer
1 x Joan of Arc
2 x Lockjaw
1 x Self-Modifying Code
1 x Speedtrap
1 x Superglue
2 x Tinweasel
1 x Viral Pipeline
2 x Wildcard

1 x Blackmail
1 x Edited Shipping Manifests
1 x Forged Activation Orders
2 x Inside Job
3 x Jack'n'Joe
2 x Networking
3 x Score!
2 x Temple Microcode Outlet
1 x Weather-to-Finance Pipe


I was considering swopping out Ronin Around with Millitech MRAM Chip, although Speedtrap covers a lot in terms of trapped nodes and I wonder if I'd miss the (admittedly expensive) peeking function... any thoughts on this?

Hmmmm, after some play testing, I did exactly that: Swopped Ronin Around for Militech MRAM Chip. Think I answered my own question there The extra boost to handsize is certainly a nice buffer, and it adds to the psychology of the two decks; wasting precious time buffing up versus a trap that may or may not be lying in wait hehe

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Ludovic schmidt
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Hi, i've though of your decks more than that but let's try some corp's card like

falsified transaction expert
team restructuring could help since you have many cards advanceabled at the same time

you should rearrange ice's ( even if it is not the primary goal of the decks ...) there is some interesting cards like brain wash or more ice's that gives you 3 bits when rezzed ( chiuhaha, coyotte, misleading access menu, snowbank, Washed-Up Solo Construct)but you put some interesting ice's like glacier, or the deflectors?

maybe you should remove the node that provide you bits if you use the ice's that do that and use syd meyer superstores to earn more bits from them ( that can be cycle with ai chief financial officer, ...)

if you remove the bit gainer node then you have free slot to ad more advancable node trap like virus test site, Information Laundering, ...)
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Hertzog van Heerden
South Africa
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Lost in Cardboard
Original Duckface
Hi! Thanks for the advice I really like the cycling-cheap-ice-as-resources idea. Sounds like fun! And, as you say, have a lot more slots available for traps.

Played these decks again on Sunday and they feel very balanced at the moment; will 'have to' to do some more play testing to verify it

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