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Subject: Brainstorming Variants rss

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W Myers
United States
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Hey folks I finally got to play this and was amused at it. Of course being a spin and move in some ways you are quite limited of what you can do, but it definitely has choice making. Now given I haven't read the Life variants I thought of some others that might make this interesting.

So I am going to toss some though, please feel free to toss your own...


Most movement enhancements are intended to be used past the beginning part of the game since you are assumably in a mostly safe place. To do this I thought using where you have to STOP as guides.


Once you pass clan/academy training a token is given. You may spend these tokens to either increase, or decrease your spin by one. You may only use one at time though.


Each player gets to draw two card from (1-10) at each stop area. I suggest standard "appropriately-themed" cards. In lieu of spinning the wheel they may use a card to move that many spaces. If you have more then one card when you reach a stop point you gain a Dark Side point. At the final path sequence all cards are discarded and you spin as normal.


In this version it does seem that it is biased toward the Jedi's for the end game, while I don't believe that is an entirely bad thing perhaps enticing the Dark side might be a good idea, so here we go.

1. VALUABLE TRAINING (Challenge Change)

During the Challenge phase you may opt to battle with another to learn. If the score is different by two or less both players gain a skill. You may also add a dark side point or perform a Redemption no matter the result.

2. IT'S A TRAP (Mission Change)

During the mission phase you may opt to make your mission critical. The difficulty is increased by half, rounded up. If you succeed you gain three skills, if you lose, you lose two skills and gain one dark side.

3. THE RULE OF TWO (Last Path Change)

When one has to take the Dark Side path at the end before they lose their Jedi Master, they may challenge them. The player must battle against each skill of their Jedi Master, and the Jedi Master's score is multiplied by three. For Jedi Master's with no "skills" the Sith must make four successful challenges against ten skill in each.
If they succeed they will gain 1/2 the skills of the master rounded down or two skills of their choice. For Jedi Master with no "skills" they gain two skills of their choice.
If they fail any they will lose two skills and the next turn.


When one takes the Jedi Path they gains four additional skills minus their Dark Side points at the stop point. They may not choose more then one point in any particular skill. An additional turn must be spent (lost) to get this.


Whenever there are more then one Jedi on the final path or at the end (but not before all are at the Finish), one may choose instead use their turn to Challenge another Jedi.

The two must agree on what skill will be used, and what skill will be gained. The same rules for a Challenge apply here with exception of the skill being gained is the one agreed upon.

Instead of gaining four skills the first Sith gains only two skills of their choice.

On each successive round the "reigning" Sith Lord (most total # of skills) may add an additional skill of their choice.

If there are ever more then two Siths (last path) the Sith Lord must Challenge another Sith (they may choose which one). The attacked Sith get to choose which skill is used (in the case of a skills being tied, they both must agree on the Challenge type or both lose two skills) otherwise it operates like a challenge exceot.
The winner steals one skill from the loser
The loser chooses one additional skill to lose

The round skill bonus is not received when a challenge occurs as a result of the round for any Sith.

I of course have not tested any of these but I am certainly curious of them for those of you still playing this game adn feel they are well enough themed. I'd also be curious of other ideas too.
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Tyinsar -
Grande Prairie
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Played this the other night. It was amusing but the roll and move (we used a d10) mechanic really limits replay value for me. This also got me thinking of a few options:

1) Light-side points:
- require a certain number of light side points to enter the final trials as a Jedi. - Either that or everyone starts with a certain amount of dark-side and these are cancelled by light-side missions / redemption.

2) Use movement cards:
- Player can hold up to three cards at a time.
- Draw a new card at the start of your turn (this adds a feeling of exploration and surprise at a new opportunity) then play one card.
- At the start of your turn you may exchange all of your cards - that is your entire turn.
- Most cards contain 1 to 10
- Some cards may be mission cards - for dark-side points.
- Some cards may be mission cards - for light-side / redemption points.
- Some cards allow you to may help or hinder another player (on their turn) for light/dark points.
- Cards that can move another player a limited amount of spaces. dark/light points based on result of move. If you send them on a mission then light/dark points based on helping or working against them in that mission.

Suggested Play-Testing:
Use a standard deck of cards (or more than one deck, add or remove cards to change card distribution:
- 1-10 = movement cards (Ace=1)
- black Jack = dark-side mission
- red Jack = light-side mission
- Queen = Player may help / hinder other player's mission
- King = move another player up to 4 spaces forward or backward (limit to not past red spaces nor onto dark paths? Then again not limiting it could be more fun. devil)

- Missions may need to be modified for help / hindering.
- light/dark-side missions are standard missions but light/dark points are awarded (should success matter or only the attempt?)
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Heidi Stewart
United States
South Carolina
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I really like having multiple siths fight for the top. That just makes sense.

I agree the 10 spin movement seems a bit much. You move across the board too fast. My husband and I were debating playing with a d8 or a d6.
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