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Subject: 2nd Play on Yellow level -- and my First Win! rss

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Geoff H
United States
North Carolina
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U.S. 95th Infantry Division - The Iron Men of Metz
This is my 2nd play on the yellow difficulty level -- and I hoped to have better luck than my last attempt.

I had my usual starting line of Wizard, Naga, Cleric, and Banshee

Player turn 1
2 actions - I reveal room G (40cc, in front of my Naga and Wizard) and the tokens are a key, shield, and my Telepath. A good start! For my second action, I move the Telepath onto the rotation gear.

Player turn 2
3 actions - I rotate the room three times to enable my characters to regroup with the Telepath

Player turn 3
4 actions - My cleric moves twice, then the Naga and Wizard move into a strong position

Player turn 4
5 actions - My Banshee moves twice to join the others and I rotate twice to be able to reveal the next level room on my next turn. I don't want to reveal it with my last action, since I'll be unable to respond -- so my last action is to get the shield with my Wizard.
However, the 5 action card triggers a reinforcement and Brainius the Savant enters room G.

NPC turn
Brainius enters attack mode and chases down my Wizard. 1) move, 2) attack. I am forced to play my one card and Brainius draws a 6. My Wizard is wounded. 3) Brainius moves to my Telepath and 4) attacks. Since my Cleric is directly behind my Telepath, I play my +0 combat card. Brainius draws his +4 and wounds my Telepath. 5) this action is defaulted since Brainius cannot get closer to any of my other characters. I'm pretty happy that the NPC has already used his +6 and +4.

Player Turn
4 actions - My Cleric moves onto the Telepath, and my Banshee and Naga move into group combat positions surrounding Brainius. I play the +2 for a total strength of 7 and Brainius plays a +3. Brainius is wounded.

Player Turn
2 actions - Cleric moves and heals Telepath

Player Turn
3 actions - My Cleric moves, heals the Wizard, and moves back to a safe position surrounded by characters.

Player Turn (the only NPC character is wounded)
5 actions - My Wizard moves to attack Brainius in group combat. The Telepath and Cleric move to get stronger numbers for combat. It is 7 vs. 0, so I play my +0 and Brainius draws the +3. Brainius is dead, but the combat card triggers a reinforcement. Xevious the telepath enters the room, but is trapped in a cell. My Wizard flies over the Cleric and gives him the shield. Father Goddago reinforces from my action card and is also in the cell -- unfortunately the key is handy for them to escape.
Score 1-0

NPC Turn
Goddago wants to escape - 1) takes the key, 2) opens door, 3) moves and 4)jumps out of the dungeon.
Xevious enters combat mode. 1+2) moves, 3) Attacks Naga, Cleric, and Banshee in group combat. I have a strength of 5 and play my +2, Xevious draws only a +2 and is wounded.
Score 1-1

Player turn
2 actions - 1) fight Xevious (win 5-2) and Xevious dies, 2) move Telepath. Arthos reinforces from the combat cards.
Score 2-1

NPC Turn
Arthos -- moves, jumps and attacks my Telepath. Luckily, I get to choose his +0 card and can play my +6, so Arthos is quickly wounded.
But... Serpico reinforces and enters reveal room mode. I'm very scared, as this is where the game can quickly get out of control...
Serpico -- reveals room E (39cc), which contains my Colossus, a shield, and my Mekanork (conveniently placed near the rotation gear). Serpico still has actions left and moves, jumps, and reveals room F (38c), which contains a spear and two enemy wizards, Hastenyne and Muldon. Luckily, there are no wands about.
Muldon also enters reveal room mode. He moves, reveals H containing a two ropes and a key, moves twice more, and reveals room D containing Nolock, a bow, and Lissandra. But Nolock gets double sixes for placement and disappears. However, I'm still worried because of the many NPC characters entering the board.
Hastenyne enters take object mode and goes for the shield in room E (with my Colossus and Mekanork). He then head for the exit with his last action.
Lissandra moves, opens a portcullis, and moves next to another portcullis
Score 2-1

Player turn
5 actions - I attack Arthos with my Telepath. I choose +2 for Arthos and play my +3. Arthos is dead for my third VP. I move my Mekanork, and my Colossus twice. Now I have Hastenyne surrounded and attack him (7 vs. 2). Hastenyne becomes wounded, but is reinforced with Wave Rick.
Score 3-1

NPC Turn
Muldon - flies to the wounded Hastenyne and then moves to reveal another room, but runs out of AP. I'm pretty happy about this, since I may be able to kill two wizards pretty handily.
Wave Rick - enters reveal room mode. Moves twice, reveals C (40c) with Reek Richards, a wand, and Yom. He then jumps and reveals room B (37c) with Khimi, a spear, and Schmurtz. Both the characters are placed in a cell. I'm still getting pretty worried as there are a lot of characters coming onto the board for the NPC. However, the walls are falling into the right places, and the NPCs will have trouble moving around. Also, the only room left at this point is room A and my Backstabber will be there. Hopefully, she will have an easy escape.
Serpico - enters take object mode and moves into room H to take a rope. He then decides to escape for a VP.
Lissandra -- moves twice, jumps, and moves to reveal A (39c) containing a bow, wand, and my Backstabber. It looks like I'll have an easy 4th VP, until double sixes are rolled and my Backstabber is removed from the game!!!
Hastenyne is wounded
Reek - moves, jumps, moves twice and repels my Mekanork onto the shield
Yom - rotates C three times, and H one time
Khimi - moves, opens a portcullis and moves onto the gear in room B
Schmurtz - regroups with Khimi
Score 3-2

Player turn
4 actions - My Colossus moves twice to get next to Muldon (carrying the wounded Hastenyne). Even though the +5 is played by Muldon, my Colossus wins the combat. Hastenyne dies, and Muldon is wounded. With my last action, my Mekanork moves away from a nearby by pit trap. He is wary with a Banshee nearby.
Score 4-2

Schmurtz - cannot meat any objective and stays put
Lissandra - enters take object mode. She gets the spear and opens a portcullis
Wave Rick - moves 3x and repels my colossus away from Muldon
Muldon is wounded.
Yom rotates C and G a few times
Khimi - jumps, moves, takes the Spear from Lissandra and regroups with her
Reek - moves and repulses my Colossus
Score 4-2

Player turn
3 actions - My Colossus moves and attacks Hastenyne. He dies and I'm victorious (5-2).

A good game. I was lucky that the rooms blocked much of the NPCs movement and that I was able fo get into so many group combats since the first reveal went my way. I need to win a few more on yellow before I move up -- but this is a good start.

I hope you enjoyed the session report and I'll be back soon with another report on the Yellow level.

Until then - Happy Twisting!


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